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Hey. I have always been turned on by cuckolding and cuckolding videos but never thought I'd actually do it myself. My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years. We've got a pretty good relationship but as with most couples our sex life has reached that point we just do the same things repeatedly. A few weeks ago while watching a movie that had a swinger scene in it I threw in the comment, "Imagine actually doing that," which to my amazement she replied, "It would need to be a classy one." I almost froze with excitement and shock. That night we started having our usual sex with my girlfriend starting on top. As she was rubbing her clit up and down my cock to get wet, out of nowhere she started chatting about the swinging scene and did it turn me on, then on to would I like watching another guy inside her. She must have been keeping the same feelings as I had as her pussy was dripping within seconds. We had pretty good sex and after we started chatting about what we had spoken about. One thing led to another and before I knew it we were looking online for guys that my girlfriend could chat to. Most people seem to take quite a long time to find a guy that suits them but we got a perfect one within minutes. He lived close by, seemed fairly normal and to my surprise my girlfriend had chosen a guy that from his pictures seemed to have an enormous cock.

The online chat went on for a couple of weeks before we decided to make it happen. At this stage it was confirmed this guy's cock was indeed very big as he'd taken pics for us with it next to deodorant cans etc. We decided on the next Saturday night, the lead up was incredible. On the Friday my girlfriend went to get her bottom half completely waxed. That night when she took her clothes off she looked incredible, I was desperate to have sex with her but we decided neither of us could cum for the week leading up to the Saturday night.

The Saturday came and she got herself ready quite early. Her black hair straightened down to just past her shoulders, make up perfect with a short, tight black dress and a matching pink bra and thong. She looked amazing. The door bell went so I done the guy thing and answered it. Stood in front of me was a 6"3 we'll built guy. He had dark jeans, tight black t-shirt and smart slip on boots. I led him through to the sofa room where my girlfriend was already sitting waiting. They shared a hello on first glance but kind of awkwardly sat down. We all chatted for a awhile while having a couple of drinks to settle the nerves before my girlfriend said, "So will we just do this then?" and got up from next to me and walked over to sit next to this guy. This was the first moment I felt that strange feeling you can't explain but the overwhelming feeling was very much excitement.

They started kissing softly leading to long passionate kisses. The guy was the first to let his hands wander as he rubbed and squeezed her tits. My girlfriend then moved her hand down towards his trousers and started softly squeezing what must have been his cock. She started to unzip his trousers which she was having a little trouble with so he quickly stood up and pulled his own trousers and underwear off. His cock was rock solid and even bigger than I imagined. My girlfriend looked almost shocked at the realisation of the size and said, "That is too big," before looking over at me in a kind of genuine look of unsure, then she said, "I'll try but it's so big," before letting out a nervous laugh. He then knelt down on the carpet with my girlfriend still on the sofa and pulled her dress up slowly to reveal her pink thong. He started kissing her legs and thighs before kissing her pussy through the thong until finally pulled it to the side and started licking what I could already see was a dripping wet pussy. She was loving it from the very start and quickly started moving her hips in line with his tongue. This went on for about 20 minutes before she sighed, "Lets go up stairs."

We all went up stairs. My girlfriend still in her dress however now without any thong on and the guy now just wearing his t-shirt which came off on entering the bedroom. I sat in the corner as my girlfriend lay on her back and they kissed, he moved down to lick her pussy again but within a couple of minutes she was pulling him up like she wanted more. Her dress was hitched up to her waist and he was completely naked as he started rubbing his enormous cock against her pussy lips and clit. He looked over at me and asked for a condom. You could really tell how girthy his cock was as the condom was struggling to roll down his shaft. He finally had it on before moving between my girlfriend's already wide spread legs and glistening pussy. I can't even begin to describe what it was like watching his enormous cock's head touching her pussy opening for the first time.

I was still unsure if they would have sex though as she hadn't seemed too sure when she first seen how big it was. They were having fun but his cock wasn't going anywhere so I suggested I get some lube. The guy went down to lick her pussy again while I handed him the lube and he proceeded to put some on her pussy lips and on his finger. He'd obviously done this before as soon his fingers were sliding in and out of her much more easily. As he moved up she grabbed his cock before looking at me and saying "Should we just take this off?" My girlfriend and I never use condoms anymore but this wasn't something we had spoken about before but in the heat of the moment and almost frozen I said, "yeah sure." He was saying are u both sure but u could tell he was loving the idea. My girlfriend pulled it off revealing his enormous bare cock again. They moved into missionary position again but this time his lubed up cock meeting her lubed pussy. Everything happened much easier. It still took slow thrusts but quickly his huge cock was all the way inside my girlfriend. I actually couldn't believe her pussy could take it.

Now before I go on to tell the next part of the story I should tell, for our entire 3 years together she has only ever cum from being on top, my cock in her pussy and her grinding her clit against me while slowly moving up and down.

Once inside the guy started going faster to which my girlfriend grabbed him and said "stop, stop." I thought it was over at this stage but quickly and to my surprise she followed it with, "do it slow, it feels nice when it's slow." So he started thrusting in and out slowly, pulling his cock about half out before thrusting back in slowly. Next happened something that will stay with me forever, after no more than 2-3 minutes of this slow missionary sex and without any warning my girlfriend burst into a huge orgasm that lasted what seemed ages. She seemed to me really sensitive and said to the guy in a quivering laughter, "Take it out take it out." Rather than take it out the guy started thrusting faster and faster. My girlfriend is usually quite quiet during sex which was shown during the lead up to this session but the mixture of her after orgasm sensitivity and his huge cock had her sighing and moaning without any control. She was very quickly loving every minute of it far more than we ever have. He flipped her over into doggy style where she had her second orgasm in about 10 minutes. I knew she was loving every minute of it as was he but I couldn't help but feel overcome with a little jealousy of how good they were feeling and how I had never managed to get this reaction from my girlfriend.

