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I'm more into the 'Hotwifing' aspect, than cuckolding - I want her to FULLY enjoy her sexuality, and have told her she has my permission to cheat, if she ever needs or wants to do so. Think the happenings in her past have moved me towards the hotwife thing. And getting older!! When we first married I would have been jealous as hell if another guy made a pass at her, where as now I openly encourage her to dress a certain way (braless, quite often!), and have bought her a couple of anklets (she wears one occasionally, without being FULLY aware of the possible 'message'.)

The closest we've come to another guy having a go at her, was a couple of years ago in Marrakech. We were walking in the myriad of alleyways near the large market, when she complained of her ankle hurting. Almost immediately, this old Arab was alongside us, explaining in decent English, that he could offer a massage to ease the discomfort in her leg. He pointed to the doorway in front of us, and rather warily (esp on my part!) we were ushered in.

To be fair, inside did seem reminiscent of a doctor's room - there were some medical-looking bottles, and bandages, that type of thing. There was also a couple of chairs, and a bed. The Arab guy offered the chairs for me and my wife. We sat. He then offered us lemonade, while commenting on the heat outside.

As the small-talk finished, he asked my wife to remove her sandals, then lay on the bed. She removed her footwear, glanced at me slightly hesitantly, then lay on his bed. I gave her a nod to tell her it was okay and to be comfortable. He then pulled the curtain (which I hadn't even noticed before) around the bed, so my wife was almost hidden from my clear view, and proceeded to massage her leg, whilst giving me a 'commentary' on his actions. He explained how her "...calf-muscles on BOTH(!) legs are extremely tense..."

I could hear him telling her "...relax.."

Then movement....followed by his voice... "her thigh muscles also....far too tense..."

When I heard him say.... "...you please remove your shorts, lady......"

I pulled the curtain back, could see my wife's hands about to start unfastening her shorts, and then she hesitates and thanked him for his time, adding.... "We must go! It's time for us to leave!!"

I grabbed my wife's hand in one hand, and her sandals in the other.....

....and then we were outside......!!

It's only afterwards, when the heartbeat is back to normal, and there is time to consider things......properly....... That you realise what a perfect opportunity we missed !!! An older guy (her fantasy). Far away from home (no witnesses to her debauchery. And mine!) And he was quite good-looking! (her comment MUCH later!!). She also told me much later that she was soaking wet and that he felt up her inner thinhs quite high.

Not what this blog is used to I know but still, for us this episode provides one of our best fantasies, and has been much-used over the last two years....even though I can't help thinking WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN ???

Just pure excitement.

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