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Hi. We are a couple from Norway. Me and my wife has been reading the stories here for several years. This is our first story shared and it's about how we started involving an extra man in our bedroom. Would love comments.

My wife and I have reached the age of 50 and 55. I am the oldest.

All the kids have moved out and the first couple of grandchildren have appeared.

My wife has probably started to notice hormonal changes that are natural and do not sleep very well anymore. And I probably snore a little, which is enough for her to have restless nights.

We have a large house and I quickly moved into a room downstairs. Felt probably a little thrown out of the bedroom at first.

Eventually it became a habit and we have been in each of our rooms for almost a year. And then something else happened. Old fantasies flared up again, not only with me, but with her it should also show.

I dreamed more and more at night, woke up horny and restless in my body and it was always the same thing that came back - that my wife had sex with another man while I watched.

We have a rich toy drawer with dildos and a little of everything. I gradually noticed that things moved a little space when I stopped by the locker room to pick up my clothes.

One Saturday morning I woke up to find my wife in bed with me. She stod over me and lowered her pussy down to my mouth. Lick me! She moaned. I let my tongue slide along her lips and noticed that they were very swollen. And it dripped from her cunt.

My God, how horny I am! Do you know how wet my pussy is? She moaned and after a few licks she screamed and squirted all over my face!

She rolled over and I got between her thighs, spread them and sank my swollen cock into her.

My God, how open you are, dear! Have you been fucking all night ?! She raised her hips and propped up while I fucked her in long strokes, hit the g-spot in each shot and suddenly she screamed again and squirted around me!

Yes yes yes I'm so horny! He fucked me all night and filled me up! Ohhhh oh my god how lovely he was !! I got her on her knees and thrust into her wet sucking pussy. It felt like velvet, swollen, open and at the same time so incredibly arousing and wet.

Mmmmmmm oh yes! I hope he pumped you really full !!

She moaned and stretched her hand back and grabbed my scrotum. Grabbed around it and squeezed. Fuck me! Fill me! Oh yes he was so big!

I came! The semen pumped out of me in long thrusts and filled her. She squeezed my testicles hard!

We rolled over and exhaled.

Dear? What happened?

I watched her with a smile, touching her lovingly on her stomach and breasts.

She blushed. I'm just so damn horny.

You know that fantasy of yours about me and another man?

It wakes me up almost every night and I'm so horny I can not sleep. Uses dildos almost every night to release the excitement.

My God, those dildos have been fucking my pussy for the last few weeks!

I looked at her, felt my cock swelled.

Do you want to live it out then?

She became a little quiet. Thought about.


It seems so temptingly forbidden. To feel the desire and that he fucks me with your approval.

She looked down at me. Curled closer and took around my hard cock. Jerked slowly. Do you also want me to be fucked? That I should spread my legs and open my cunt for him so that he can take me? Do you want your wife properly fucked?

Slowly she jerked me and my cock did not lie.

Yes you know I've been dreaming about it for 30 years now.

Slowly she sank down on my cock. All the way down. Rocked slowly back and forth.

Are you sure? You know I can get hooked? What if I like him better than you? Or that he's bigger and fills me up? Maybe you can not fuck me so often anymore?

She excited herself and moaned. Raised up and down on my cock.

Maybe he wants to fuck me while you're not watching, or he wants me for a weekend.

Can you stand to know but not see? Know that your wife is naked and craving for another cock for an entire weekend?

Can you stand him coming by once a week and fucking me?

We both came!

It almost hurt in my scrotum when the semen pumped out again and she screamed at me. The heavy breasts sank down towards me and she lay still on top of me until I softened and slid out.

OMG. I'm a little embarrassed.

I kissed her. I love you!

You are the love of my life my beautiful wife!

She cried quietly and after a while she kissed me tearfully and looked me deep in the eyes.

I love you!

I will never hurt you! It's just my pussy that has gone mad!

