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I wanted to share a story about the time my girlfriend Lauren gave a blowjob to my frenemy Nick.

I've known Lauren for a long time, even though we're only in our late twenties currently. We went to elementary school, middle school, and high school together. In high school, she dated one of my friends for a year and we hung out together occasionally. We went to different colleges but reconnected after graduating. We had a lot of mutual friends and saw each other at various events and parties. After a few years when we were finally both single at the same time, I asked her out and we started dating. We've been dating now for several years and just moved into an apartment together.

Lauren is incredibly sexy. She has a skinny body with small but perky boobs. She is very outgoing sexually as well. In addition to my friend from high school, I knew three other guys who had hooked up with her over the years. We were pretty close friends with two of them still. In more drunken moments, they would mention the kinky things that they had done with Lauren in the past to me. Most notably, Lauren had a reputation for giving incredible blowjobs. I can co-sign this accolade. In addition to being highly skilled and able to deep throat, Lauren brings a lot of enthusiasm to her blowjobs that makes the experience transcendant for the guy. She genuinely loves giving them as well and gets incredibly turned on while doing it.

To celebrate moving into our new apartment, Lauren and I organized a small party with our friends. We had food and drinks and watched a football game for her college team. Once the football game was over though, I set up a large game of poker. The buy in was $20 and there were ten people playing so the winner at the end would get $200 total. None of the girls besides Lauren wanted to play so the table ended up being nine guys and one girl. In addition to my two two friends who had hooked up with Lauren in the past, my frenemy Nick was also there. Nick had dated one of Lauren's friends in the past and remained in our friend group somehow thereafter. I never really liked him though I suppose we got along well enough. He was just a bit macho for my tastes.

After about an hour, half the people at the table had lost all their chips. They said their goodbyes and then left the party with the other folks who hadn't joined the poker game at the start. Remaining at the table was myself, Lauren, our two friends who had hooked up with her previously, and Nick. The game became increasingly sloppy as we all continued to drink. I made a stupid mistake and nearly lost all my chips to Lauren. This made her the chip leader while Nick had the second most chips and the remaining three of us were just hanging on by a thread.

Eventually, Nick proposed that we raise the stakes of the game. We declined and our two other friends complained that they didn't have extra cash to add to the pot anyways. Nick suggested that we play for something other than money then. He explained that he was the only guy at the table who hadn't had the opportunity to receive one of Lauren's famous blowjobs and proposed that he should get that if he wins. Lauren was embarrassed and her face became red. Our two other friends looked at us but stayed quiet. I told Nick no way and threatened to kick him out for even suggesting the idea.

We continued to play but the vibe at the table changed after Nick's comments. One of our other friends lost his final chips and left the apartment quickly to escape. At this point, Nick brought up his proposal again. I again threatened to throw him out and added that his proposal didn't even make sense because the rest of us didn't get anything if we won and he lost. Nick then suggested that if he lost, he'd leave our friend group entirely and never bother us again. Lauren was mad at Nick but also feeling competitive. She was the chip leader by far and thought she'd win quickly and rid Nick from our lives. I was about to tell Nick to leave when Lauren spoke up. She said she'd do it if Nick also agreed to pay our rent for three months when he lost. That would be approximately $5000 total. To my surprise, Nick agreed and Lauren and him both shook on it.

Our other friend seemingly gave up on the next hand and lost the last of his chips to Lauren to try to help her out. He then quickly left the apartment and left Nick, Lauren, and I by ourselves. We continued to play and I unfortunately lost the last of my chips to Nick a few hands later. This left Lauren and Nick playing head to head with Lauren having about twice as many chips as Nick. Over the next half hour though, I watched as Nick slowly caught up to Lauren and eventually took the lead. Lauren was losing her confidence but remained competitive at heart. She even trash talked Nick by talking about how excited she was going to be to never see him again after she won. Nick laughed and then won the following three hands in a row. This left Lauren with just a small handful of chips while Nick had a small mountain piled up in front of him.

Nick then said he had another proposal for us. Fearing Lauren's imminent loss, we agreed to hear it. Nick said that if we stopped the game right now and Lauren gave him a blowjob, he'd tell everyone else later that he had lost and Lauren had won. And he would still leave our friend group but he wouldn't pay our rent. However, if we continued playing and he won, he'd get the blowjob from Lauren and he'd brag to everyone about how great it was afterwards. Lauren and I looked at each other to consider the dilemma we were in. Nick added that if we chose the first option though, Lauren would have to strip naked and give him a lap dance too while being convincingly excited the entire time. So in summary, Lauren would have to strip naked and give Nick a seductive lap dance and enthusiastic blowjob in option 1. However, Nick would also leave our lives thereafter and not tell anyone else about what had happened. And for option 2, Lauren still had to give Nick a blowjob and he'd stay in our lives and tell everyone about it afterwards, but she could at least keep her clothes on while she did it.

