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So, you want another man to fuck your wife or girlfriend? If she needs something more than you can offer her and you are humiliated by that, it makes you a cuckold. If it just makes you horny as hell, but doesn't have a humiliation aspect, she's a hot wife, and you are just a kinky dude. That's my understanding at least.

I had a young woman respond to an ad I placed a week or so ago saying I sounded exactly like what she and her boyfriend were looking for. I am a 6'4" tall 220lb masculine man with a thick 8" cock and a nice body. I know you'd rather see pictures of her so that's what I'll send in.

After texting back and forth with her, we arranged to meet that night at their house. We all three talked on the front porch for a bit and discussed limits. Boyfriend said he really wanted me to cum in her pussy, and the only thing off limits was any kind of spanking/smacking or anal. She agreed and said what she really wanted was to make out with me hot and heavy on the couch in front of him, then lead me upstairs to bed.

That's basically how it went down. We kissed passionately. I grabbed her tits and ass, and pulled her onto my lap. She rubbed my cock through my jeans and pinched my nipples. I stuck my thumb in her mouth and made her suck it deep.

Boyfriend was rubbing his cock the whole time and obviously getting very arroused. She led both of us upstairs and told her boyfriend to get on his knees in front me and "get that cock ready for me"! He pulled down my pants and jerked my cock several times while she kissed me. He even took my dick in his mouth and sucked for a few minutes.

I pulled her shirt and bra off and buried my face in her titties. He nipples were rock hard. She grabbed boyfriend by the hair and gagged him on my cock, then said, "now get my pussy ready". I sat on the edge of the bed as she bent over, sucked my cock and let him bury his tongue in her from behind.

She deepthroated me like a pro, then straddled my dick and slowly slid down on it. "Lick his balls", she told him as she bounced on my cock. She ground hard on me and came very quickly the first time. She ordered him to lick her juices off me as she laid back and watched.

He then said, "please make her happy", so I buried my tongue in her pussy and sucked her clit until she had another screaming orgasm. I then ran my tongue up her body, locked eyes with her (she had GORGEOUS green eyes) and slid my cock inside her. I heard him gasp as she arched her back and let out a purr.

"Oh god" she moaned, "he fucks me so good. Why don't you fuck me like this?"

I lifted her legs up on my shoulders and buried my cock to the hilt. With long slow strokes I pushed her closer and closer to the edge. She told him, "get up here beside me where you can see his cock in my pussy, and play with my tits".

She came again and said, "I'm going to suck my cum off his dick and you're going to watch". I slid out of her dripping pussy and she dropped to her knees in front of me. He sat staring as she grabbed my balls in one hand, jerked the shaft of my dick with the other and proceeded to give me a sloppy blowjob.

After a few minutes I couldn't hold back anymore and told her, "I'm going to cum". She threw herself back on the bed, pulled me on top of her and I thrust my cock into her at the same time we locked in a passionate kiss. After just two or three thrusts, the floodgates opened and I had an enormous orgasm. She screamed, "oh fuck me baby. God I can feel your hot cum pumping inside me".

I slowed and eventually stopped. She was still grinning ear to ear as I rolled off her and she pulled him between her legs. He slid his dick into that sloppy pussy and after just a few seconds he was cumming too.

She pushed him off her and said, "See you are too fast, and didn't even make me cum. He made me cum 5 times. Now, clean up your mess". He proceeded to lick my cum and his out of her pussy while she stroked my cock and kissed me. She then ordered him to lick me clean.

We were all spent, and all quite happy. I look forward to meeting with them again.





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