A few days later she had a day off and I had to go home to pick up some papers I had forgotten. Quiet in the house and I walked towards the office. Suddenly I saw the door stand open to the bedroom and stopped. Heard silent sounds and suddenly her voice. Oh yes! Come into me. Fill me. Take me with your thick cock!

Shocked, I snuck forward and peeked.

She lay on her back propped up against the duvet with a pillow under each knee while stroking our largest dildo against her cunt. I looked straight in between her legs and saw the big dildo expand her pussy lips and press on.

I took a step back, tore off my shirt and stepped out of my pants and panties.

The cock was already standing like a pole and I snuck one step forward again.

The head of the dildo just sinking in between her pussylips so she screamed low and came.

Oh yes .. fuck me, fuck me, fill me. Get your cock in me while my husband watches! Oh yes you are so delicious and your cock is so big!

She fucked herself with the rough dildo in long strokes while she hiccuped and moaned! She came several times and after a while she rolled over on her knees and drove it in and out doggy style. When she came I saw it squirt around the dildo and she shake uncontrollably.

I jumped into the bed and before she could summon I pulled the dildo out of her and drove my cock in her to the root.

Took a good hold of her hips and fucked her!

My God, my wife, how delicious it was to see him fuck you! Was it good with the rough cock that filled you up and squirted in you? Was he a good fuck and fucked yo good?

She mumbled incoherently as I fucked her. The pussy was so wet that it smacked every time I pushed in and it felt like the cock was inside a hot silky soft and sucking piece of horny woman - my beloved wife!

We came at the same time! She screamed, I screamed and filled her with seed.

We hugged and kissed each other lovingly.

My God, I do not know what to do. My pussy is completely electric at the moment!

I smiled and kissed her.

We get to fuck as much as we can and then we get to find someone to help us!

She moaned. Oh my God yes! Do you want it then? Can we? Do you think we can handle it? Can you handle seeing me?

Oh yes !! I love you!

... It took a few weeks before we talked about it again.

In the meantime, we continued with our new life. On the weekends she came down to my bed in the morning and sat over my mouth. I licked and slapped in me this horny female while she talked dirty and told about how hard he had fucked her.

Every time she had a day off off I made a trip home and the same thing happened again and again. The door a little open, I stood naked outside and watched her while she fucked herself with the dildo.

Suddenly one day there was a new dildo. Even slightly larger and dark brown in color. She moaned and struggled to get it in and when she was completely filled up and expanded she just came and came and came as it squirted around the massive rubber cock and she screamed and cried.

When I took her from behind, I discovered that the TV was on with a porn movie. A pale white woman was fucked by a big black cock while her husband sat next to her, held her feet and stroked her breasts.

I squirted! She came while I was moaning and afterwards when we lay and kissed she asked: Are you mad at me? That I'm fantasizing about a black man?

No, my dear wife - I get horny of it! I kissed her and smiled.

Sometimes it is as if fate takes a finger and adjusts the sound in our lives.

I work in the military and we get exchange officers from the United States on a regular basis.

This spring, a contingent of 4 from Navy Seals arrived to train with our boys before they were transferred to service.

I was responsible for their training and quickly got in good contact with them all.

But - especially one I noticed. High and powerful. Of course well trained and in addition an incredibly nice and educated man. Nearly two meters tall, black as coal and raised in a better family before enlisting in the US Marines.

The training was for six weeks and after two we received a request to take care of these guys socially. Engage them.

I asked Jason home for a better dinner.

A little nervous, I told my wife. She exploded!

Yelled me, accused me to be manipulating and called me a male chauvinist!

When the tirade subsided I looked at her and smiled. Dear I admit it! I want to see him fuck you!

She sat completely still. Looked at me with tears in her eyes after the outburst of rage. Surprised.

Do you think so? Do you want?

Yes Dear! He stays here for another four weeks and this is our life's chance to get you fucked by a big black cock! And he is Big!

She gasped - how do you know that ?!

I have trained and showered with him. He is BIG!!