She needed to recover from the doggy style orgasm so pulled herself off and pushed him down before climbing on top of him and just sitting there getting her breath for a minute or 2. When she started riding him it was clearly now just complete enjoyment from his huge cock for both. They had sex in this position for about 5 minutes before he moved her back into missionary but with him kneeling above her and holding her legs high in the air. I had a perfect view of his cock sliding in and out of her until he had what sounded like a huge orgasm inside her, which they both loved.

I was so turned on at this stage as she lay there legs spread and pussy dripping with wetness, lube and cum I moved over to have my turn. The guy took my seat catching his breath as I put my cock inside her. She was so loose and lubed it was crazy but it felt amazing, I said to her to ride me but she said, "You just fuck me like this." Within about 2 minutes I had cum a weeks built up load inside her.

It was at this point all the built up feelings sort of left and as amazing as it was to watch I felt strange knowing how much pleasure this guy had given her. My girlfriend pulled the bed sheets over her and lay there in her happiness while the guy was still sitting naked on the chair, so I said I was going to go for a shower. I went to get a towel from the cupboard down stairs but when I came back he was in bed with her under the sheets. It didn't look like they were doing anything but it almost felt like I had caught her cheating. I don't know if it was down to the fact I had just cum or what but I just numbly laughed and walked into the bedroom's bathroom. The whole time in the shower I couldn't help but wonder what was going on, I turned the shower off dried off a little, opened the door and there greeting me was this guy laying in our bed hands behind his head and the bed sheets bobbing up and down as my girlfriend was clearly sucking his cock. I'm not sure why but I turned away to brush my teeth and when I was done and back in the bedroom the sheet was moved away so I could see my girlfriend sucking on his cock. I couldn't help but watch as he started twitching and finally said "I'm gna cum" to which she pulled away and gave him a handjob over his stomach.

We all got clothed and finished after this but my girlfriend is already talking about doing it all again. It was a huge turn on but almost crossed the line into what felt like cheating and she maybe enjoyed it too much.

The more time passed I realized I was getting more and more turned on by what happened. I thought about talking to my girlfriend about how I felt but the way I felt was actually turning me more and more on. The thought of her craving his cock again was pretty amazing. So I decided on a plan B. I spoke to my girlfriend about how it wasn't as much of a turn on as soon as I had cum. So rather than talk about my insecurities I led the conversation into using the cock cage we had bought months ago but never used. I hadn't cum since last Tuesday when we put it on yesterday morning. We agreed for the guy to come over last night and that I couldn't cum no matter what until next weekend.

I know there will be people who say this will just make the situation worse in the long run but it has made this situation the biggest turn on I could ever have hoped for. Again my girlfriend was perfectly shaven looking unreal and decided to wear a denim mini skirt and white tight top. When we were chatting about how it should go this time I admitted a little how it felt like I was left out and was watching a couple together last time but it really turned me on after.

So we decided to play on this and this time we all watched a movie in the TV room. Me on one sofa, fully clothed and staying that way the entire time. Then my girlfriend and the guy on the other sofa with a cover over their bodies so I couldn't see what was happening beneath. It was such a turn on straight away. The guy lay back arms over the back of the sofa and she curled into one of his arms and chest. Unlike the first time there was no nervous hesitation, within 10 mins of the movie starting they were passionately kissing.

I heard a soft sigh from her then more and more as it was obvious he had moved his hand between her legs. She was obviously enjoying it as she wasn't doing anything to him as far as I could tell. Then I heard the unmistakable noise of his jeans button pop and like the first time he pushed his jeans and underwear all the way off to the floor, as did my girlfriend with her thong. They were kissing and although hands were beneath the sheet I could tell he was touching her pussy and she was rubbing his cock. I was aching to cum at this point. I moved closer as they kissed and pulled the sheet off to see his massive cock in her hand. I got on my knees to look closer at her pussy which was so wet it was unreal.

As I got closer she moved on top of him and once again his cock was inches from her pussy. If anyone has any turned on thoughts about watching their wife or girlfriend with someone else, this is the position that fulfills all your fantasies. My face was about the length of a chocolate bar from them, I watched with an almost trembling nerve as I seen her very, very wet pussy lower slowly onto his cock. She had to go slow as his cock is so thick but soon she was all the way in.

I could actually hear the slurps as it pushed in more and more. Then as she slowly started to rise up and down, watching as his cock got more and more wet from her pussy was just something I can't describe. She had an orgasm like the first time within a couple of minutes but this time I was so close I could see her pussy contracting around his cock. We moved it up to the bedroom again and I proceeded to watch as they both came again and again. He managed 3 times. Twice inside her pussy and once over her tits. In almost a complete reversal from the first time. I found that the sexiest part was just as I would watch the guy cum as I was so desperate for it to be me but once it was done I still had that feeling.

A much more successful night and I've still not cum. Anyone who is unsure this is definitely the way to do it.





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