My Wife and my Brother-in-Law



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We recently spent a family weekend at my in-laws. My wife's sisters were there with their husbands and kids. I don't know why - maybe because we are all so close in age, or sibling rivalries, they all flirt heavily with each other's spouses. Many times, right in front of their own spouses.

We had all finished diner, the kids were in bed upstairs, my mother and father in law were off yelling at each other somewhere, and my sister in law Beth was downstairs doing laundry.

Beth's husband Tom was in the TV room reading a book on the sofa, which is in the back of the room.

My wife was doing dishes and I thought I would take advantage of no one paying attention. I came up behind her and started to kiss her neck and ears, and rubbing her breasts. She leaned back into me and I slid my hand down the front of her jeans and started to play with her pussy.

I had her very wet and just about to come when I pulled my hand away. She gasped and asked why I stopped. I whispered into her ear that I would finish rinsing the dishes if she would go in the other room and sit on Tom's lap. She responded with a very quick "okay ! "

As I started to wash the dishes I peeked around the corner to see my wife push Tom's book out of the way, as she sat on his lap.

There were a lot of dishes for that many people and it took a while before I was able to start the dishwasher, the whole time I was hard - thinking of my wife in the next room sitting on another man's lap.

I finished up, went into the tv room, to see my wife just moving over and innocently sitting down on the spot next to Tom, so that I wouldn't "catch her" I sat next to her and and gave her a big hug and told Tom, isn't she just the best wife in the world? I couldn't tell you how lucky I am.

Tom responded that yes I was a VERY lucky guy.

Later that night my wife told me what happened in the tv room with Tom.

After she sat down on his lap, he put his arms around her, She said she was so wet from my playing with her and my sending her in to sit on his lap, she just couldn't help but slowly start moving her ass against him, she was getting more and more turned on and with her rubbing her ass against him, she could feel him start getting hard.

To encourage him, she took his hand and raised it to her breasts, giving him full permission to feel her up. While I was in the kitchen doing the dishes her was pinching and pulling my wife's nipples, while his wife was in the basement doing laundry.

My wife said she couldn't stand it anymore and just started grinding her ass into his lap, and had to bite her finger from making any noise while coming - with his wife downstairs.

After she came, she started to get up when Tom grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back down, so he could keep dry humping her through her jeans until he came.

It was just then when she heard the dishwasher start and she slid over to sit next to Tom.

She said that when I came in and hugged her and said how lucky I was to have her, she looked right into Tom's eyes and WINKED at him !






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