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For a long time now I've been obsessed with having my partner have sex with someone else. She wasn't interested when I tried to discuss it so I tried to arrange for her to be seduced. Three attempts later and nothing happened so I gave up. Then this year in Spain a mixture of alcohol and the adventure of being away had her perform beyond my wildest dreams. We took our holidays in a little village in Spain but we really missed the beach. So one particular day we drove to a resort. It was beautiful and we had a really nice day, excellent lunch and nice time on the beach.

My wife Jay asked if we could stay there for dinner. That meant I'd have to drive so couldn't drink, but I didn't mind as it was my turn to drive. Jay had no change of clothes other than a clean pair of knickers so she changed in the loos of a restaurant, putting her swimsuit in a bag which I took back to the car, which was parked miles away. So Jay only had her red dress which she wore over her swimsuit normally and a pair of knickers. I can tell you she looked pretty sexy. We had dinner, I only had half a glass of wine so Jay finished the rest of the bottle and had a couple of brandies. She wasn't drunk, just relaxed. The time came to leave and we set off for the car, it was about 11:30 & still very hot. As we got close to where the car was parked I got thirsty & said I wanted to stop at the next bar we saw for a quick cola or something. We turned down a side street and there was a little bar with the usual beer sign outside. I didn't even check the place but walked straight in, Jay followed. The place was full of those street seller guys and full of a strange smelling smoke. They all looked as we walked in. I ordered a coke & Jay had another Brandy. We moved away from the bar to have our drinks. I started to feel really relaxed, whatever these guys were smoking was good stuff.

I remember Jay was looking quite dreamy. A guy came up & started talking to us in broken english. He wasn't Spanish but looked like he might be Morrocan or something. He kept saying ' beautiful english lady' to Jay and getting up real close to her. Then he said 'I want photo with beautiful english lady', he said something in a language I couldn't understand and another guy appeared with a camera. The guy put his arm round Jay and the camera flash went off. I noticed he had his hand on Jay's bum and was squeezing the cheek. I remember wondering why she was letting him but she seemed to be enjoying herself.

Then things got more hazy & seemed to happen quickly but in slow motion if that makes sense. He took his other hand and slipped it into her dress feeling her tit. Her eyes were closed and she nestled her head into his chest, she was obviously getting aroused. His hand wandered down between her legs and he rubbed her through her dress, her breathing became heavy.

In an instant he had lifted her dress over her head and she stood in just her knickers as he kissed her and pushed his hand inside her knickers, I could see he was rubbing her clit. I was aware the other men were gathered closer to watch, and there was a quiet murmur. Her knickers were removed and he sat her on the edge of one of the tables. He took off his t-shirt and dropped his jeans to the floor. Jay started playing with his cock which was getting hard. All the time his friend's camera was clicking. He pushed her back to lay on the table, she threw her legs open. I nearly creamed my pants to see my woman opening up her pussy in front of all these men.

She was red, wet and ready for sex. She was completely submissive. He pushed his cock gently against her pussy & teased her clit, I could hear her making moaning noises. Then he entered her. Jay grabbed the table as he fucked her slowly at first but then became faster and harder. There was excited noise in the bar now. After a while he came inside her and his groans were met with a loud 'ahhhhh' noise from Jay with each deep push into her.

When he took his cock out she just lay there, her tits moving up and down with her heavy breathing. Then I saw his cum oozing out of her, I was really turned on. The other Morrocan guy who'd been working the camera came up and entered her. He fucked her hard coming inside her. Once again Jay made that satisfying noise she makes when I come inside her, but she seemed to be more satisfied than usual. She just lay there with her legs open wide, the red flesh of her pussy mixed with the white of their cum. Then another guy stepped up and pushed his cock inside her. She just lay there moaning and gripping the table as hard as she could as he fucked her hard and rough.

Her tits were wobbling up and down her chest and the table had to be held by another guy to stop it sliding across the floor. I just watched and enjoyed as something like a dozen men fucked her one by one and coming inside her. As each one finished she kept her legs open ready for the next one. The cuum and her own juice were whipped into a creamy foam. When they had finished she just lay there, half conscious. Her legs were still open and so was her pussy, cum was all over her pussy, her thighs and her bum-hole.

Most of the men disappeared. Jay just lay there as if she was waiting for more. Finally a new guy said we had to go. Thinking about it, I was completely submissive too as without a word I just helped her off the table and put her dress over her head. The smell of sex was really strong and she was a real mess between her legs.

She struggled to walk back to the car but we made it and I lay her on the back seat. Her knees lifted up and my eyes were just fixed on her bright red pussy, caked with dry cum. She smelled like sex. I couldn't help myself, I pushed my cock into her, the wet flesh felt cold at first until I pushed myself deeper into her. I wasn't gentle as I usually am and fucked her hard. It wasn't long before I'd added my cuum to the cocktail of sperm already inside her.

Somehow I drove the car back to the apartment and got Jay up the stairs to our floor. She slept until midday & I was dreading her reaction when she woke up. I needn't have worried as she asked 'what got into you last night?', 'I know what got into you' last night I thought. Then she revealed her sly smile I hadn't seen in years and knew she loved every minute. Somewhere there are photos of my woman being gang-banged by a dozen or so men, maybe even on the internet. That idea turns her on even more than the gang bang itself and is fodder for our fantasties every single night.





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