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I've been seeing a new bull for the last couple of months. I've been a hotwife for the last few years and my husband and I have gotten into more cuckold relationships over the last year. We have always been the more dominating role of whoever we brought in to play with us. But my new bull has been more dominating than others in the past and the last few weeks has been setting rules for my husband and I. We had all talked about this beforehand so none of it has come as surprise. It's just been an adjustment to what we've been used to.

My husband wasn't allowed inside me for 13 days and then when he was, it was only after my bull was done. Over the last week, my bull has been making my husband clean up after him. I thought my husband would have a tough time transitioning but he seems to love our new dynamic.

I stayed over at my bull's place this weekend and when I got home yesterday my husband couldn't have been more excited and wanted to hear all about my weekend. My husband has always liked watching me with other guys but I was a little surprised he wanted to hear about everything.

On Friday, as planned, my bull had picked me up from work. He was stopping by my place beforehand to pick up my bag of clothes that I had packed. My husband had been home and my bull was telling my husband what he had planned for us this weekend and was told that if he wanted to contact me over the weekend that he would have to call my bull's phone, not mine, and would see me again Monday morning.

When my bull picked me up we go to his place. We immediately start making out in his car as soon as we park in his garage. I start to unzip his pants and he stops me and takes me inside. He was going to make dinner and had invited a few friends over to hang out for the evening. I had thought it was going to be just the two of us but figured it would be fun either way.

There's a couple that comes over and a single guy. We all start having some drinks and get to talking about my bull and I. How we met, status, etc. My bull tells them about what's going on and that I have a husband at home. After some more drinking, we all end up in the hot tub.

Our talk naturally turns sexual and for the sake of not making this story too long, the other wife ends up giving my bull a blowjob while I gave her husband one. The other guy there had started masturbating and the other wife and I let him cum on our tits.

On Saturday, my bull and I stayed in all day at his place. We both are a little hungover and literally spend the day eating and fucking. On Sunday, we're out and about all day just doing random stuff. My husband tries calling to check in and my bull sees that my husband's calling and answers the phone. My bull tells my husband that there will be a punishment for breaking the rule of not just calling him directly.

My bull has my husband meet us over at his place. My bull has straps on his bed and has me tie down my husband. He has me bend over my husband's face and then starts fucking me from behind. He pulls out when he starts cumming and lets the cum drip down onto my husband. He then has me change positions so I'm sitting on my husband's face and moves my hips so I start grinding on my husband's face.

My bull then kicks my husband out of his place and makes him drive back to our house without cleaning up first. I could tell my husband wanted to stay and hang out with us but my bull said that wasn't allowed. My bull ends up fucking me one more time Sunday night and then once again Monday morning before I went back home with my husband.

On the drive home my bull unzips his pants and has me give him one last blowjob. I think he's purposely prolonging because he ends up finally cumming when we're down the street from my house. He starts to pull my head up and lets a few drops drip down on my chin and shirt. He tells me to go inside and give my husband a big kiss first thing.

I wasn't sure how my husband would be with me after I got home. I don't think I've ever seen him more turned on though. He loved hearing about all the details. I could tell how hard he was getting. I was so sore from the weekend that my husband went down on me for a long time.

Still hadn't showered since Sunday morning. I'm not sure if it was the thought of him eating me out after getting fucked by my bull all weekend but I started to get really turned on. We ended up having some of the best sex we ever had.

Hotwife Cyndi




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