Wife Out on a Date Story


Hot Wife Kat - My wife Kat is awesome and a great sport. She'll do almost anything for me and I love her to death. I had no problems asking her to cuckold me at times and when she made sure it was something I really wanted she had no problems trying it out. Last week we went out to the movies. It was so stormy that we had to pull off the road and into a shopping center parking lot.

As we sat in the SUV waiting for the rain to subside she said that the night reminded her of one she had while out on a date with one of her online lovers that she failed to tell me - the event, not the date. (She knows what her telling stories does to me:-) )

When she and her date left the little club where they had been dancing and drinking the rain was pouring. So much so that the sundress she was wearing became soaked.

They started back toward his condo but the rain was just to heavy to be safe so thay pulled into a grocery store parking lot to wait it out. This was Kat's second date with this guy. The first date ended with a little making out in the car. Tonight she decided he would get a little more than that. It actually turned out to be a lot more.

Kat said he jokingly suggested that she get out of those wet clothes. She suprised him by pulling the sundress over her head and completely off leaving her in just a pair of bikini panties with a heart logo on them. The car had bucket seats so she crawled into the back seat and told him he should get out of his wet shirt and join her.

He did. Kat told me of how he started touching her with his hands and his mouth. He quickly made his way to her perky little titties. His hands and mouth alternated as he squeezed and rubbed one while he licked and sucked the nipple of the other. Soon his hand wandered down between her legs and caressed her pussy. At first outside the panties. Then his hand found its way into the panties and he began to finger her. While he was busy exploring her she was feeling his cock through his jeans.

As he continued to rub and finger her now soaking pussy she unsnapped his jeans and pulled the zipper down. She reached into his pants and pulled and squeezed his cock. She repositioned in the seat so that she was on her knees leaning over him as he reclined in the tight quarters of the car. Kat pushed his jeans and jockeys down to his ankles. She took his cock in her hand and began to slowly move her hand up and down. she pulled on the head a little and then would rub and squeeze his balls. All the while his hand is busy exploring her pussy.

She watched his cock as it twitched with excitement. His pre-cum was flowing from the tip. She squeezed and pulled his hard cock so that she could watch the clear liquid come out of the tip and run down to her hand.

She asked him if he was ready to cum on her titties. Kat lowered her mouth to his cock and ever so gently tongued the tip tasting his salty pre-cum. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft and then spent a few seconds gently licking and sucking his balls. Her hand still firmly but gently stroking his dick.

She leaned over a bit further and rubbed his wet cock on her nipples as her strokes became faster and faster. She held his cock against her little pink nipple as his hot cum pulsated onto her. She changed to a gentle squeezing and pulling of his cock and milked the last drops of cum from his dick.

The thick cum was all over her breasts and her hand. Her date sat motionless with eyes barely open staring at her naked cum covered tits. His hand still in her panties but still now. As he watched she lifted one of her cum covered nipples to her lips and tasted his juice. All he could mutter was "wow."

Kat sat back in her seat and decided to use her panties to clean up the sticky goo. She slipped them down her long legs. She wrapped the wet panties around his still firm young cock and cleaned the cum from it. Then she used the panties to wipe away the cum from her breasts and face.

The rain continued to pour outside the car. She decided since they were not going anywhere for a while to lean over into the young mans lap and start licking his cock. He was as hard as a rock again in just seconds.

Kat moved her now naked body on top of him. As she straddled his lap her hand reach down and guided his cock into her soaking pussy. Kat says she lost track of time. It seemed like she rode his hard dick forever. She came at least 4 times with his hard cock gliding in and out of her. Her date deposited his second load of cum into her pussy. After a few minutes rest she put the damp sundress back on and he returned her home.

As in her "story" the rain slowed down and we headed home. Kat is great at giving details! I knew about the fucking but not the bj she gave him beforehand. I love this lifestyle!!



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