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Mature Cuckold - Breeding My Wife - After three years of marriage and no kids, my wife and I decided to see a fertility specialist to determine if there was a problem. It turned out that my sperm count was so low I probably couldn’t get anything pregnant. Now my wife was in that “gotta get pregnant mode”. Her clock was ticking. We discussed the options and I finally just told her that maybe she should just have an affair. It had to be someone else’s sperm anyway so why not? For a bunch of reasons it just made sense.

My wife worked at an upscale restaurant and was always getting hit on anyway so she shouldn’t have a problem picking out a good specimen. In her quest to get pregnant, she was reluctantly willing. She just wanted to know that this wouldn’t wreck our marriage. I took a deep breath and told her it made the most sense and we both wanted a baby. So she slept on it for a few days. The incredible thing was that the thought of it made us both extremely horny. We must have screwed twice a day until she was ready to go through with it.

It was then that I confronted her with a fantasy of mine. As long as she was going to have sex with another man, I wanted her to cuckold me. She didn’t even know what that was. I told her that many men fantasize about this. After I showed this to her on different websites she understood what a cuckold was and then took it from there. She said that it wouldn’t be too difficult for her because she didn’t really want my cum in her anyway while she was trying to get pregnant from someone else. She just told me that maybe it would be better if I made my “little mess” in a Kleenex for the time being.

On the following Thursday my wife came home and told me that one of the regulars, Ted, that was always hitting on her was surprised when she finally took him up on one of his advances. He really didn’t believe it at first because he knew that she was married but she assured him that she would go out with him. So my wife and Ted had a date for Friday night. She would meet him at another restaurant and then maybe go dancing.

I was incredibly horny and my wife knew this. When I heard her plans I immediately wanted to screw her. But she reminded me of our cuckold deal. She grabbed a Kleenex and proceeded to give me a slow handjob all the while telling me of her plans of getting a pussy full of the real stuff. As I got closer to shooting, she kept telling me to fuck her hand and that’s exactly what I did. I think I had my best orgasm ever as she caught ever drop of my worthless sperm in the Kleenex.

On Friday, I watched her get dressed. She sorted through her dresser drawer wanting to get just the right panties for the night. All the while she talked and talked about her upcoming date like a schoolgirl. She finally found the right panties telling me Ted would be spending plenty of time rubbing these before she let him in. Before she put them on she stood before me with her legs wide and patted her pussy telling me to wish her baby maker good luck. I did. But my dick was so stiff I thought it would bust. I asked her if she would mind jacking me off before she left. She told me that she didn’t want any of my stuff on her but she would pull her skirt up and show me her panties while she watched me do myself. I took her up on it.

As I jacked off she kept telling my I was a naughty little boy who was lucky that he could look up a girl’s skirt to help him cum. She teased me how little boys can’t get girls pregnant and they needed to jack off instead. I shot and she ceremoniously made me show her the cum. She explained again that if this was the real stuff we could be screwing right now. But she kissed me and told me not to wait up. She allowed me to squeeze her pussy as she left telling me that Ted would be her husband for the night.

I must have jerked off once an hour as I waited for her that night. She finally got home about three in the morning. I would have thought that she would have been tired but she wanted to stay up and tell me all about it. She giggled as she explained how they had supper and then went dancing. She said she took his hand and put it up under her skirt and he took over from there. Ted was a great lover and, although she went into this just for his sperm, she had a dozen orgasms. I’d only give her an occasional one but she couldn’t get over how easily she came with him. This was no longer just a sperm thing. She wanted him for a boyfriend.

At that point she surprised me by saying, “take your panties down little boy and I’ll give you a handjob”. As she jacked me off I tried to push her skirt up. She stopped me telling me that her pussy was Ted’s now and he wouldn’t appreciate me looking at her panties. She urged me to put my worthless cum into the napkin she held and when I dribbled a couple of drops into it she just shook her head and asked me where all my cum was. That’s when she accused my off jacking off while she was on her date. She hugged me and told me that it was all right because she was cumming with Ted while I was at home cumming. She said, “You know, I was pretending that he was my husband while he was fucking me. I wasn’t really trying to cum at that point. I just wanted his cock as far inside me as he could when he came. I wanted to make sure his sperm got in my cervix. He’s so long that that wasn’t a problem. And when he came, I had my best orgasm ever”. She told me that until she got knocked up, Ted would be her husband and I would be her little boy. She figured out this cuckold thing in a hurry and she seems to really enjoy it.

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