Stranger Fucked My Girlfriend Better than I

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I've been holding off typing this for a while but I think I'm ready to share now. This happened around xmas time, so a few months back.

My gf is smoking hot as you can see in the pics and a few months back I finally got her into it. We have great sex but both really get off on seeing the other get really horny and the idea of her getting fucked really got me hotter than anything else.

She gets off on being owned and used as a fuck hole and I used that to get her to cuck me. I was super dominant with her and she loved it. I degraded her and made her fuck a massive dildo and eat my ass etc. And eventually I told her that she must fuck someone else for my pleasure (hers mostly as my angel) and she agreed like the obedient little slut she is and so we got busy trying to find a cock. She had loads of interest as I knew she would and set up a date with some guy. They went out for a few drinks then ended up back at his place on her suggestion and that's when I flaked out and stopped it before they even kissed.

Not too long after that I was sure I wanted it to happen and she was happy to oblige and one of her previous targets got in touch with her luckily.

So my girlfriend got all dressed up and got in a taxi to some random guy's place to be fucked (he wasn't into the pics or me watching stuff unfortunately) I waited and waited as I stoked my cock and eventually hours later I got a selfie from her with a look of total satisfaction on her face. I came immediately which has never happened to me before!

I didn't hear from her for a while as he drove her home and I was hard as a Diamond by the time she texted me. She told me that he had a face like a model, never told me much about his body though but I imagine it to have been hot for her. She also said his cock was bigger than mine and she always said I was the biggest she had. She did change her mind the next time I fucked her though. I should add that I've seen pics that she's been sent before by another guy I know she's fucked and his cock was definitely bigger than my own - her little secret busted!

He pulled her up to her feet and started kissing her face and neck and slowly undressed her and himself. She grabbed his cock as soon as it was free after she'd been rubbing it over his boxers and he worked magic on her pussy with his fingers, making her cum "way too fast" as she put it. He then lay her down and began licking her pussy "very intensely" and made her cum for the second time but kept his face on her pussy sucking and licking until she was a quivering mess at his mercy.

After he was totally satisfied that she'd come in his mouth he crawled up to her as she held her legs open like the appreciative little slut she is and he slid straight into her tight little pussy with ease. She told me that he fucked her slow in missionary until he was about to blow and got back down with his amazing tongue and made her cum just like before; quivering and all. He continued this pattern a few times making her cum with his mouth every time until pounding her so hard with his cock that she came all over it, also while he's telling her to stop moaning so loud.

She likes to let a person know that they're doing well, loudly so I can only imagine the filth and sexy noises that would have been coming from her. After he made her cum 5-6 times (she lost count) he eventually let her get on top and ride his cock as hard as she could to make him cum on his own stomach. She was so worn out by this stranger that she fell asleep immediately after as he stroked her sexy thighs to comfort her as she came down from the sexual bliss.

I've been able to cum almost immediately while wanking to porn if I think of this since that day. I try to get her to tease me about it while stroking my cock or fucking but she seems reluctant to do it even though I know she cums regularly while replaying that night over in her head. I know that's the best night of sex she's ever had, even though we've had some awesome nights of our own. I wish she would understand that I love it just as much as she did if not more.

Anyway, to wrap it up. She fucked a guy at my request and he couldn't have been any better. Perfect first time experience!

For you true cucks here, I've tried eating her out the way he did according to her description on multiple occasions and she stopped me coz I'm just not as good.

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