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About my wife and I. Our relationship has seen many twists and turns, as much as you would expect from a 27 year marriage. It all started for us when we met really. I was an average looking skinny guy and she was a stunning chick with a body that turned heads. I was an 18 yo virgin and she (Jeanna) was 19 with experience w 4 guys. She was dating a 20 year old guy off and on and once we got together that was it for him. We were so in love with each other and I lied and told her about all these girls I had been with which opened the door for her to tell me about her lovers.

I was always turned on even then hearing about it, especially what her older bf did that really turned her on. The truth of my lack of experience came out eventually, and while it didn't end the relationship, she stopped sharing details of her previous lovers.

Within a year of of her high school graduation we were married and being as young as we are, with a young family, any conversation of her w/ other men was dormant for a good 12 years.

My wife turned 30 in 2017 and I always thought she was a beautiful woman but she had her doubts in herself. Our family had grown and we settled into a comfortable life of work, little league, and doing the things a young family will do. Still, many times when I was with her I would tell her during pillow talk how much I want to see her with another man, or if she could go back who she would want to be with again. One time she told me about an older gentleman (45) she had some college classes with and even came to our home to study when she was in her early 20's. Nothing happened but she said he always turned her on. She told me of a night when things got pretty personal between them and she found herself kissing him. She said she wanted more, and was torn about cheating, but he told her he really wanted to but couldn't play a part in causing problems in our marriage. That was the last time he came over to study with her.

In the fall of 2017, as a joke, I suggested she run an ad on a personals website from the approach of being a married woman. She thought I was crazy and said that no man is going to answer an ad of a married woman. We talked about it a few days, even surfed the ads, when she finally said, "what the hell" and together we sat down and wrote the ad. The next day she had 114 replies. She was floored. We even had replies from guys she knew and were married to friends of hers (we didn't use a pic ).

She had a good time going through the results and was nice enough to respond to mostly all of them with a quick "thanks but no thanks". She even toyed with the few married ones she knew and asked, "What would your pretty wife (wife's name) think about this?" There were three though that intrigued her. They were attractive, local, and wrote enough of an intelligent response to cause her to reply. Just her replying to these guys caused our marriage to really heat up.

Just her communicating with these guys caused her to wonder "can I do this?". Eventually she settled on 1 guy and we met him for drinks at a local bar. Pete seemed like a good guy, was our age, and seemed totally chill with being with a married couple. She met him one more time alone and finally we had an open night in which he invited him back to our house. I would like to say things went great but Pete got a severe case of stagefright and despite all of my wife's efforts, just could not rise to the occasion. He also was less than truthful about his size which my wife said wasn't a deal breaker but she wanted to be with someone at least my size.

While we were disappointed, for the next couple of years my wife availed herself to the lifestyle. We tried a few different websites and she would settle on one guy each time. The 2nd and 3rd guy we met were a lot like Pete, great chemistry until the moment of reckoning came. Each had stage fright issues and were lacking physically. Jeanna was prepared to give up on the whole hotwife thing as she had come away from each experience frustrated.

Finally, the 4th guy she met, Michael, was able to back-up his confidence and she had a great experience with him. We found that she was able to relax more, as were they, when I wasn't in the room. While certainly not how I expected it to go, I agreed and found that I would get more turned on hearing my wife describe everything then I would actually being there.

Michael though seemed really down with the whole thing and on several occasions insisted that I be included. This made for some awesome times.

We would go to his house and he would ask me if I could give them some warm-up time before I joined them. He put a video on for me to watch and then took her by the hand into his bedroom and closed the door. I was going nuts waiting for this 9 minute video to be over. When I finally entered the bedroom I saw an amazing site, my wife was on her back, legs in the air, and Michael was fully inside her. I could see her juices had gathered around his balls which were slapping her ass.

I could hear my wife moaning as he fucked her wet pussy. This was the first time I saw another man inside my wife and I was mesmerized with it. He was long and thick and knew what he was doing as evidenced by her deep moans. My eyes met with my wife's and she reached out to take my hand. I held her hand as Michael fucked her deep. Michael rolled her over onto all fours and my wife immediately took me in her mouth. I was amazed at the ease of which she seemed to know exactly what to do.

Michael continued to fuck her hard and I remember him telling me, "You're a lucky man Alex, Jeanna is amazing". I just smiled down at her and said "I know". Michael fucked her harder and slapped her ass and came inside my wife.

He collapsed on the bed and my wife rolled over and told me, "I want you," and I immediately climbed on top of her. I still remember how hot and wet she was and it didn't take me long til I came inside her.

Jeanna continued to see Michael alone every couple of weeks for about 4 months until it came to an end. That's it for now. Hopefully we can do more as time goes on.

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