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My wife and I met a new bull and I still can't stop thinking about it! We ALL know how hard it is to find a good bull, so imagine getting two!

Chris already knows Jenn's snatch inside and out. He's been my go-to bull since our wedding night. So imagine my surprise when he asks if his friend can join in too. He explains that his friend is a serious bondage master which is a kink me and wifey have never gotten into. I tell Chris I don't feel comfortable with the prospect (secretly I am elated!), but he is a professional bull with almost two decades of experience. If he tells me something, his word is gospel to me.

I meet Alex for the first time. He's a tall, slender man who dresses like a thug, but don't be mistaken; this is a full-time BDSM pro who takes what he wants, when he wants it. Jenn is just another hole to him - a cum repository.

He has a bag full of equipment with him: straps, a PVC suit (it didn't quite fit her) and the obvious ball gag (she already knows when to be quiet for her bull, but she's going to need her mouth for something else this night hehe...). I had purchased a brand new bustier and lacey black panties for myself earlier in the day. I still can't believe the idea came to fruition within 24 hours!

Jenn waits on the bed. I know she's excited, yet nervous. She has never been a sub before. Even with Chris she knows how to take control in the bedroom.

I start with my old trusty bull and this mysterious new stranger in the en suite. I prep my bulls really good, Alex looked to be almost 8", even bigger than Chris as well as more girth. I suck Chris while I jerk Alex off and then vice-versa. Now they're ready to give my wife a bruising she'll never be able to forget.

Jenn is still waiting for her master to come to bed. When we walk in the room I take my front row seat to my own private show (she even stares me in the eye during the entire event because Alex has eye contact restrictions on her, as I said Alex is a tenured dom!). She's down on all fours because she knows she's a dog. The boys, still hard from my prep, got right into it! No foreplay, no lube, nothing. In that moment while she stared me in the eyes she knew her purpose on the earth was to be but a slut for Bulls while I watched.

They take the gag out of her mouth and take turns pig-roasting her. She's SCREAMING as her pussy is getting stretched by a foreign cock but it's muffled as she deepthroats our loyal bull. I think it is the hottest thing I have ever witnessed. My cock was probably the hardest it's been in my whole life. You know when you get so hard the base ring on your chastity cage starts slipping off? It was definitely one of those moments for me! I swore at her during a disagreement we had earlier in the week and she had me on a month sentence. I wanted to touch myself so much during this, however Jenn enforces her rules like a police officer, if I did and she caught me doing it the punishment for me is normally another 10 days in the cage.

She's still staring at me as the boys now alternate positions, and Alex takes her mouth instead. As he's about to put his cock in, he makes a quick glance at me. He goes for his bag and grabs the straps (I kept wondering when they were going to come into play!) and he does something unexpected. He doesn't bind Jenn's arms and feet, but mine instead! My arms are tied behind my back and my legs are forced into a kneeling position. While tying me up Chris is still pounding away at her cunt, which is visibly dripping wet now even though they went in dry. If he was me I would have nutted minutes ago but he has the stamina of a marathoner, and is a self-professed edge-master. After I'm bound Alex goes for his bag again. What does he have planned now? He reaches in and grabs a bottle of KY, a BIG butt plug and the ball gag.

You should have seen the look on Jenn's face when he pulled it out! He didn't even mention to us beforehand that he had it, I guess he wanted to surprise us and give us the full BDSM experience.

There's something you need to understand about Jenn as well. She doesn't really do anal. She said afterwards that she had a feeling it was going to happen, but she typically only does anal if she's putting on a show with a bull (she even gave me an extra week of chastity for not warning her about the plug afterwards; why can't I just keep my mouth shut?! ;-) ). Her asshole is actually way too tight to fit anything into a lot of the times she tries it. She's practiced with a smaller plug before to try and loosen herself up, but she has to be in the perfect state of mind to not get the gut-instinct response of clenching her sphincter.

So Alex covers his plug in KY and goes in like half an inch at the time, and she manages to root the thing after a minute! Maybe she was just so horny from the rough sex, or maybe her mind was a bit preoccupied with the other cock in her pussy.

After loosening her up a bit the boys change positions again. It's a bit of a process but they get in the perfect position for a DP session with her. They went for close to 7 or 8 minutes like this, alternating holes once. To me and Jenn I feel like those 8 minutes felt like over an hour, especially because we're just staring each other in the eyes the whole time while I'm bound and she's gagged. As Alex pulls out to give her ass a little break, I hear the oh-so-familiar sound that I've come to know and love: Chris is about to climax. Impeccable timing too, as I got Alex's attention again and he grabbed me and moved me closer to the bed - my purpose was to devour the cream-pie. Alex held me by the hair on the back of my head as he forced my face into my wife's moist little snatch, and he made me get every last drop.

Alex rubbed himself out while he did this and nutted on my wife's face shortly after. I was then unbound, removed the gag from Jenn and her limp, used body just collapsed on the bed from the absolute poundings she took. Her eyes are bloodshot from deepthroating, eyeliner running down her cheeks, her pussy is raw and red, and her face is now dripping with saliva and Alex's seed.

My wife was completely and utterly destroyed by two thick cocks for the first time in our lives and I got to watch every perfect second of it. In that moment I was in complete euphoria. The bull's went to wash up in the bathroom while I sat in silence in the bedroom with Jenn's used body.

I've been thinking about it all week and keep reminding myself how great it is being a cuck. I would NEVER in my life be able to please her in the way these men did. It is impossible to complete. These two are complete professionals in the art of sex. I knew Chris was good already, but even Alex as a new man with a new partner whom is still learning my wife's body, he managed to handle her like a tenured bull (and although Alex is big in the BDSM scene, imagine our surprise when he told us this was his first time being a bull!).

Jenn's been texting Alex everyday since last week. On Monday I'm dropping her off at his apartment and he's trying to get a different friend to be a third this time. I'm not going to go and watch, for one because Alex's friend is apparently a little more vanilla and I feel like I would like to ease him into the cuck and bull lifestyle and let him get a feel for my wife before I freak him out by being there (and I'm not going to be able to resist the urge to prep a new bull, AND I don't know how he feels about sissies.)

She's gonna try to let me listen in on the phone when she goes. Who knows, if I'm lucky she might even let me take off the cage for the night. (Jenn, I know you're reading this by the way so let me take off this stupid cage! ;-) )

I am living the cuckold dream right now. It took so much work, trust and preparation to have a wife that loves and cares for me more than anything and at the same time is willing to be used by brand new partners and try out new kinks just for me. She is a diamond in the rough. Finding a partner so willing and open-minded about cuckolding, big cock AND BDSM is no easy task. But I sure can't wait til it happens again.

J & J




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