My God, what are we doing ?! She hiccuped - my pussy overflows!

And my cock is stiff as a woodpecker!

When does he come?


My God, it's tomorrow! I have to go shopping and to the hairdresser! I have nothing to wear!

I smiled - Dear you should not wear anything!

She took a day off on Friday. Get to foot care, hairdresser and a massage.

Got to buy new clothes. And I fixed tapas from a small wonderful restaurant.

After a hard day training, Jason and I went to the gym together. Stretched out, swam a bit and took a sauna.

And talked.

He looked surprised.

What - do you want me to charm her in bed ?! Why!? What about you?

She wants to make love with a black man. With a big cock. And I'm excited to see her. I'm just going to watch. And help - spread her legs and such.

He smiled. You both want it? She fuck with me and you look at?

Oh yes!

We looked at each other. Both had hard cocks. My well above average and absolutely thick enough.

His was probably 25 cm and as thick as an arm.

I smiled. I've never seen a cock like yours. And my wife has never had anyone bigger than me.

We gave each other a handle and smiled. Everything prepared.

The lights on the table were on.

Everything was nicely covered and my beloved wife was unbelievably beautiful. An eel-tight white dress that stopped in the middle of the thigh. Deep neckline and an opening on the entire back that showed the top of the butt crack.

She did not wear a bra or panties. Barefoot.

The round big buttocks, the wide hips, the narrow waist and the big soft breasts definitely came to their right in that dress.

It was so cramped that she might as well have been naked.

I kissed her with a juicy bulge in my pants and my balls was to explode!

My God, are you sure? Are we going to do this? She looked at me. There is no going back when he arrives! She was red in the cheeks. Do you want? Do you dare?

The doorbell rang.

Yes, I said. Do you go and open?

She swallowed and gave me a kiss.

Her lovely big hips rolled as she went to open.

I heard her say hello and Jason take a deep breath!

He charmed her down from the first second!

Polite, attentive, gallant - pulled out the chair, poured wine, held the dish while she served herself and he gave her compliments all the time. Pretty, sexy and how lucky I was to have such an unbelievably sexy and delicious wife!

After dinner we put on some light music while I cleared the table and let them talk.

When I passed in from the kitchen, they were out on the floor in a close and calm dance. She was close to him and he with his big hand in the middle of one of her buttocks.

When I came in for the second time, I dimmed the light a little and heard her moan.

He kissed her on the side of the neck and bit her lightly in the ear. She moaned loudly. His hands were now on her buttocks and he massaged so that the dress pulled up.

Her dress had slipped up. She was naked from waist and down.

Then I saw it - there was not a single hair on her pussy! Completely shaved and oiled.

She unbuttoned his shirt to the music, stroked his chest and kissed him. Kissed his big lips and let his tongue swirl.

He slowly pulled her dress up, she raised her arms and her full breasts slipped out of the tight dress.

She moaned, and he took a breath - you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! My God for a goddess!

She fiddled with his belt - stopped - looked at me and said, sure ?? Here's the last chance to stop! I'm so horny !!

I swallowed and got a continuation with a weak voice. I'm sure! I got rid of my shirt and pants. My cock was rock hard and precum was ouzing out of me!

She pulled down his pants. The big cock swayed and her eys was schocked. Heaven! There is no room for that in me !!

His big heavy balls hung low and she let her hand weigh them and squeezed them. He groaned and now the lubricant from the big head was dripping.

I stared while clear liquid came in a tough stream out of my swollen cock.

They kissed and she lay on her back while he stood a little above her and she got to caress her scrotum, massage his testicles and jerk the mastodont cock.

I licked her! Her pussy lips were as swollen as I had never seen. They swelled and glowed, my tongue made her moan and lubricant flowed out of her. She came. It squirted right in my face and I lubricated the pussy and genital area well. I had never feelt her so smoothly.

Jason I want you! Come and fuck me!

She sank backwards, lifted her feet and I stood behind her head and held around her ankles. Kept her open.

