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Been having some really strange times lately with my mrs. We've been married 6 years, together 12. Healthy and happy times in the bed and life. Met in high-school, so we were both each other's firsts and onlys. My mind has been up and down about this for days now... I'm half devastated and half extremily turned on by this all... It's kind of a relief to find a blog like this where I'm not thinking I'm a total freak for kinda liking the situation I'm in.

All started about two weeks back, while chatting away we came to a discussion about having a one-off fling, to spice up the relationship. Simply go out one night, fuck around, then come back to each other with stories that'll apparently last a lifetime. I was intrigued, I knew it could cause a lot of problems, but just the idea of being inside another woman with my wife's blessing was incredibly hot, so I said "YES!!!" straight away.

I guess it didn't hit me until the next day that it meant someone would be inside my wife too...

Two days later were chatting and she abrutly announced she'd organised her "fling". I was like "WTF?!" cause it was only 2 days since our talk, and I eventually got it out of her that she had a guy in mind all along, and they'd been flirting and talking about organising something like this for a month or so. Added to this, she wouldn't tell me who it was.

It goes without saying I was pissed off. We yelled a bit, but she was steadfast in saying that the deal was on, and no backing out.

I moped around for a few days with her pressuring me to organise my end, and eventually I cracked. After another email to my work bugging me to get something organised for THAT Friday night (last week), I made up a story that I had a date with the new secretary at work. She was a fresh faced teenager, straight out of high school. Barely 18, cute as a button, friendly and someone completely out of my league... But it's the only card I could play for some peace.

My wife was ecstatic for me! Quite hot for her to act the way she did. I got all the "why couldn't you be this happy for me when I got a guy" comments for the next few days. I'd really tried to make her jealous and back out of the deal, but it looked like I'd screwed myself totally.

Friday came around, I went to work and I was completely mind fucked. I left work a little early, smiled to our little office secretary and made my way home.

My girl was getting ready, I suited up, we kissed each other goodbye, me with worrying frown, her with a beaming smile. She said to be home by midnight. I hit the road to waste an evening with myself at around 6pm. She was being picked up at 7, I thought against my thoughts to spy on them, and just went to grab some dinner, see a movie and walked along the scenic beach route in our city.

Around midnight, after the longest 6 hours of my life, I made my way home. As soon as I saw the car, I knew I should've booked a hotel room. It was my fucking BOSS! A 42 year old married guy who treats me like shit, and she knew it! He was scruffy and slightly overweight, now HIS car was in MY driveway! It made sense though, she met at the office Xmas party a few months before. So it fit the timeline. She said he was "OK" and I "should stop moaning about him" after the party. He obviously made a good impression on her.

I drove past our place and parked two doors down. I walked in to our house through the backdoor and moved into the living room. Our bedroom was attached to the room and I could see and hear everything. She was completely naked and trying to get him dresed and out of there. Unfortunately for her, she was giggling and looking a little tipsy, so he was easily feeling her up, sucking her tits and taking his time... on MY bed.

I snuck into the corner of our living room and ducked behind the lounge. The room was dark enough to hide me in the shadows, while giving me a huge view of the action:

"Oh my god, are you hard AGAIN?" she said.

"Of course I am, look at you!" he fired back. And he's right. See the pics for yourselves.

"But we've already done it twice, and he'll be home soon!"

"I don't care about him," he argued while pulling down his pants again. That's when I felt the hurt most, she giggled, and his cock fell out of boxers... 9 inches. She looked up at his face biting her lower lip.

"OK then, but listen out he'll be back soon."

If this was all a competition, my 6 inches was obviously no match...

She sucked him off with him standing next to the bed, and her kneeling on the floor. 5 minutes later, he picked her up so she was kneeling on the edge of the bed and he slipped into her doggy style. The noises started out as wincing, painful groans, but it only took a minute till her sex screaming started. Now, our sex lives were good, but I had never heard anything like this before... I was devasted. She came 3 times in the next 10 minutes.

"Are you close, are you close?" she asked him.

"What do you have in mind, cheater?" he called her.

"Do it on my face, cum all over my face, I'll rub it in so he doesn't notice and make him kiss me when he gets home." It was the hottest thing I have ever heard, despite it obviously being so humiliating. My mind was like a washing machine.

My boss pulled out, my wife scooted down the edge of bed. She closed her eyes, smiled and let him jerk off on her face... if this was the third fuck of the night, then I'd hate to have seen the first two loads. It dripped down her chin onto her tits and when she giggled again she spat out even more onto her chin.

All of a sudden she seemed to go into a trance. She collected as much of the cum as she could she wiped it all over her face. My boss was laughing hysterically at the thought. "Don't you think he'll notice?!?" And his laugh was so fucking annoying.

"He'll be more pissed off if he found out it was you" was her response.

As they dressed, I scooted out the back door and sat in our garden. 20 minutes later I heard them down the side of our house saying their goodbyes.

I gave her another 20 minutes, then moved the car into our driveway. I walked in the front door and she was still up. She'd only had time to straighten the bed really. She was, of course, beaming from ear to ear and she wrapped her arms around me. All I could do was kiss her. We tongued for about 2 minutes straight and yes, his saltiness was very evident.

I pucked my lips afterwards and she shyly giggled knowing I'd tasted him. She looked over at the mantle and the clock had 1:45am on it. She said I was late, and demanded to know what I got up to.

All I could do was lie... I said I fucked her little brains out until she hurt.... she loved it. She also flat-out refused to tell me about her night, even saying she fucked him at HIS place and was home at 2 hours earlier.

"You better call her tomorrow and make sure she's ready for round 2 next weekend then, cause I've got a real taste for this flinging now."

I was devasted but hooked.





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