My Hot Wife Getting a Massage


My Hot Wife Getting a Massage - My wife was having her monthly massage from her Beauty Therapist, stripped off in our kitchen, laid on the massage couch face down with her bum covered with a towel. Her masseuse, Wendy, is a family friend who's about 35 years of age.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the front door. We were having a broken window replaced and the repair people turned up earlier than expected. The masseuse went to answer the door and without thinking asked the 3 guys stood there to come in. Before she could stop them, they went into the kitchen where my wife was still laid out with just the towel covering her arse. Wendy rushed after them but it was too late to stop them. There they were, 3 guys in their 20's, staring straight at my naked wife. She was a little shocked as you can imagine.

Now before I go any further I must explain that Wendy knows about our lifestyle and has even set my wife up on a date one time, got to watch and loved every minute. She said it was like she could play matchmaker over and over. But back to the story:

Wendy explained what she was doing and sort of apologized but they guys weren't complaining. One of them said he'd always wanted to know how to massage properly so he could give his wife one. Before my wife could say anything, Wendy gave my wife a quick wink and offered to show him what to do. She brought him over to my wife and put some oil on his hands. She then took his hands and placed them on my wife's back. She had her hands over his moving them up and down and with a circular motion. She let go and told him to have a practice. My wife just let everything happen and closed her eyes in embarrassment as she felt caught off guard.

He was rubbing the whole length of her back and didn't miss the chance to run his hands down the side and over her squashed tits. Not wanting to leave them out, Wendy brought the other 2 guys over and told them to take a leg each and massage them for my wife as well. They ran their hands the full length of her legs right up to her pussy. My wife started to moan as the excitement of the situation got to her. She parted her legs and within seconds she had 4 fingers in her pussy, 2 from each guy. The one at her top half went straight to her tits and groped them the best he could. All the time, Wendy was giving them encouragement, telling them to massage in between her legs with their fingers.

Wendy told them to turn her over, not needing to be told twice they all took hold and flipped my wife over onto her back and revealing all. They didn't waste a second, the fingers were back in her cunt pounding and the guy at the top had his hands and mouth on her tits, squeezing and sucking them. He only stopped long enough to get his hard cock out and to tell my wife to suck it. She didn't make any move to do it so Wendy came round to him, grabbed his cock and put it to my wife's lips and pushed it in. Next she was pulled down the couch so her legs dangled off the end. Her legs were lifted up and a cock was inserted in her pussy and the thrusting began.

My wife was slowly getting more excited but not as much as Wendy, she was still shouting instructions to the guys, telling them what to do. The guy with his cock in her mouth reached down and grabbed her head, then began to fuck her face for all he was worth. My wife's moans were almost drowned out by his shouts of "suck it, suck it".

So there she was, a cock fucking her mouth, one fucking her cunt and the third guy seeing to her tits, sucking like crazy.

It all soon came to a head, the guy in her mouth told her he was going to cum, "take my cum take it all down your throat", then it came, torrents of thick creamy spunk, straight down her throat, she had to swallow.

Then the guy sucking her tits had his cock in his hand and suddenly shot stream after stream of hot spunk all over her tits. The last one fucking her pussy picked up the pace even more, thrusting faster and harder. He pulled his cock out, went over to Wendy and told her to open her mouth. She didn't need telling twice and he shot his load straight over her tongue, and there was loads of it. When he'd finished, she went over to my wife and kissed her, at the same time passing the cum from her mouth into my wife's, pushing it right in with her tongue. She swallowed the lot.

We did eventually get the window replaced but not until they had all fucked my wife in every position you can think of, all of which were dreamt up by Wendy.

I'm gonna have to watch that woman ...



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