She put me in a Cage



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I'm on the computer surfing when my wife calls me into the bed room. She produces a cock cage that she had purchased for me last week and says "pull down your pants". I lower my shorts and she proceeds to thread my ball sack through the security ring. After working both of my nuts through the tight hole she then bends my cock over and pulls the head through sliding the ring tightly around my base. The cage was then slid up the length of my cock where she pad locked it in place. "There" she says, "now you are under control. I need you that way because I have someone coming over".

A few minutes later she comes into bedroom with a chair and says "I need you to sit here, my date is about to arrive and I don't want you bothering us". I hear him come in house and I hear them talking as they walk into the kitchen. After several minutes they walk into the bed room where I am sitting wearing nothing but a cock cage. She introduces us, him as this is her date, and me as her caged husband. She tells me to sit and watch as she wraps her arms around him and they proceeded to make out, his hands quickly finding their way to her tight ass. He reached down a lifted her skirt above her waist and she begin feeling his cock through his pants. He lifted her clothing off over her head as she undid his pants exposing his hard cock.

She says to him "my husband will be watching us", as they laid down on the bed, their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. His hands start massaging her pussy as she stroked his hard dick. She made eye contact with me as she looked back and fourth from my eyes to his dick. She then slipped his shaft into her mouth as she locked eyes with me, slowly taking him deeper and deeper down her throat. she continued to suck him for several minutes as his fingers found their way into her pussy.

She orgasmed from the fingering then laid down on her back where he quickly lay down on top mounting her, her head laying back over the foot of the bed only inches away from me. Her date then began working his cock up and down the crack of her snatch preparing for their initial penetration. She looks at me and says "that will be all you can wait outside". I got up and left the room shutting the door behind me. My wife's muffled sighs from behind the closed door were quickly replaced by the sound of wet ball skin smacking against married woman ass. My cock swelled hard against its cage as I listened to my wife's pussy being used for another mans pleasure in our bed.

I stood at the door for thirty minutes as the cuckolding continued. After it quieted down I heard her say "you can come in now". I entered the room where they were laying next to each other. The smell of my wife's perfume was now replaced by the pungent scent of intercourse, her beaus dick wet with her juices. She says, "you can refill our glasses" so I refilled everyone's drinks.

She said for me to come to her and motioned for me to lay down. she then held my caged cock and said "he's in a cage so he will behave", he said "that thing looks uncomfortable". She then started to tongue kiss him again and motioned for me to lick her used twat. The sweet fleshy taste of summers eve was now only a memory as the salty taste of sex and cum now coated my tongue. She then told me to get back in my chair and said that it was about time I saw this.

She swung her leg over him sitting on top as she guided the head of the strangers nine inch cock into her pussy. She put her hands on his chest locking her elbows as she became fully impaled on his cock leaving her sitting on his large ball sack. She sat with his balls bulging out of her twat, which appeared as though she were sitting atop a hairy coconut that she was unsuccessfully trying to crack open with her vagina.

I watched as she rocked back a fourth on her dates bare shaft, her hands reaching behind her, kneading his sack like billiards in a change purse. She begin to take short breaths as she gyrated faster and faster on her lovers huge pole. My heart sank and a wave of humiliation and embarrassment came over me as the balls, that my wife sat atop, clenched up and the seed of another man began filling my wife's inner reaches.

She collapsed laying down flat on top of him as his wet balls glisten in the candle light, still pulsating cum into her as he finished up what was left of his orgasm. She then looked at me and said "you can leave us alone now", so I left the room. I sat in the living room for hours as they continued to fuck, his using my wife's sexy body for his bare back pleasure as well as his personal sperm depository.

They were together for hours and it wasn't until the rays of early morning light regain peaking through the window, and her date was fully drained of every last drop of semen, when the bedroom door opened. My wife's date was all dressed and heading out. He said as he walked through the living room that I was one lucky guy. And I agree. I went into the bed room where my wife was half asleep and physically exhausted when she sat up holding the keys to my cock cage.

She unlocked it sliding the penis sheath off but leaving the security ring in place. I could see that he was wet all down her legs from the orgasms they had enjoyed. She said I could sleep with my cage off if I behaved myself. She pulled the covers back on my side of the bed and told me to lay down. I did only to find a wet spot the size of a basketball right where I lay. She said that I had better get use to it as she planned on doing a lot of fucking of strange men in our bed, and she was going to do it on my side so I could sleep in it.







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