He got in place and stroked his cock head back and forth between her labia.

She stretched out her arms. Come on !! Come into me!

He pushed towards the opening. Her hands came down and pulled her buttocks apart so the pussy would open better for him.

It was like a plop in her cunt when the head slipped inside. She screamed and came! He pushed little by little.

She lost all sense and was changed into a pussy that wanted to be fucked, a demanding creature with a belly that wanted to be filled and fucked.

He worked so sweat ran down his back. A little in. Out. A little further in. Cm for cm. Her pussy lips stood stretched around the black cock like a ring. Tight and pink. The black pole entered her slowly but surely and the contrast between her white skin, her thighs, her wodefrful ass and the black thick cock that conquered my wife almost made me squirt!

He squeezed her soft big breasts. Kneaded them, kneaded and took a good grip on both knobs and pulled them straight out while he worked the last of his cock into her.

Suddenly she moaned and let the air out completely. She screamed again inhaling. I had never heard her make such noises. He filled her completely and I saw no opening between them. She spoke in a rough voice I had never heard.

OMG. He's right up in my womb, heaven what a cock. He spits me, blows me up, pussy burns, I come ohhhh !!

She came more or less continuos now. He pulled his cock all the way out, pushed himself all the way in, out, in. He fucked her now with an attentive look at her. Stroked her waist, buttocks, squeezed her breasts, pulled the knobs.

My God, woman, how tight you are! You murder my cock, chew it, I love your pussy, love to fuck you, fuck you!

Suddenly she looked at me with wildness in her eyes!

See! See now he destroys your wife's pussy, blows her out, expands her, fucks her, do you like it ?? Do you like to see your wife plugged out of a big black cock? Do you like it?? He's going to fill me !!

Jason picked up the pace and she screamed as he began to hum and it started flooding semen into her. The huge cock increased in size and his entire abdomen contracted and pulsated as the semen flowed out of him and into my wife's belly. He sunk downon her and filled up every lost hook with his cock and semen.

The large testicles slowly descended, curled slightly and he lay over her on straight arms and pressed against her breasts.

Kissed her gently and tenderly.

You beautiful sensual goddess - I do not want to pull the cock out of you. I will stay and hold my semen inside you!

She stroked his back and moaned as she put her feet behind his ass and pressed with her heels.

She used her pussy muscles. Chewed on him.

Suddenly she widend her eyes and moaned. He is growing again!

This time I sat next to her and watched. She had a firm grip on my scrotum and squeezed and draged. He fucked her tight pussy in tough strokes while the juices swirled around his beautiful black cock. She babbled incoherently and came and came and came.

He squirted into her again. I saw the big cock swell and jerk where it pushed the semen into her. Deep in to her womb.

She squeezed and pulled my scrotum so I thought she was going to tear it off.

I came! It squirted and squirted my seemen outin the air whitout toching my cock when she screamed and pulled me in the balls while I saw the massive cock squirt up into her again.

Slowly they slid apart and she moaned. Her pussy was wide open and gaping. It lookd like it wouldent og back to normal again. Seemen was driping out of her and I pulled a blanket over her and heard her fall asleep.

Jason and I went to the bathroom together. I washed his cock and he washed mine. Thanks man! He said. Your wife is one in a billion!

Thank you myself I said and squeezed his balls. You are welcome here every day if you want!

We smiled at each other - always welded together in this beautiful womans cunt and desires!

He went back to the barracks camp.

The next morning I woke up my wife with coffee in bed. Which of course got cold. I licked her pussy clean and we loved for a long time.

He moved in with us for the last four weeks. It was four weeks without clothes for all three of us. We fixed large mattresses on the floor of one of our rooms. We slept there and loved there. We fucked her in turn, in shifts and she jerked us off and demanded cock all the time.

After the four weeks, Jason went abroad for operations for over a year.

He will return in a month for six new weeks of training.

Needless to say, he should stay with us?


All the best

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