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1st Email - My name is Lara. My husband's name is Danny, and in a few days I am going to cuckold him for the first time. I see that mostly men write here which is hot but I decided I wanted to take a stab at this. Besides, women make better writers (sometimes).

Some facts about us: We are in our mid-thirties, married for ten years, with two kids. For most of these years our sex life has been pretty conventional. Neither of us has had sex with anyone else since we've been together.

I should also mention a few facts about Danny. His penis is not small; it is quite adequate and has given me great pleasure. He is not a wimp. He is not a submissive person, except sexually, and then only sometimes. He does have something of a foot fetish and loves to worship my feet, which seemed odd at first but has come to really turn me on as well.

Over the last couple of years we have shared more of our fantasies and resolved to act on some of them. Danny has been telling me how he wants to watch me fuck another man. It has taken me a while to warm to the idea, but it has been a dozen years since I touched another man's cock, and the idea does excite me.

So, after a long period of just talking about it, we decided to make it happen. We met a guy named Jeff online and have been talking for several months. He lives in a town a few hours away from us. He is several years younger than us, in his late twenties.

Our plan is to meet Jeff in a bar near his town, have a few drinks, then migrate back to our hotel to spend the night. We don't know what is going to happen. We could still chicken out. For that matter, Jeff has never done this before and he could chicken out.

Assuming no one chickens out, we know that Jeff will fuck me and I will suck his cock. Danny will watch and we're not sure what else. I will of course also make sure that Danny gets a chance to demonstrate his love for my feet.

As it gets closer to the day, we are both shivering with excitement. Last night we talked about our plan while we fucked. Danny put his mouth to my ear and said "You can't wait till Jeff fucks your cunt!" at which point we both came violently.

2nd Email - So it happened. That day we were so excited we could hardly contain ourselves. As I mentioned we were meeting him in a city a few hours away. In the car on the way there I was shaking with anticipation.

About three quarters of the way there we stopped for a snack at a small roadside restaurant. As we were leaving the restaurant I asked Danny if he was really sure he wanted this. He told me he loved me and he couldn't wait for me to fuck Jeff.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him to a small wooded area behind the restaurant. I pulled down my jeans and squatted against a tree and said "Later Jeff is going fuck me. Right now you are." Standing behind me Danny fucked me hard and fast. He grabbed my hair and called me a dirty slut as we both came.

A few hours later we were in the bar waiting for Jeff. We had gone to our hotel first and checked in, showered and changed. I was dressed very differently than I dress at home, in a short skirt and a very low cut top, as Jeff had requested. On my feet I wore black high heeled pumps, with no hose, as a nod to Danny's love of my feet and legs. And to top it off, I was wearing no panties under my skirt.

Soon Jeff arrived. He looked even hotter than in his picture. Danny and I were sitting opposite each other in a booth. I waved to Jeff and gestured for him to sit down next to me. This was really awkward; my heart was beating a million beats per minute and my naked pussy was already getting wet under my skirt.

Jeff sat down and shook hands with Danny. Then without saying a word he leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. I had not kissed anyone but my husband in about twelve years. My lips parted and in seconds we were passionately making out, while Danny sat across from us and watched. As Jeff and I swapped spit in front of my adoring husband, I knew we had made the right decision.

So, there we were in the bar. It was quite surreal. Jeff and I sat next to each other, kissing and fondling each other, while Danny sat across from us. When Jeff came up for air, he and Danny bonded some by talking basketball. As I said it was surreal.

Incidentally I only had one drink so I could enjoy the encounter fully.

After awhile, I said "Let's go." The three of us rose from our booth and headed for our hotel room. The bar was next to the hotel so we only had to walk across a parking lot to reach it. On the way to the hotel room Jeff and I held hands and kissed while Danny walked a few feet behind us.

As soon as we entered our hotel room Jeff and I flung ourselves down on the bed and began to make out like horny teenagers. Our tongues wrestled while our hands got busy all over each other. I grabbed Jeff's crotch and felt his hard cock under his jeans.

This was the first cock besides Danny's that I had felt in many years, and how I wanted it. Jeff's hands were all over me, one went down my top and was tweaking my nipples, while the other was up my skirt and teasing my wet pussy lips. Danny just stood there not quite knowing what to do. I kicked off my shoes and ordered him to kneel at the foot of the bed and worship my feet.

We had gone through this in fantasy before, but now it was really happening. Jeff and I were passionately kissing, fondling each other all over, while my husband Danny knelt at the foot of the bed and lovingly kissed and licked my bare feet.

After a few minutes Jeff and I began to undress each other. Very quickly we were both naked. Danny remained clothed at the foot of the bed. I told Jeff "I want your cock!" and proceeded to worship it. I held it in my hands like a coveted prize, and began to lick along the shaft. It was as big as Danny's but I was more turned on simply because it was a new one. As I licked, I could feel Danny's tongue between my toes.

Then up to my clit and then somehow his cock was inside me and I lost my breath! It happened so fast and yet was amazing. He pumped me and made me cum within seconds and then I came again and again while Danny had my toes in his mouth and when Jeff finally came he smiled, got dressed and walked out.

Danny and I took a few minutes to realize what had just happened and we ended up fucking for the remainder of the night. It was awesome and I would suggest it to any happy couple.





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