Horny Wife Wants to be Taken


Horny Wife Wants to be Taken - For almost as long as I can remember I’ve fantasized about having a wife who loved sex so much she fucked other people. It looks like it might be happening as I’m writing this. When I went to college and discovered internet porn, I found fairly quickly that the things that got me the hottest were stories of wives being made into willing sluts by someone other than their husband. My wife is a beautiful brunette. She likes to fuck as much as I do, maybe more, which I love. I don’t have a small penis, about 7 inches and thick, but it really turns me on to think of her getting satisfied by others. I love to go down on her and have her sit on my face, and most of my fantasies revolve around enjoying the attentions of a sexually assertive woman. When she and I were dating, she caught me regularly with interracial and cuckold porn on the computer and was always furious. It became a sore spot, something that was pushed away and not talked about in our relationship, although my fantasies about it never diminished. We got drunk and fooled around on occasion with other people as a couple while we were dating, but she always felt guilty about it later and didn’t want to embrace anything like that. We were also off and on as a couple up until the time we were engaged, so my wife has fucked or fooled around with several guys in the seven or so years we’ve been seeing each other, but none but me in the four years we’ve been married.

One night a few months ago we were having sex after hanging out at a party and she started whispering to me that she thought one of our friends wanted to fuck her. I pumped away like a madman and we had the hottest sex in recent memory as I told her about wanting to watch her fuck other men and she moaned and whispered in my ear about all of my friends that she wanted to fuck and what she wanted them to do to her. I couldn’t think of anything else sexually. About a month ago she was at a party with our friends while I worked through the night for a deadline. I woke up to the phone ringing at seven in the morning. It was my lovely wife, asking me if I would mind if she “fooled around with a guy”. There was giggling in the background and another female right there, so it sounded like she was already in the thick of it. I just told her to not do anything she would regret in the morning, gave her my blessing and jacked off twice before going back to sleep. Since then we’ve both engaged in a foursome and then paired off separately, with her fooling around with a couple of guys and it not really going past oral sex. She became pretty jealous when I enjoyed the other woman a little too much, and decided to pursue a satisfactory experience of her own. We’ve never actually had intercourse with others since we’ve been married.

We have spent several wonderful hours caressing and speculating on who we knew that might make a good lover for her. While she likes my cock size, she doesn’t want to fuck a guy with a small one, saying it wasn’t worth it and she would just suck them instead, which makes me hot thinking that any guy fucking my wife will have a cock at least as big as mine or bigger to fill and stretch her with. A few nights ago she was up late and called and talked to a guy we know who seems dirty and discreet and told him she wanted to fuck him the next day while I was at work. She backed out, but then called him again a day or so later and they talked at length about what she wanted him to do to her.

My wife is an amazing lover and likes to be taken control of in the bedroom. She loves to be spanked on her wonderfully round ass (see picture) and tied up and fucked on occasion. She likes the idea of being made to be a dirty girl. She told him that she would probably back out but if he really wanted it he should come over and take charge of her. He’s very open and respectful of me and even agreed to let me watch if I hid in the closet, which is a fantasy I’ve told her about. As she came to bed and told me about her phone conversation her pussy was soaking wet and I slid down and ate her as she told me all the dirty things this guy had agreed to do to my wife. He wants her to dress up in fishnet stockings and heels and suck his cock after she’s gotten a hard long spanking.

It makes me hot to think that she just bought some new very sexy heels and hasn’t worn them for me yet. He might be the first to see her and fuck her in them. She made it clear that she would have to be made to do whatever dirty things he wanted in order for her to get off. He told her he wanted to spend a long time eating her ass, which is something I love but she almost never lets me do. As she was telling me this she let me eat her asshole, probably in anticipation of what he might do to her. Although she’s too small to take a cock back there, he told her he was going to train her asshole first with a dildo until she was ready for his cock. This is something I’ve tried to do but she has always been against it. We fucked like crazy as she told me she hoped he would tie her to the bed on all fours and use her and then leave her like that for me to find when I came home. I’ve never had hotter sex, and I agreed to take our daughter to spend the night with my parents so she would have the day and evening to herself.

I decided to spend the night on the couch at work because I have a lot to do. It made me even hotter and slightly humiliated to have my wife ask me to enlist my parent’s help in freeing her up to see her potential lover. I fucked her hard and then went to sleep and woke up a few hours later in the morning to lick and fuck her again. She acted a little upset that I had stretched her pussy out, as she wanted it to be tight for her first lover as a married woman. She told me she didn’t want me having any more than oral sex with another woman, and made sure I was clear on that if I was letting her fuck another man. She rubbed my cock and asked me what she should wear for him as I was getting ready. As I left, she told me she loved me and she wasn’t going to see him, and then called me again to say that she loved me. When I called earlier tonight the phone was busy for a couple of hours, and when she answered she told me she was out with a girlfriend getting drinks, and she would call me later. It was then one in the morning and she’s was not answering her phone.

The next night my lovely wife asked me if I’d like to go have sex, and after a few minutes of kissing and fooling around asked me if I’d like to pretend something. She wanted to dry hump and not have actual sex, just make out, with me pretending to be someone other than her husband. We’d never tried anything like that before but it felt really hot. She told me, “we can fool around, but I can’t fuck you. I’m not allowed.” Why not?” I asked. “My husband would be pissed off if he knew we were doing this, but I want you so bad…” We kissed and groped and fondled and she rubbed my cock over her pussy for several minutes, not putting it in. Then she started asking me to fuck her. “I thought you couldn’t fuck because of your husband” I said. “ I promised I wouldn’t but I’m so horny.” “Do you want me to fuck your married pussy?” I asked her, and as I turned her over so her round ass was in the air I slowly started to work it in, with her doing nothing to stop me from entering her unprotected cunt. I was unbelievably horny as we played out how it might actually happen for my wife to be overcome with lust and give her pussy to another man against my wishes. I spanked her ass once and asked if she liked it, knowing that she does. “Spank my ass hard. I want you to leave a mark so my husband can see what I’ve been doing” she said. “Does he like you to fuck other men?” “He’ll be mad at first, but he loves it.” “what will he do when you come home with a reddened ass and a wet sloppy pussy?” I asked. She told me she wanted me to cum in her. “cum in my pussy and my husband will lick it out when I get home.” She said. Even though my wife’s been fooling around with other guys for a couple of months now, she’s never really gotten a proper good fucking from someone else.

When I was out of town for a couple of days recently I told my wife it would be okay for her to have company over, meaning she was free to fool around in my absence. She assured me she wouldn’t, but I hoped that she would anyway. When I was driving home with my brother, she called and told me she had been naughty, but I couldn’t talk about it in the car. When I got home I found out that she had called the guy she’s been seeing on occasion and he came over to watch a movie. They kissed a little at length, and after a long time she told him she was going to bed, and he was welcome to stay the night but she didn’t want to fool around. She was being a classic tease, wanting him to be aggressive and not take no for an answer. Within a few minutes he was all over her and reminding her that her husband wanted her to fuck another man. She liked hearing her lover say “your husband wants you to fuck me…you should be a good wife and do what he wants.” After some licking and sucking and probing he worked his cock into her very tight and unprotected married cunt, only fucking her for a couple of minutes before she was cumming on his dick. She must have been very vocal and noisy because he commented on how much she liked it. Since she’s not on the pill, she rolled over and put her sexy round ass in the air, spreading her cheeks and rubbing her pussy while he knelt behind her and jacked off all over her. She told me all of this after I got home and I was in heaven as I fucked her, hearing how she had given herself to another man the night before.

I'll email more when her 'boyfriend' visits next which should be in a few days.



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