My most Shameful Orgasm



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This is about my wife and I and who know's what. She was my third long term girlfriend and I knew I wanted to be with her forever. So after deciding I wanted to marry her we got engaged. I was crazy about her and wanted nothing else in the whole world. She was perfect. She was so hot, she gets wet off the thought of being naughty with or without my knowledge. She had a past of being a bit of a workplace slut and even fucking most of her ex boyfriends friends.

My perfect girl. I could never trust her for a second if she had even the slightest bit of temptation. We were currently living with my mum until our house application completed. She took herself off to work as she usually did in the morning, however this morning she was up early and applying make up and taking time doing her hair, I was immediately suspicious but decided not to say anything and kissed her goodbye as she left.

We spoke throughout the day via text but she was slightly off, something not quite right. She worked with two guys which I was obviously jealous about knowing her past and what she is like anyway, I mean it's one of the reasons I fell so hard for her. One of these guys was very persistent with her and even messaged her on her days off which got my back up. She always dismissed it and put it down to him, "just wanting to be mates."

Well this particular evening got especially difficult as it came to the time she would be leaving her work place which was roughly 20 miles away at around 4pm. I would often get a text around 4pm to say she would be on her way but not today. I left it for a while and tried to message her but got no reply, I was getting worried so I called her and it just rang through. Now I was angry and getting increasingly nervous. What was she doing why was she not answering.

All kinds of things was going through my mind by this point who was she with what was she doing that was so bad she couldn't talk. Minute after minute that went by the thoughts got more and more extreme and gut wrenching but my dick was getting harder and wetter. What if they finished work and went somewhere to fuck! I needed to cum, I couldn't concentrate properly, my head was rushing and my heart was pounding, could my wife really be doing this to me?

Sneaking around with the guy from work and letting him fuck her. Fuck I needed to cum again what is going on !!!!! That was twice in 10 minutes that the fucked up thoughts of my wife to be getting filled full of cum. Eventually after about an half an hour she called me back and gave me some story about having to stay late and that's why she couldn't answer. The look on her face told me otherwise. I wasn't buying it and she wasn't caring about convincing me in the slightest.

We sat in silence for most of the night until we got into bed and eventually she managed to pluck up the courage to tell me it was all a lie and she took him to his house which was over an hour away. She swore to me that she didn't fuck him but that they made out for an hour. At that she saw my face and then I couldn't hide my erection. It was the biggest it had ever been and hard as a rock. I was so ashamed of not being able to hide this reaction in me.

Her eyes grew big and she looked at me in surprise, and started stroking it, still unsure of what to do or what was going on. I wanted to be mad but all I could do was moan. As she stroked me she confessed she gave him a blow job and I exploded. She said that was all that happened. To this day she swears nothing more happened and I suppose I have to take her word for it. But cmon.

My best and most shameful moment in my life.

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