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Doctor Felt Up My Wife - Long time fan of the site. Have a story and some pics of my wife that I'm hoping you can post. Thanks. Pics attached and story below.

This is a story about my wife and her long held medical humiliation fantasy.

I met my wife Lauren when we we're both in our mid-twenties. We're a good example of how opposites can sometimes attract. She is Mediterranean, very outgoing and worldly. I'm Irish / pasty white, engineer in San Francisco area, very quiet and unassuming. We are now both in our mid-thirties, married for 6+ years.

Lauren was always more sexually experienced and adventurous than me. She enjoys roleplay a lot and after 5 years of marriage, we had tried pretty much anything you could think of in the bedroom. We talk very openly about our sex life so we we're both very knowledgeable about each other's kinks. Since we both liked to play submissive, cuckoldry was a good fit for us. We didn't having any long term bulls but Lauren played with other guys every so often, usually with me watching and jerking in the corner. It was always amazing to see her be ravaged by some stranger with a gigantic cock. Her eyes would roll back as they fucked her and I would almost cum instantly upon seeing this.

The story I want to tell here, however, is about Lauren's most recent and definitely her kinkiest experience with another guy. It all centers around this medical fetish that she has had for a long time. When Lauren was in college, she studied abroad in Europe for 2/3rds of a year. While there, she ran out of birth control and needed a new prescription. However, her doctor's medical practice in the states had shut down while she was abroad so she had to visit a European doctor to get her prescription. She was in a more rural area and, according to her, the doctor's office she had to go to was very sketchy and she was very nervous the whole time. The doctor was in his 40s/50s and didn't speak great English. Don't want to be too long-winded... essentially, the doctor led her into an examination room, asked her a bunch of judgmental questions about why she needed birth control while on vacation. Eventually, she convinced him to write her the prescription but he said that he needed to give her a quick exam first. Lauren complied and the doctor had her disrobe and then gave her an unusually thorough exam. The language gap wasn't helping Lauren's understanding of the process either. Anyways, it was a very awkward experience for Lauren but it became sexual fascination for her over the next several years. She dreamed about being stripped and examined and humiliated by a stranger in a medical setting. She told me about it many times and we finally decided we should try to make it happen recently.

We posted an ad online explaining the story and Lauren's fantasy and asking if there were any doctors or nurses in private medical practices who could help make it happen. We got lots of replies but eventually settled on a doctor who lived a couple hours away from us with his own medical office. He promised to give Lauren a very humiliating examination on a day when his office was otherwise closed.

We drove to his office and met the doctor at the front door. He was older but still handsome. He was much bigger and more muscled than me. Lauren thought he was very attractive. After some small chit chat, the doctor invited Lauren into an examination room and I was left to wait in the lobby. I waited for nearly 45 minutes before Lauren came back. We got in the car and Lauren filled me in on all the details on the long drive home. I had a massive hard on the entire way.

So the doctor led Lauren to the room all the way in the way in the back of his office. He had just a normal family practice and in each room was a padded table with wax paper pulled over it. He walked into the room with Lauren and told her that he had to give her a full physical. He told her that he had to step out for a couple minutes to get supplies before he started and that she should take off all her clothes and wait for him to return.

She took off all her clothes and folded them on top of a side table. Standing butt naked in the middle of the room, the doctor walked back in and saw Lauren. He placed a duffel bag on the ground then approached her. He started touching her arms, then her stomach, then her legs, then her back, then gave some special attention to her boobs. This whole time he played the doctor role very convincingly. He then asked Lauren to lay on the table and spread her legs. She did and he immediately started rummaging through the duffel bag. He said that the next part of the exam was sometimes uncomfortable for patients so he needed to brace her to the table to make sure she didn't move too much and ruin his examination. He pulled out several large strands of rope and restrained her arms and legs to each corner of the table. Lauren was completely immobile and at his complete mercy. He then said that he wanted to help Lauren relax so he was going to put a blindfold on her. With the scarf tied around her eyes, Lauren could not see anything and all her other senses we're heightened. Even a slight brush of his hand against her leg gave her a sexual shiver.

The doctor started touching her vagina and Lauren instantly got wet. The doctor acknowledged this and teased that Lauren must be very experienced with men touching her pussy. For the next ten minutes, he fingered her and placed unknown metal objects in her of increasing size. The doctor then said he needed to use a special instrument (his penis) to measure the depth of her vagina. He started slow but eventually picked up the pace. After many minutes of hard pounding, he asked Lauren if she was ready for an injection (his sperm). She gasped yes and he then filled her pussy to the brim with his cum.

Lauren was stilled tied to the table, blindfolded, and now had cum oozing out of her vagina and down her butt cheeks. The doctor then pulled out a camera and said he needed to take several pictures for medical records. Lauren lied on the table, unable to do anything to stop him. He then took a series of photographs, closeups of her vagina, of her boobs, her whole body, 20 or 30 in total. The doctor said he would keep these photographs in his personal records for safe keeping.

The doctor eventually untied her and took off her blindfold but he was not done with her yet. He told Lauren that she had a bad case of nymphomania and that he needed a pee sample for testing. He took her hand and led her still naked out of the exam room and into the bathroom down the hall. He gave her two cups and said the first was for any cum still in her vagina and the second was for pee. Lauren sat on the toilet and held the 1st cup underneath her. There was apparently still a good amount of cum in her pussy. She got as much of his cum as she could into the cup and then got the other cup and peed into it. All this time, the doctor was watching her intently. She handed him the two cups and they walked back together to the exam room.

Once back in the exam room, the doctor took the pee cup and threw it in the trash. Holding just the cum cup, he told Lauren to get on her knees in front of him. She sat there looking up at him and he opened the cup and instructed Lauren to beg for her medicine. Lauren begged and begged but he refused to give her the cum. For two or three minutes, she just knelt naked in front of him begging for a taste of his cum but he would not give it to her. This drove Lauren crazy with lust. Lauren at last said that she would do anything for his cum. The doctor paused and then replied that if she wanted the cum, she must lick it off the floor. Lauren accepted. He then turned over the cup and let all the cum spill out on the exam room floor. Lauren quickly started licking it up, all the while masturbating furiously. The doctor took a couple more photos while she was doing this. Lauren orgasmed quickly and didn't even care that her face was in some of the photos.

Eventually the cum was gone and Lauren stopped masturbating. The doctor then called her a whore, picked up her clothes and took her by the hand. He led her to the door of his office, opened it, and then pushed her out in the hallway butt naked. He threw her clothes at her and then shut the door. Lauren quickly got dressed in the hallway and then walked down to the lobby to me.

When she was done telling me this whole story, I had to pull over from all the sexual excitement. On the side of the highway, Lauren pulled my cock out of my pants and gave me a quick handjob. I came in less than 30 seconds and all over myself. She zipped me up and we continued home but to this day I'm exhilarated by this experience.

We live in the SF bay area but are willing to travel if anyone has any ability to recreate a humiliating medical experience like the one described in this story. Thanks.

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