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While running errands today, my wife unexpectedly gives a bull a second chance to redeem himself after a previous vanilla visit. Things went better for all this time...

So while she was out, she sends me a text, "Kinda ended up seeing somebody that I had seen before, but I got a kiss for you you might like!" When she got home shortly after she gave me the deepest kiss, just sucking as much of my tongue into her mouth as physically possible. There was a distinct hint of cum flavor to it. She explained that he had came in her mouth while she was deep-throating him, and if there was anything to taste it would likely be at the back of her throat.

"Can you taste it?" she asked. I kissed her deeply again like I was trying to reach back into time through her mouth and suck his dick myself. I squeezed her breasts while I was felating her tongue, and she moved my hands down to her crotch, and whispered in my ear, "He had me in all my holes." I looked at her taken aback. "All of them," she repeated. "I need to go wash off, I'm still a bit gooey from the lube."

"You're still lubed?" I asked dumbfounded.


I dragged her to the kitchen foyer (there were others in the house), I turned her around, she stuck out her ass demurely as I reached down the back of her pants, and ran my finger up her slickend ass-crack. I immediatly pulled down her pants and mine and tried to get my hard-on inside her. "Don't you get us caught," she told me. I came to my senses and recovered us both. "Upstairs. Now!" she whispered.

I went up first. She put away the things she'd picked up and joined me in the bedroom. We ripped off our clothes and she crawled onto the bed, ass up for my inspection. She was very wet and flushed. I wanted to eat her so bad but I couldn't hold back one second more and I mounted her. It's never like the pornos, is it? After a bit of awkward fumbling ("Here?" "No, too high." "Now?" "Nope, up a bit... there!") And for the first time in our 11 years together I'm balls deep in her gorgeous ass!

"He made some room for me I see." I said.

"He's not really that much bigger than you, sweety."

"What did you guys do?" I asked as I pounded her ass.

She told me that he laid her on the bed, gotten on top of her, and fucked her throat in 69.

"How did he taste?" I panted.

"Sweeter than you, baby!" she chided me as her ass puckered on my cock.

"Then he rolled me over like am now and fucked my pussy for a good while. Then he lubed me up and shoved his cock in my ass! How does it feel? Do like fucking me in the ass like he did? But you don't have to wear a condom like he did. Fucking cum in my ass, baby!"

I immediately have the longest lasting, most exquisite orgasm I've had in ages as I just flat-out ejaculate my soul into the woman I love's asshole. I collapsed next to her and catch my breath.

"Get my buzzer and finger my pussy, it's my turn!" she commands. I retrieve her electric lover and get to work on her g-spot as she stimulates herself to a couple of smaller orgasms. " I want my toy now!" I grab the little stainless steel Njoy wand we acquired recently and continued my manipulations of her clit from the inside. I felt my hand get hot and wet suddenly as the squishy sounds of her pussy increased in volume as it does when I know she's squirted. (Again, nothing like the pornos, her outer labia are very plump and plushy and, love them as much as I do, they annoyingly deny me a delightful face-gushing of semen.) Her whole body shakes as she has two more little orgasms instead of her usual one mega-gasm.

"I feel like there's one more big one there but I'm too fucking tired to keep going!" in spite of this she's smiling, satiated. We chat a bit and I kiss her passionately and tell her how much I love her. I return downstairs while she stays in the bed, "I'll be down in a minute." Then she friggs herself to two more orgasms after I'm gone.

I come back up stairs to check on her. She's had a shower and is laying on the bed flipping through dick picks of guys on her phone. "He's kinda like this one, but not as thin." she shows me a decent sized dick. "Hmm, now this one lives too far away but I'd bet you'd like it too if you could have it," she shows me a much bigger, thicker cock with a bulging mushroom head that any throat or ass would love to engulf, hers or mine!

"Goddamn it woman, you're trying to kill me aren't you?!"

"Whaaaat?!" she asks smiling. "Oh god, no! Again?" she's exasperated as I spread her legs open and dive onto her pussy, burrowing my tongue past her puffy pussy lips to her clit. She moans achingly as I feast. "No, I don't want to take another shower," she whines playfully. I keep eating. "Is my pussy still as pretty as you said it was our first time?" It's our "Fuckaversery" today. I answer her by growling and trying to swallow her entire cunt. But this ain't some made up story where we have sex four more times, We're fucking knackered. I reluctantly stop teasing her mellifluous muff and playfully spank her ass and go back downstairs to get back to work.

I'd say it was a good day.

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