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So. We went out for a meal, the three of us, to a top restaurant and it was very nice. My wife's boyfriend then insisted on paying, which made me feel bad because I'd said she couldn't sleep over at his place if he was still refusing to allow pics and videos which he is hesitant to do - it was part of our initial cuckold talk rules and so we are sticking tightly to our agreement.

In actual fact, I was bluffing.

I thought I'd see if they capitulated at some point. The only pictures I ever received are ones you can see here, and that's after many many sessions of them being together, so not much for me to wank to. After the meal, I drove us all round to his house. He asked if we wanted to come in for a drink. At this point I realised that my bluff had been called as, if we'd said no, we'd have dropped him off and come home. I would have an unhappy, unfucked wife, and no pics or texts, and almost certainly no fuck for me. We went in, and while he made coffee in the kitchen I said she could stay over if she wanted and I wouldn't insist on photos.

I thought at least I'll get text accounts like last time and maybe get to fuck her cum-filled, swollen pussy. Anyway, we drank our drinks, and we were sitting there in his living room. They were on the three seater, I was at right angles to them on the two seater. He had his hand on her thigh, which excited me, but there was an awkward silence. It was like they were waiting for me to get out of there, so they could fuck. I said "right, I'll be off,"' but she played dumb, for the benefit of her boyfriend.

I explained that I'd been "having a wobble" because I felt out of the loop, etc, but that it'd be ok. He said, "Thanks, that's cool." So, we arranged how she'd get back in the morning, and I left. She kissed me at the door, but then went in and didn't wave me off. She always waves him off when he leaves ours, so I felt hurt, second place. I never wanted to be a cuck, I'm not into eating other men's sperm out of her cunt - in fact the thought makes me gag a little, but this was our agreement.

I have fucked her with his cum inside her many times, and I love that, but in my mouth? No. She gets super turned on by the idea. So I don't see myself as a cuck, and yet, two years or so into my quest to morph her into a hotwife, and I'm displaying behaviour of a cuck, and being treated as one - with disdain and disregard.

I texted her as I drove home, saying, "Can't believe you didn't wave me off," but five minutes later, no reply. This pissed me off so I texted, "Jesus, no answer. I bet you were fucking before I got past the chip shop!" Still nothing.

I got home and started playing on the Xbox. She evidentiary replied saying she'd gone straight to bed. Yeah right. Anyway I said it was ok, but an hour later it was still eating me up. I texted her again. "I'm sorry, I can't stand it. Can I come and get you?" It was 01:15 by now. No reply. I stayed up all night. Just couldn't sleep. Anyway, she came in around 6am. As she got into bed, I noticed she was wearing different underwear.

She went out last night, wearing the black, strappy, sexy panties he bought her for her birthday, but she was wearing the fun, Wonder Woman panties now (which he bought her for Christmas). She snuggled in to my chest and apologised doggie bit replying, saying she was long asleep by 01:15. Then she turned her back to me and we spooned.

I was rock hard, despite the hollow feeling in my gut. She pushed her ass back into by hard cock, and I pushed in, between her cheeks, against her asshole, but separated by the Wonder Woman panties. Five minutes of this and she rolled onto her back, grabbed my hard cock and said, "Come on then, fuck me." I rolled onto her and kissed her, while thrusting against her cunt through the panty cloth.

Then something new and weird happened.

I WANTED to lick her, to lick her deep, I WANTED to taste his cum in her. I didn't know if there would be any, as she had intimated that nothing happened, but I HAD to find out. I sat back, pulled her leg out of one side of her panties and left the other side hanging off her other thigh ( I always think that looks hot like a woman has been totally ravaged).

I looked down at her pussy and knew immediately that she had been well fucked. The inner labia were puffey and hanging open. Everything was pinker than usual, and swollen. I dived in and took a big, salty lick - I could feel his spunk on my tongue, and taste the saltiness of their combined juices. I kept on sucking it out, and sticking my tongue in as deep as I could, to hook out more. She came. She came hard. Twice, in quick succession.

Then I stuck my cock in, balls deep. She was slick and hot, a feeling I have come to know well and love, since I stayed sharing her pussy. I have been desensitizing my penis tip over the last few years, so I can fuck for a long time now, before coming. I fucked her hard, with long, deep thrusts, for around a minute, then I said, "I can taste him, I want seconds." And then went in for more cum.

She came a third time - she was definitely loving the cum eating. It was weird for me; I still hating the idea of it, but I wasn't gagging at it any more. I was loving how hot she got for it, so I kept on doing it. Eventually, I plunged my cock into her again for a ferocious fucking finale, my balls slapping her anus untill I dumped my cum inside her, to mix with his, earlier spooge (well, what was left of it).

Later, she got up and said, "Jesus!" I said, "What?" and she said, "All the cum that just poured out of me." There on the mattress was a small pool (around 2" across) of our mixed semen and her juices. And it was still oozing from her slutty, married cunt. :)

So. I now am a cuckold.

Jenson & Isla



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