My Hot Little Asian Slut Wife


Secrets - Holly is my hot little asian slut wife. We were married fifteen years ago and I had no idea what i was getting in to. I knew she was a horny little slut shortly after we met...when she started spending the night. One night she tied me to a chair and did a strip-tease dance for me, she was so convincing that I began questioning her past.

Turns out the dance routine was just that, a routine Holly had perfected dancing professionally in another state!

The more I asked the more stories kept coming about that dark life Holly led in her youth; many such stories that made me wish to have been a fly on the wall back then...watching her dance for a client, get propositioned by him, picked up after work by him, well fucked by him, and handsomely tipped for it!

It was beginning to become something of an obsession, this dreaming of scenes to which nobody was witness. One story she relayed involved a construction worker she went home with, he was young and hard and he fucked her all night - then in the morning one of his cousins stopped by his place...finding no reason not to, they both took her multiple times! I asked her if she willingly gave her pussy to them both and she said no, that they had tied her up and used her like a cheap whore.

Relaying this story to me caused Holly's pussy to get extremely wet and led to a night of me fucking her wildly... all the while thinking of that story.

And so this journey into cuckolding began. As it evolved I discovered Holly's fondness for being tied up and forced to please men. So this arrangement is a little different than most cuckold stories you read in this blog. I tie up my wife and let other men have their way with her.

The pics are from an event early on, after a game of strip poker with a couple friends; Holly's a bad poker player and wound up being naked rather quickly. This caused 3 cocks to get hard. She just sat there and teased us! Well, we'd been drinking and were all horny by the poker game and more than a little cocky.

The poker room had a futon sofa in the corner and seeing an opportunity I took control of the situation. I guided her to the futon and forced her down, gently tied her hands behind her back and her ankles together, then tied a short sash across her eyes so she couldn't see who was doing what.

This scene caused some alarm with my two friends but not enough to make them leave. Seeing her restrained on the futon and blindfolded was too much and in no time there were six hands and 3 hard cocks stroking and slapping against her taught little body.

There's a breaking point and all that stroking and caressing and nipple sucking pushed Holly past hers, she started stroking one friends cock and sucking the other. I held her down as they took turns stretching her little asian pussy with their hard cocks. They both came once, got a little spooked and left. Left me to clean up the mess that is.

We've had several events over the years, not nearly as many as I would like. And I question whether I'm a true cuckold, or just a pimp who likes to give away his any event, I hope you enjoyed the telling of this event.

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