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My wife (25 yo) and I (26 yo) have been married for a few years, and a couple of months ago she told me a story about how her and her best friend in her last year of high school at age 18 gave her boyfriend at the time a blowjob one night on the football field. I told her that it turned me on thinking of it, and she said that it was fun to do something so crazy, because she is normally so conservative.

A few days later I worked up the courage to ask here if she wanted to do that again. At first she thought that I meant that she give me a blowjob with a friend, but then I explained to her that I meant do it with the same guy. She didn't know what to say, and then she asked if I was ok with that. Of course I said it was fine, but I wanted to watch. Fast forward a couple of weeks. My wife had contacted her old boyfriend and asked if he would do her favor, and then explained in detail what the favor would be. He agreed and was over at our house a few days later, but my wife's friend wouldn't do it because she is engaged.

So my wife looked at me and said "I guess I'm going to have to do the work of two mouths by myself" Needless to say I about came in my pants. Her ex came over and my wife wasted no time, she ripped his pants off before he could even get the door shut behind him. I told him not to worry, and to enjoy himself. My wife seemed different. She was like a caged animal that just was released. What she forgot to tell me is that her ex was HUGE. He had a good 10 inch cock. No wonder she was so excited. As she was stroking and sucking his cock, she paused and looked up at me and said "watch me devour his cock".

She continued to work his cock for a minute or so and then looked at me again and said "you didn't think I was just going to suck him off did you" I told her she could do what ever she wanted with him, and before I could finish she was flipping around to 69 him. After a few more minutes of 69ing, he sat her on the edge of our couch and slid his massive cock into my wife's pussy. It didn't take her long to have a screaming orgasm. After she came a couple of times, she got off of his cock and told him "now its your turn".

She started to suck his cock again, and I mean she was sucking like there was no tomorrow. Pretty soon he started to moan and said he was going to cum, and my wife pulled his cock out of her mouth and jacked his cock off all over here face. I said that was awesome, and my wife snapped at me "he made me cum twice and I'm going to make him cum twice so sit down".

She started blowing him again, and after about 5 minutes of vigorous sucking he started to moan again, and once again my wife jacked his cock off like a pro all over her face and tits. The best part was right after he was done cumming for the second time my wife nashed her teeth and said "Its so juicy I just want to eat it" then she bit his cock a little. I told her the next day that I hope she is up for doing that again.

Then, a few days ago my wife asked me if I was ok with having her ex over again. She said she would love to make it a regular thing. I told her it sounded like a great idea. The only thing that sucks (besides my wife) is she won't let me tape it. I would love to show everyone on this blog how hot she is and how well she can handle this guy but she's not ready for that yet so we settld on these pictures. So anyway he was over last night.

This time they both go fully undressed before they got started. They went right to the 69. As he lapped my wife's pussy, she almost couldn't take it. she was shaking and shuddering and couldn't even focus on sucking his cock. She soon gained her composure and made eye contact with me, smiled and then looked down at his rod and said here we go. She plowed is cock into her mouth and applied some great suction. He couldn't help but stop eating my wife out and let out a sudden moan.

My wife worked her slobbering mouth up and down his shaft, and every ten seconds or so would pop her mouth off of his cock and give him a few good strokes with her hand. A few minutes of that and he stopped eating her again and yelled "oh god I'm gunna cum" that just made my wife speed up. She was sucking and pumping whith her hands and her mouth and just when his body started to twitch, she stopped bobbing up and down and just stayed on his head lick a vacuum, and stroked his load out with her hand. She swallowed all of his cum, and then sat down on his cock and I could see my wife's pussy slowly engulf every last inch of it.

They screwed in a couple of different positions for about 15 minutes and he made my wife cum three times before he finally pulled out and let my wife do the rest. And she sure knew what to do. She started to stroke his pussy soaked cock like a jackhammer, and after about 20 seconds of my wife's little hand punishing his cock, his eyes rolled back into his head and he shot the biggest load I've ever seen all over my wife's face.

I didn't think it was going to stop. It was one spurt of cum after another and he was shooting with force. Since they were so messy they decided to take a shower and I was invited. Lucky we have a big stand up shower with seats on both ends of it. I sat on one end of the shower and watched my wife lather up her ex with soap.

He got hard again and she said "well I guess I'll have to fix that" She started to stroke his lathered up cock and I started to stroke mine.....he looked over at me jerking off and laughed, "you must really enjoy watching this" After what seemed like 20 minutes of my wife jacking his cock, he blew his load again. This time it was much less. He said he would come over again next week, I'll keep working on my wife with the video taping.

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