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First time posting, and am very excited to do so. I been stalking this blog for about a year now, and just now decided to post my experiences with my wife in this lifestyle. Background of me and wife: We met at ages 19/21 me being the older one. She was in a 3 year relationship and I met her shortly after they broke up. we have been together for 13 years now, and going very strong. I have no doubt in my mind that we will be together forever. 2 years into relationship, I found out she cheated on me with her ex.

I could not understand why, but she ultimately said it was because she wanted him to know what he was missing - she was bitter about the break up. my trust for her plummeted to nothing. It took many years to get over it, and I treated her awful, but since then I know she has not cheated. I know there were instances where she could have easily. I realized that she was a nympho. She loved sex. She is wild in bed, no limits. I guess I should mention she is latina, and has the sexuality to go with her stereotype.

While getting over the cheating thing, I craved to know all the details of the encounter. I told her it was because I wanted and needed to know. Even I believed this. Eventually I began to realize, it turned me on so badly. I needed to understand these feelings more, so I started watching porn where the husband watches his wife have sex with other men. I started hinting (year 9 by the way) that I wanted her to fuck another guy in front of me.

I introduced her to cuckold porn, and she was very very hesitant to begin with. She thought it was like another test to see if she would cheat, but I assured her over, and over again that it turned me on. Eventually, through online dating site ads, I found a guy who was ok with meeting us up at a hotel, ok with me filming it, and actually being there. And so the cuckold lifestyle began.... First encounter: the guy from the dating site was 5'4", shorter than my wife, hispanic look. His penis was larger than mine (whats the point of cucking if your wife can't enjoy bigger dicks?). His length was 6". Fairly close to my size, but thicker.

So, we hosted at a cheap hotel, went in and she started getting dolled up. We were both EXTREMELY nervous. Never had knots in my stomach so bad. She was super excited but a nervous wreck. I tried calming her down, but then the knock came. I opened the door and greeted the gentleman. I said here is my wife, and I looked at her and said 'go on babe, have fun'. She started pulling down her tube top to pull out her tits. The guy immediately grabbed on as he slowly took off his pants and underwear, he was already hard.

He sat at the edge of the bed, my wife grabbed his penis and started stroking it. She hesitated a bit before lowering her head unto it. The knots in my stomach twisted so hard, a feeling of jealousy and regret came, but I subsided it - this is what I wanted, we wanted. No going back now. And I started to get aroused. I did not, and still do not participate in the encounters. As she was blowing him, he started to finger her, she began to moan.

After about 20 minutes of blowing, she got on the bed and layed on her back, he slipped in and started going at it. This lasted about 20 mins. They changed to doggystyle 10 mins in, then she wanted to blow him to cum. That lasted 30 mins and to our disappointment, he just couldn't cum. That's when I learned about performance anxiety, some men can't cum if under pressure or just not used to having sex while others watched. So she got tired of blowing him, and she said it was ok, and he got dressed and left.

Afterwards she would blow me and I would fuck her and cum inside. That turned out to be what we did after every encounter, despite how tired she may have been. Daddy would always get his, and she always had to make sure daddy was proud of his little girl. 2nd encounter: Dating site again, latin guy, same height as wife, but this time guy had an uncut 8" dick. Wife went down on him so fast, but his foreskin never came back over the head, so we think she could have gotten it bigger.

She said she was afraid to hurt him. After blowing him on the chair, she went to the bed and he wanted to eat her out, so she got into 69 position, and she was on the bottom, so he was thrusting into her mouth as he ate the pussy. Then they went at it in bed, forgot to mention, we required condom use for sex (not oral) and also, do not allow kissing. That was the only thing we keep intimate (go figure, I can let a guy face fuck my wife but he cant kiss? lol) anyways, she got him back on the chair after fucking for 20 mins, pulled the condom off and started blowing him again.

I love when she gets the dick hard and slaps it around her face. That guy even got some ball play. But ultimately could NOT cum, another failure to perform. He left, and we went on. 3rd encounter: this time, we set up a hotel room in a different city and spent the night (usually we dont spend the night, we use the rooms and leave it same day). We contacted this guy on the dating site that seemed good, wife always has to approve the looks before I book anything.

