Wife is on a Business Trip with her Boss

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My wife is in the middle of a 9 day trip with her boss. He's the owner of a pretty big firm in my country, and she's his secretary. She has been working for him for 13 years now, but this is the first time she's going on a trip with him (mostly because he doesn't travel much anyway... and when he does he mostly just shakes hands, smiles in photos and gives short speeches... he doesn't really need my wife to be physically there).

A business owner going on a business trip with his secretary is pretty standard normally, but this is different for several reasons. Reasons which probably make the situation relevant to this submission.

First of all, my wife's boss has always been trying to seduce my wife. He has been flirting with her ever since he hired her, both when they're alone in the office and when I've seen them in public. He has even been very open to me about how much he likes her, often bringing up the subject when we've talked (at dinners, parties, events, etc.... I'm not involved with his work in any way). It might be because my wife has always denied him and he likes the challenge, I don't know... he's the type of super confident rich guy that always goes out with hot girls that are half his age. He's 24 years older than my wife, by the way (63 and 39)... but he's in really good shape though and still quite the athlete.

So now he has to go abroad for this week long event that goes on every year in January. It's officially a business trip for him, but he only needs to show up for a while on just some of those days, and attend a few dinners. According to my wife he usually just takes some escort or whatever girl he's dating, in order to have some company in these events, and then spends the week sightseeing and having sex. This year he has decided to ask my wife to go with him.

He has been very open to her about the fact that there is going to be very little work going on, and that he mostly just wants to have fun and give her the opportunity of enjoying a trip and going to fancy restaurants and a luxurious hotel for 9 days ("as a reward for her good work"). And there's a decent money bonus too. It might sound like he's trying to "buy" his way into her skirt, but we think it's not that simple.

Despite his flirting, he respects her massively, and he wouldn't put her in a position where she has to "give something in return". We think he just wanted to convince her to spend 9 days with him, and that he would try to seduce her at some point during the trip. Like I said, she has always refused his seduction attempts, which she describes as "a little game he likes to play", so I'm sure he's aware that her accepting the trip doesn't guarantee anything at all. To clarify, despite my wife constantly rejecting him for 13 years, she gets along with him and you could kind of consider them as "friends".

So, after giving it much thought and discussing it with me, my wife has decided to go. She's obviously interested in visiting the place, having fun and earning that extra cash, but there's more to it than that. You see, before we met, she had been in two previous relationships with very jealous, controlling and somewhat abusive men, that completely limited her sexuality and right to admire other men, let alone experiment or fantasize with them.

While she was quick to tell me this, it took her 3 years to confess to me that because of these past traumatic relationships there is a part of her that craves to feel free to experiment with her sexuality outside of a relationship... basically she fantasizes about having sex with someone else, and me being ok with it (so as to "redeem" her traumatic feelings). It shocked me at first, but to be honest I have always had somewhat of a cuck fantasy myself, so I encouraged her to do it... but she has never felt ready. Until now. About 5 months ago she brought up the subject, and told me that if I was ok with it, she was going to have sex with someone else. She said she didn't want to plan it in any way... she wants it to happen "naturally".

And now this trip pops up. We discussed the possibility of her having sex with her boss during the trip, and she admitted it could happen. Even though she has always rejected him, she has always admired him to some degree (which I guess is normal, since he's very successful with women). She knows he's going to try to seduce her, and with all the fun and fancy stuff she's going to be doing, she admits that he might create "the right mood". She doesn't know what she's going to feel, but she has told me that whatever it is, she doesn't want to fight it. Either something will happen or it won't, but it will be her desired decision as a free woman.

So now she's gone. They left on Saturday last week and and they'll be back this Sunday. I've been talking to her throughout the weekend, and it seemed like she was ok. She said they've been having fun but that her boss hadn't made a move on her, but has so far been much more flirty than she expected. They're sharing a suite though (they have separate rooms, it's apparently more like a mini-apartment than a hotel room).

So, I'm totally ok with this whole situation. I'd be happy for her if she fulfilled her fantasy, and I've kind of always liked idea of her being with another man, so it's kind of a win for everyone if it happens. I'm dead nervous though. And even more today, because this morning she has asked me if it was ok if we stopped texting each other until she came back. She claims, and I understand this, that talking to me adds a bit of confusion and pressure to the situation... she wants to feel like it's about her and not about us, so that she's making a free decision, whichever that is.

So here I am, in cold sweat, anxious to know what's going on. Maybe nothing is going to happen, but for all I know she might be spending the whole week getting fucked by her boss, and I won't find out until Sunday night. Thing is, with her wanating it, him flirting more and her telling me not to text her anymore, it's like she's cutting me off from her, so I KNOW it is going to happen.

Sorry for this long post. I probably could have just summed it up in "my wife is on a week-long business trip with her boss, and she might be having sex with him", but I really needed to get this off my chest. It's killing me... I'm equally excited and nervous. But above all, I want her to have fun and feel good about herself.

I will wait patiently, but since we're not communicating any more, I guess I'll need to summon all my willpower.

PS: I'm 35, 6 years younger than her, and we've been married for 15 years (2 years before she started working for him).

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