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Cuckold Humiliation - My blonde wife had tight pussy, a virgin asshole, she is beautifull : B cups, wonderfull ass, long legs, natural blonde long hair. She has always been a true girl but in the bed not so hot, she liked missionary and sometimes doggy, no anal and few cold blow jobs. I like to lick pussy and she was a bit ashamed to get it. Moreover short dress only on holiday and no sexy lingerie. I have always dreamed about sexy upskirt situation and NIP, but no way with her.

Last summer we were on holiday in a hotel. I have ask for a game, (thinking she was answering as usual "NOT possible"), I ask her to fuck doggy but she has to stay on the bed, naked, with eyes covered and headphone with music. ?I was surprise thet she has accepted ! so I ask her to be doggy on the bed, the door of the room was behind us. When she was in that position I slowly move to the door and I left the door a bit open to allow people to see us, I was excited about the fact to be seen fucking without my wife know it.

So I start to massage the bums and during this time somebody look in and went away, three people has had a look in and then gone away then when I was starting fucking my wife I heard somebody at the the door, I turn my head and i have seen a male aroud 40 years old, good looking that was looking at us wanking his cock so I do not know why but I invite him in the room whispering him not to speak.

I move away from the ass of my wife and ; he take my place and start to lick the pussy with his plump tongue then he move the tongue around the little hole that start to pulse and my wife was moving and moaning as never seen and hear before, the asshole open a bit and he put his tongue in, then he moves the tongue to the pussy sliding in it and at the same time fingering the asshole (somenthing that she has never loved); believe me my wife was near to scream enjoying it and me too I was excited in looking them so excited that I start to wank. Then he push his hard and pulsing cock against the asshole, but I whisper him not to do it (it would have been too much get the virgin ass of my life!!!) so he slide his cock in the pussy going on fingering the asshole, my life moves and enjoy as never seen and heard!!!

He moves slow and really deep in my wife pussy so after few minutes both were cumming. I told the man that now he can left us and i close the door whispering to be dicrete. My wife was still in the same doggy position and said to me that I have been great and that she wants to be fucked again (I thought, doing a mistake, that she had not realize what happens), I push my hard cock even bigger than usual against her pussy and ,with my really big surprise, she move the hand under her body and got bring my cock to the asshole!!! I lube her and i slide in, I was happy, surprised and excited about that and we have had a great sexy night both we enjoy the anal sex.

Next morning we wake up and we wear clothes to go to have breakfast before the beach.

She was wearing a tight and short white beach robe, the breakfast room was quite empty so we take place; I have seen that there was only the man of the night before, he was sitting some meters on my right side behind me just near the desk with bread on it. My wife was in front of him and sure she has seen him (moreover he was good looking with athletic body), he was wearing short tight pants ready for the beach. I have given one quick look turning my head and i have seen that he was looking at my wife moving the tongue between the lips!! I turn my head and i have seen my wife red in face!! She said nothing and she told me she has to go to the toilet, she come back and sit in front of me just to say "I need bread" she went to get bread and I look at her. She was in front of the desk with the man sitting behind, she bent over to get bread when suddenly the man was standing up and I see his cock becoming hard inside the pants, he moves behind my wife and he was pushing his cock to the ass of my wife (I am sure he touch it with the cock!!) whispering something to her.

My wife red in face and with a new sight in her eyes come back to our table; she make a spoon fall down.., I bent to get it , she open the legs and she show me the nude pussy!!!now I have understand the reason to go to the toilet..and what that man has seen at the bread desk ! , what a vision he has seen: my wife bent with the short beachrobe wearing..nothing!!! After that she said "I am going in the room you can stay here i will come back", she got the lift and the man follow her too, I have tried to go and get the elevator, but too late so I thought to move to the stairs but suddenly the elevator alarm starts. I ask the reception and they say that there was no problem because there's a direct hot line from the elevator to the technical assistance.

The 2 men of the technical assistance come after 15 minutes and they were laughing about somenthing and one whisper to the other "hope they have finish!" and the other "sure they were talking when I park so at least she should have the mounth free now!!" Have you understand ? they have fuck inside the lift with assistance line open!!!

When they come out both were wet and she look at me saying :"we can go to the beach now I have look and got a great cock!!!).

So from this summer my wife is changed, my wife dress in a reallly sexy way she fuck with me doing all, but do not think that all is great, wearing so sexy she makes men turn on and sometimes when we do shopping she likes to provocate the employee, even at home she become like a whore when we have guest and always when I am there. i am humiliate as well excited and she like to see that. Now she ask me to find a couple of men because she want have a threesome !! So I will be forever cuckold because of a joke!! let me know if interested and let me know if I have done a mistake that night.

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