Nick went to the bathroom and gave us time to think it over. I asked Lauren what she wanted to do and she quickly chose option 1. She said she didn't want to see Nick ever again and also didn't want more stories about her blowjobs being spread around our friends. I gave Lauren my blessing and she told Nick her decision when he returned. He laughed and they shook hands to settle the deal.

Nick turned his chair away from the table and Lauren stood in front of him. He told her to strip and she sheepishly began to remove her clothes. Nick noticed her hesitance though and reminded her that their deal was only valid if she made him believe that she wanted to do it and was enjoying the experience. Lauren looked at me and said sorry before turning back to Nick. Her mood then switched and she assumed a sultry attitude. She straddled Nick's lap and proceeded to give him a lap dance while removing her shirt and then unhooking her bra. She was now topless and pressed her boobs together in Nick's smiling face. She then turned around and sat her butt on his lap while gyrating forward and back against the bulge in his pants. Nick reached up and touched Lauren's sides while she leaned her back into his chest. Lauren then grabbed his hand and guided them to her boobs. Nick called her a good slut and proceeded to fondle her boobs and nipples while Lauren continued to rub against him.

Lauren then got up and shimmied her pants off. Now just wearing a thong, she straddled Nick's lap once again and put her arms around his shoulders. She humped his lap while pressing her boobs against his chest. I was entranced while watching. I could tell Lauren was conflicted between hating Nick but also being turned on by what she was doing. Nick had his arms around Lauren's back and reached down to grab her ass as well. When Lauren eventually stood up again, she had a wet spot on the front of her panties. She turned her back to Nick and then grabbed the sides of her thong. She slowly pushed them down to her ankles while bending over and showing her entire ass to Nick. She then stepped out of them and stood completely naked in front of Nick. He put his hands on her waist and pulled her butt back onto his lap. She grinded against his bulge and he fondled her boobs more. He then pushed her up and spun her around. Lauren put one foot up on the side of his chair and showed her pussy to him. She touched herself and then licked her fingers while we both watched. I couldn't believe it and I don't think Nick could either.

Lauren then stepped back and got on her knees in front of Nick. He unbuckled his pants and Lauren pulled them off. His cock stood straight up in his boxers and Lauren fondled it, at first with her hands and then with her face. Humiliatingly for me, Lauren moaned and told Nick that his cock was huge. She asked him if she could suck it but he told her to beg for it. Incredibly, Lauren then begged Nick to please let her suck his cock and promised she'd give him the best blowjob ever. Nick then stood up and Lauren pulled his boxers down. His cock was rock hard and pointing directly at Lauren's face.

Lauren grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. She then leaned forwards and sucked on his balls while letting his dick rest on her face. Again, Nick called her a good slut and slapped his dick against her face while she continued to focus on his balls. Lauren then grabbed his cock again and took the tip of it into her mouth. She teased him by slowly taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth while moaning softly. Eventually Lauren was fully deepthroating Nick and he moaned. He put his hand on her head and guided her mouth back and forth on his cock. While he was doing this, I saw Lauren reach down and start to rub herself. She was really horny and I could tell she was desperate to cum.

Nick was close to cumming and he pulled out of Lauren's mouth. He jerked his cock while she kneeled in front of him and rubbed her pussy. WIthout prompting, Lauren started to beg for his cum. Nick grabbed the back of her head again and positioned his cock inches from her face. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. He then groaned and shot a couple streams of cum across her face before Lauren got her mouth back onto his cock and swallowed the remainder of his cum. As she continued to milk him, she rubbed herself to an orgasm and moaned loudly with his cock in her mouth. She slowed her pace but kept sucking him for another minute until he was completely spent.

Nick pulled his cock out of her mouth and put his boxers and pants back on. Lauren remained on the floor and asked Nick if she did a good job. He said yes and added that it was the best blowjob of his entire life. I got Lauren a towel and she cleaned off her face. Nick then walked to the door while saying that it was a great night but he guessed he'd never see us again unfortunately. Lauren walked over to him still naked. On her tiptoes, she kissed him on the cheek and then whispered something in his ear. Nick smiled and then exited the apartment.

After the door closed, I asked Lauren what she had whispered to Nick. She ignored my question though, took my hand, and led me into the bedroom. We then jumped in bed together and had amazing sex. It wasn't until several days later that Lauren admitted that she told Nick that they could maybe play poker again sometime.

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