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This happened many years ago when I was still together with my ex. I was 21 and she was 5 years older than me so she was 26 at the time. She had all the guys looking at her wherever she went. Sometimes she was the most cutest and nicest lady you could find and sometimes she was the devil. She was a very narcisstic person but ofc I didn't notice it back then because I loved her. This happened when we were having rough times at our relationship and had arguments about almost everything.

One day I was sitting on our couch watching tv when she called and told me she was coming home with a friend of hers. It didn't really bother me because her friends were nice to me and I got along with them well. I opened a door for them and I saw that her friend was a male I had never seen before. He was smaller that me but was pretty muscular. We introduced ourselves and he told me he lived in a town 500km from us. I thought he was just some distant friend of hers and didn't bother asking how did they get to know each other. We got along well and were small talking for hours.

Then he went to his car to get a bong and some weed so we could take a few hits. We went to our backyard and smoked a few bowls. I managed to move myself back to the couch before it really hit me. That weed must have been the strongest I have ever smoked. I was so high that I couldn't even move myself without concentrating for about 5 minutes before. My ex put on some crap movie she had rented and we started watching it. I was laying on the couch and my ex and her friend were sitting on the couch other side of the room. I don't really know how long we had watched the movie when I saw some movement at the corner of my eye. I moved my eyes to see what it was when it happened.

My ex was kissing with our guest and stroking his cock at the same time. I told you he was smaller than me but his cock was about the same and he was a bit thicker than I was. I got pretty confused and because I was so baked I couldn't really do anything. I just had to watch them.

She started sucking him and after a while she climbed on top of him and started to ride him. Her pussy stretched on his cock and I saw how her lips gripped around his cock with every movement they made. She had lips that gripped. Can you imagine the feelings I was having then? I couldn't do anything and when I tried to say anything my words were just some random mumble they couldn't or didn't want to hear.

Even thought I was jealous and angry about the situation I could feel the pressure building up in my pants. I got aroused by her fucking another man in front of me.

I don't really know how long I watched them but then he said something to her and they went to our bedroom to continue. I could hear her moaning and the sound of him flapping against her. I just had to do it. It needed a little effort but I had to put my hand down my pants and start stroking. I just got so turned on from watching and hearing them. Even thought I was still high it didn't take long until I blew my load.

I eventually fell asleep and woke up next morning. I packed my things and decided to leave. To get out of the house I had to walk past our bedroom. The door was open and inside they were sleeping in the spoon position his cock still inside her. I got out and took my car and drove off and didn't ever talk to her again.

After that happened always when I jerk myself off I am thinking about her and the sight of his cock going in and out of her pussy and those sounds she made. I don't know if I developed this fetish back then or has it been hiding inside me for a longer time.

I haven't told about this to anyone before. So it is really satisfying to say this here on the blog. I still have pictures of her if you care to enjoy them too.

Me + My Ex Danni




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