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Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been married to Madison for 12 years. We have your standard married couple life. Met in college, got married at 26, popped out 3 kids and live in the NY suburbs. My business took off and Madison was able to stop working 7 years ago. She has the ideal married life scenario - she has help with kids thanks to a live in nanny, spends her days doing yoga and brunch with her friends and has been a very good loyal wife.

We have sex 1-2 times per week and there are no complaints from either side, but........ we both want to spicen things up as it has almost become robotic in the bedroom.

A little about Madison. She's mostly Italian with some beautiful tits and nice legs and ass for a woman with 3 kids and in her late 30s. She has recently begun waxing her pussy fully since I brought up the subject of her perhaps liking the idea of other men which she rejected quickly - but still, waxed pussy? She does squats every AM, yoga 6 days a week and ran the NYC marathon 3 out of the last 5 years. Here are two pics of her we like best.

She was wild in college. The first night I met her, we had sex and I knew of at least three others she was with (including one we called "the horse" because his dick looked like a 3rd leg). When we had "the talk" early on in our marriage, I told her I was with about 25 women (which was a lie, it was really about half that) and she responded that she was with, "a few more guys than that" without giving a number).

During tequila-infused sex a few months ago, I brought up the idea of a threesome to see how she'd react. I was found it erotic to see a married woman, not necessarily my wife, with another man. She was appalled. "Am I not good enough for you???!!" was the exact response. I then said, "I mean with another man". That next moment, her facial expression, made me realize, no matter what she said, she was intrigued. Her response was, "What??? Why??? Ewww". That wasn't a "no". We laughed it off and we woke up the next AM like nothing happened. Except again her pussy was waxed by the end of the day which I didn't put together until later.

Weeks went by. I was thinking maybe she was drunk and forgot. Thankfully I was wrong. On Christmas Eve this year a few weeks back, after the presents were out and the kids were asleep, Madison and I had sex. Instead of cumming in her like normal, she hopped off and began jerking me off slowly. She put her face very close to mine and said, "You want me to fuck someone else, baby?" I couldn't believe it. She stroked faster and harder when she asked, "You want someone else's cock in my hand... in my mouth... in my pussy?"

It was so hard for me to process all this when I said "yes!" She began kissing me deeply and stroked me until I came all over her hand and my stomach.

The plan was in motion. Who? When?

She turns 39 on Feb 15th, a month from now. On Feb 16th, she and two girlfriends are going to Atlantic City overnight. It'll be a night of spa treatments, dancing, drinking and if all goes well, she will fuck her first new guy since ages.

She pretty much told me that she wants to do this on her own and will be honest and up front with me. I gave my blessing. I know she already reached out to a guy she dated long before we got together (he's married but always seems to send her private messages on Facebook and pokes her) to see if something can be arranged opposed to meeting someone new.

I just felt the need to share in my excitement. I think this is going to be an amazing experience and I actually can't wait to get home and 69 her fantasizing about another cock in her.

I would have liked to give a report about what happened but I am so excited I can't wait at all.

Full speed ahead!!!

Ryan & Madison



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