And so he was black, but very light complected. He claimed he was mix, creole and african american, very young looking body for a 39 year old, and very nice 9" package. So we booked it. Wife's criteria is always : 20-39, non-black men. but she made an exemption for me. I wanted to see her get pounded. The guy shows up and turns out to be a total lie. Guy not at all what the pics shown. But nonetheless we invite him in and he sits down, apparently he had experience with this lifestyle as a bull. So wife pulls his dick out and it doesn't look like the pics, but it was still 8.5" long or so, and she started sucking it. They started fucking later and she came a couple times, so it turned out good.

She started blowing him again to make him cum, but he said he just couldn't, lol. So another one lost. 4th encounter: she wanted a Mexican, found him on the same site and booked it all up. This was a lackluster encounter. guy couldn't cum, nice penis and all, she had a good time more or less, but that was that, shortest encounter ever. 5th encounter: This 27 year old from the same site. This time, we started using email for communication and pic trading.

This guy had a solid 7.5incher but he was extremely skinny, so his dick looked huge. Anyways, we met up at the motel (found that motels are easier to deal with, so weird going through inside of hotels and having the Johns go through as well) guy had experience, was a semi-dominant bull, wife absolutely loved that. She got on her knees and his pants were already off, she just loved his cock so much. She kept saying how his dick was so yummy and perfect.

He would grab her head and shove it into his cock, she loved that. Then they started fucking and she cummed so many times. They fucked for at least 40 mins. She would get off and suck his dick, then put another condom on it, and fuck again. In the end she layed him out flat, she layed between his legs and started sucking his cock slowly, very sensual, while telling him (and me) how nice his cock was and how she loved it. He couldnt cum after that last BJ, lasted a good 20 mins, but she tired out and he said sorry, and left.

We kept contact with him for another encounter. 6th encounter: we decided we wanted to go to a swingers club. We got a room nearby, and went. Got a little tipsy, no guys approached her, and she didn't see anything she liked. I had a backup dating site guy in case that happened, so I contacted him and he was down to meet up even at 2 in the morning. Wife was a little drunk at the room, guy shows up and she is super turned off by his looks. His dick was long though, 8-9", white guy 25 yrs old.

She begrudgingly sucked his dick as I watched tv next to him (I was drunk too) she quickly got him into the bed and he put a condom on and went at it. Didn't take him long, he came pretty quickly, but did it while inside of her, she got upset and he went to the restroom to clean it up, he came out and he was like, I can go again and she was like no, I'm tired. That was that. 7th encounter: I wanted to see my wife spitroasted. a 3 some. So we contacted the guy she liked alot from 5th encounter and a new guy online. We kept it all together in email for communication.

Finally set up time and date, and then the new guy flaked out, so the 3 some ended up a 2some. But wife was happy either way, she got to fuck Rocky again. This time, she had nice bangs, her hair in a ponytail, a new outfit I bought her that had holes where the tits are, so her tits hung out. She looked so damn good sucking his cock on the couch. She titty fucked him a little, then I decided that we didn't need a condom. He quickly obliged and went straight in doggystyle. She moaned loudly, this was the first cock without a condom she ever had, besides mine. Even her ex boyfriend didn't get to go in raw. Even her past boyfriends. So she was super wet and excited, she quickly came.

They shifted to the bed, he fucked her for about 8 mins, turned her over and doggystyled for about 5 more mins till....he had to cum! She was taken by surprise, she quickly shifted to put her head by his cock, he jerked it off unto her face, cum all over her face, she was relieved and excited (a little bummed that it lasted only 15 mins) but first cumshot ever. 7th encounter: Finally got a 3some organized with two young guys. One had a 9" cock, other a 7". both guys were 24-25. She quickly went to work on them, what a blast. So much work on her part, I felt bad for her, I didn't know it was so exhausting.

This was first 3some and the last 3some lol. She got spitroasted, which was supremely hot. The guy in the back grabbed her ponytail and started shoving it into guy in front, she kept making gagging noises. These guys....omg, they came 3 times each. Fucking young pricks. I couldn't believe it. Both went in raw dog, but we didn't allow creampies, so they came on her belly, her back, her face multiple times. Finally they got tired and ended up leaving. She said she was super exhausted. That whole encounter lasted 2 hours. Last encounter so far....: invited a guy to our home, she blew his 8" uncut cock and they fucked on the bed for 10-15 mins, he ended up pulling out and cumming on her face, which she loved.

So in all, this lifestyle is great for us. I don't do the whole humility thing, I just like watching her have sex with others. she loves it because she gets to fulfill sexual desires, but she always reassures me that we can stop this lifestyle whenever, she only wants/needs me. but I like it too much....

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