My Wife Tied me Up

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My wife is a nurse at a large metropolitan hospital. She said she was working in the emergency department one night when this guy came in. Then, it happened pretty fast. To backtrack here is how it started.

My wife called me at work and told me to come home early because she had a surprise for me. When I got home I could hear my wife upstairs in the bedroom and she called for me to come up. When I got to bedroom my wife was dressed in a sexy outfit and said she wanted to experiment. She told me to get undressed and got some rope out of the closet. She had me get on my knees and she bound my hands and feet together behind my back.

She asked me if I wanted to eat her pussy and started rubbing it in my face. Then she took a step back away form me and said she hated me and I would never have her pussy again (she was role playing as we often do). I tried to get untied, but I coundn't. She came back over to me and said I wasn't worth her time. And she rubbed her panties into her pussy to get the juices all over it. Then she balled up her panties and stuffed them in my mouth and put duct tape around my face to hold them in. She told me she knew about the bitch I was banging behind her back and how two could play that game. Up until then this was all normal but what happened next wasn't.

She left and I was sitting there tied up for 20 minutes and then she got out her cell phone and called someone and told him to come over to fuck her. Then she left the bedroom. I thought it was just pretend but after about 15 minutes I heard the doorbell ring and a couple minutes later she came back into the bedroom with another guy.

He was a little uneasy at first when he saw me tied up, but she told him we were swingers and this was a fantasy of mine. I was in shock as we had spoken about this but I had never seriosuly talked to her about actually doing anything. I felt out of control and could only watch as this other man took off my wife's clothes and groped her tits. I even felt dizzy and light headed.

She sucked his cock 3 feet from me and then had bareback sex right in front of me with him all night long and she kept begging him to cum inside of her and she made sure she told me everytime he came in her. They were completely exhausted in the morning, but she convinced him to fuck her one more time before he left.

I was exhausted from being in that position for so long but have never been more turned on in my life. Right after he left she walked over to me and squated over my head and squeezed out all the cream pie on me.

Then she noticed I had a HUGE hard-on and was so taken aback at me that she went to the kitchen and started crying, then came back and cut me loose, but all I could do was roll around on the floor in agony. My jaw hurt from being forced open all night and my arms were killing me.

We went a little bit too far and she wasn't sure what this would mean from now on. I calmed her down and told me how much I loved her and that nothing would change and how happy I was to see her having a great time and so after an hour of me doing that she settled down and we made sweet love and thought about 'him' and then fell asleep.

Awesome stuff.

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