The Hottest Sex was with Another Guy


The Hottest Sex was with Another Man - My boyfriend and I have been together for years and we've done everything at least once. Well we were talking one night about how we're bored and it came up that he would actually want to watch me get fucked by another guy.

This was the hottest thing i've ever heard him say! We talked for hours about it, about what it would be like and if he was sure to want it and all the while my cunt was so wet from just talking about it. He must have noticed my eagerness and right there and then suggested I go bother his room mate.

His room mate, Jake, was asleep in his room with the lights off but the door was open just enough to see he was sleeping on his back.

My boyfriend and I tip-toed into the room without making any noise and he found a spot to stand in the corner where Jake wouldn't be able to see him.

It was weird at first. I just stood there hesitating for a good 5 minutes watching him sleep while my boyfriend was egging me on. Thing was that I was SO horny by now and I knew Jake would fuck me good and hard because I had heard him through the walls when he was with other women.

I took a deep breath and slowly I pulled back the covers and slid into a sitting position on top of him. He awoke and didn't say anything, he just smiled, but I knew he wanted it to because I could feel his cock starting to get hard beneath his shorts, brushing between my legs as I slowly grinded back and forth.

Knowing my boyfriend was looking I bravely put my hands in Jake's shorts and began stroking his cock. It was so nice it made my stomach feel funny as I practically twitched with anticipation. It was smaller than my boyfriend's but that didn't matter. What mattered was that I was sitting on top of another guy!

At that point I couldn't take it anymore so I pulled down his boxers and pushed his cock into my dripping cunt. I could feel every inch as I started moving up and down on it. His hands made their way to my bare breasts as I started fucking him faster.

"Suck it please" he moaned as he tugged on my tits "Suck my cock"

Happily I moved down and began to kiss the tip of his cock. I could feel him twitch with pleasure and I only made me hornier. I was on all fours as i took all of him into my mouth. I sucked it hard and fast as I touched my clit, rubbing it in unison with the motion of his hard thick cock in my mouth.

Then I felt a hand rub down my back and down to where my hand was, replacing it, rubbing it so hard I though I was going to cum right there. It was my boyfriend, I guess he couldn't JUST watch the fuck fest.

As I was on all fours, sucking Jake's cock while he was moaning wildly, my boyfriend got in position behind me and stuck his long hard cock into my wet hot pussy. He started slow at first, rubbing his hands up and down my thighs, enjoying my silky smooth skin but then he started pounding it in to me, harder than ever before. His thrusting inside me was so strong it moved Jake's cock deeper into my throat.

It must have lasted forever, it felt so good, i'm actually touching myself as i'm writing this and my boyfriend is stroking himself knowing it will be read by many guys and couples like ourselves soon.

"Do you like it hard" asked my boyfriend as he thrusted his large swollen dick inside me.

"oh fuck yeah" I screamed in between cock being pushed into my mouth "Fuck me harder!!!!!"

I would have said yes to anything at that point. It was the hottest sex i've ever had. I could feel Jake's cock begin to get harder and begin to twitch in my mouth. He moaned loudly as I stuck it deep down into my throat and swallowed every drop of his hot sticky cum. I even sucked as I pulled it out because I wanted to get every last drop. That's something I rarely do.

The moans were too much for my boyfriend as he blew his load up inside of me. It was so hot and wet. I love cum so much. there was so much it began to drip out of my cunt and down my legs.

I turned over on my back to rest.

But it wasn't over.

My boyfriend began licking the spunk out of my cunt feverishly. His warm tounge darting in and out of my pussy and flicking at my clit. He made deep moans in response to my loud moaning/screaming.

Finally I felt that familiar hot feeling in my stomach. It grew and took over my whole body until I came with hard twitches of pleasure. They both watched and admired my orgasm as I moaned at the top of my lungs.

And that was it.

THE HOTTEST SEX I"VE EVER HAD. Now we have to go .... LOL

RX Sleeve

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