Listening to My Girlfriend Have Sex


Listening to My Girlfriend Have Sex - Hey, this is my first post. So I hope its ok...

Anyway, I went on holiday to Turkey with my girlfriend at the end of August, a lovely place in Fethiye called Hisoronu. Really nice. We stayed at my g.f's parents villa/apparttment, well furbished and quite frankly a bit posh!

Anyway, the first few days go pretty much un-noticed, I burnt my self a little and Jay (my g.f) got brown and quickly! On the fourth day I was in the sea swimming when I noticed a tall man talking to Jay. Now Jay is very beautiful, just shy of 6ft, short blonde hair, 32A cup boobs, but firm and fitting to her petite body so naturally i'm getting jealous. I asked her about this tall black guy to which she answered "he was sooo nice and friendly".

Anyway a few days pass and a with just 5 days left of our holiday I notice again (from the sea once more) that Jay is talking to the same guy only this time she's topless. Now Jay although confient is not the topless kind of girl and due to this I go back to the shore to make sure nothing unsettling is going on. Anyway I got there just in time for Jay to invite Chris back to ours for tea to which he accepted (why not ai! - he had about a foot on me!).

Dinner came and Jay wore a very provocative low-cut vest type thing and some tight shorts that if at the right angle showed her camel toe. Chris arrived on time and we sat and had a few drinks before dinner. Once a very flirtations dinner was over and the drinking became more intensive, a game of "I have never" was played - to which Jay drank for both "I have never been dissapointed with my current boyfriend sexually" and didn't drink for "I have never slept with a guy with a big dick" (great!).

My girlfriend then suggested a game of strip poker and although I protested, at this point I was very drunk and ended up playing. Jay was the first to become naked and Chris was more than complimentary as well as quite touchy feely giving hugs ect. Anyway Chris and I got down to our boxers at the point where Jay demanded to see everything off both. Chris stood up to removed his, I quickly followed not to be out masculined (mistake!). His cock must have been twice as long as mine, and I just felt my pathetic 3 inch flacid winky just shrivel. Jay was quick to help this by saying "blimey, hasn't craig got a big knob compared to yours?" whilest pointing at it (although she was so close to it she may has well have been poking it).

We toned down the games for awhile and relaxed (as relaxed as you can feel naked with a guy twice the cock size you have sitting near you), I went to the bathroom to pee and when I came back Jay was kissing Chris, I couldn't believe it, I was devestated. They stopped once I came back and I just played the ignorant card and carried on as normal. Although I could tell Jay was very wet and Chris' cock was not the softest!

Anyway, I left the room once more shortly after (the reason escapes me) and when I came back all I saw was Jay leading Chris up to OUR room with Chris' hands all over her. I kind of whispered a "where are you going?" (in hope it was a "I'm giving chris a tour"), all I got was "I'm pretty tired hun, we're off to bed."

I knew what was about to happen, I lay on the downstairs bed listening to my beautiful girlfriend having the time of her life with someone who wasn't me. They went on for about an hour, and although crushed I had to jerk off. I felt so filthy doing it, but I just couldn't help it.

IN the morning, I woke and went for my early shower, I heard the taps already going, and thinking it was just my g.f I would join her. Predictably, she was not alone. Chris had her leg in his hand and was pummeling her, it was a sight to say the least. I couldn't stop looking at them. Once Jay saw me she couldn't stop apoligizing and saying things like "I needed to be pleased by it, it's so big and yours...although I like it, it isn't that big".

At this point I felt so small (in every sense fo the word) but so turned on, and she knew it. "Why don't you show me how much you love me and start playing with yourself?" and just like that I did. All her groans were verbalised by comments on how big Chris was in comparison to me and I wierdly loved it. I came within 2 mins, and she told me to give her a kiss and leave them to it. That's exactly what I did, and wasn't the first time on that holiday I had to do it.

Sorry if thats a bit of a ramble. Names were changed too. But other than that, thats what happend as I saw it. The picture is of Jay at the computer chatting with him once we got home.


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