Watching My Wife Have Sex with Another Man Through a Hidden Camera


I'm Watching Her Now - As I write this my wife is in our bedroom with another man. He doesn't know I'm watching on a hidden camera.... but she does. This is a culmination of events that started several months ago. Damn I love her! This is not the first time she's been with another man. I'm actually #8 or nine, I can't remember. But seriously, those before me were at a very young age. My wife and I have been together since she was in high school. I had graduated by that time but we met going into her junior year. I was a virgin for the most part. Yes, I made out with girls, yes I fingered some of them, and I even tasted their sweet, delicious nether regions. But nothing ever compared or prepared me for what I would experience with her. She did things to me I had never dreamed of. And while she remains to this day the only girl I have ever been with, I honestly don't need another. Of course I am curious. "Can I get another girl off as good as her". "Would another woman be able to satisfy me the way she does?" "What could another woman do for me that she doesn't do? Of course I am curious about those things. What guy, who has only slept with one woman, wouldn't be? Enter exhibit A. The man she is with right now has only ever had one woman. She expressed to him several months ago that she had a crush on him. Now he is nothing exceptional, not exactly a supermodel, not even a model. Just a regular guy, like me... a little overweight and more nerdy than anything. I consider myself rather goodlooking, but as I've been told by a few women... I'm a hot and sexy guy, until I open my mouth. I apologize it this is boring you, I just want to set the stage. The man she is with, we'll call him Matt, is her subordinate at work. She was recently promoted over him, but only after they were already otherwise involved.

OK, now the story.... My wife is a very sexy woman. Even though she is overweight, she has a smooth waist, a gorgeous chest, and a delicious ass. She will do anything to satisfy me and the same for me. I love her more than life itself and as the mother of our children, I would die to protect her. Her satisfaction and gratification is always first and foremost on my mind. I don't get off until she does and if she won't I feel guilty for satisfying myself over her.

In bed she is an animal. She caters to my needs and performs commandingly. Though I am usually the dominant one, it is nice to take a back seat every once in a while.

Several months ago, she expressed to Matt that she had a crush on him. The notion had been burning inside her for a long time and she thought the best way to handle it was to put it in the open and suffer the ridicule. Matt is also a married man. He is also with his first, but unlike me, his wife never had anyone else. Once my wife expressed her feelings, I guess he saw an opportunity. My wife can also be quite the woman. She knows what she wants and she takes it. So her expression was not just an passing comment, she seriously wanted him. I've been reading this site for years and I've always toyed with the thought of her an a co-worker in bed together. Many times openly in bed and I would fantasize about her. But recently I realized that it might not be just a fantasy with her. I started probing. then one day I asked her a question and from the answer I knew she was cheating on me with Matt. Instantly RAGE set in. but I didn't let her see it. I kept my composure and for quite some time I acted like I didn't know. Secretly planning a trap.

The day came. Being a stay-at-home-father it was tricky. I managed to pass the kids off for a playdate with a close friend. This was the very first time I have ever put them in a non-family member's care. I couldn't risk work getting back to my wife so this was my only option. (I can hear her screaming to orgasm right now). I went back home and patiently waited. Part of me hoping I was wrong, part of me hoping I was right. She took the bait and showed up. completely oblivious that the entire place was cover by hidden cameras and I was secretly watching them. Nothing happened that day.... sexually. But enough happened so when I suddenly appeared and confronted them, Matt turned into a puddle on the floor, and my wife hung her head in shame saying "I guess we need to talk." I was taken back. It was obvious she didn't want to hurt me. I sternly dismissed Matt, and we sat down on opposite couches and had the most intimate, open, and honest conversation we've had in our 13+ years together. Thank you Matt! We took it slow and carefully form that day on and we really talked about things. We've grown closer. We've loved harder. And I've expressly frogiven Matt because I know how my wife can be. I don't think there is a man in this world that can turn her down. Over the past couple weeks my wife and I have had some deep conversations. I told her that if she truly wants Matt, then she can have him. I'm comfortable enough in our relationship that I know I have nothing to fear. She loves me. She loves him. I respect that. Last week I had to meet my wife on lunch the reason doesn't matter, but the fact I drove to her work, notice her car there and his car gone is. I knew where they went and waited for a half-hour before they came back to the car. Her reaction was one one mild surprise since she figured I might track them down. But his was of utter terror since he thought he was caught again. Not the reaction I wanted. (I hear spanking and from the camera I can see she is spanking him)

I made sure I was pleasent to both, and sensed his discomfort. I instantly started devising a remedy for the situation. Taking some stories I read here into account I came up with this:

I would invite him when his wife was out of town. Then I would greet him socially, welcoming into my house. He would know that if he and my wife were to do anything, I would be present. In my mind this would remove any discomfort and awkwardness from the equation. They would act as boyfriend / girlfriend and I would see everything they do. It was a nice thought but what happened was completely different.

Last night he came over as planned. we watched a move I knew would get my wife hot. Afterward, she took him up to our bedroom (I washed the sheets, cleaned the house, and arranged the candles for them earlier that day). I was told by her to bring a glass of water up in a few minutes. Which I did. When I entered the room, they were kissing, and I handed her the water and sat down in a chair, pretending I wasn't there. After a couple minutes it was apparent that It was awkward for all of us, but none would admit it. After 30 minutes of making out, their shirts came off. 15 minutes later he removed her bra. for the next 10 minutes, she dry humped his leg to a violent orgasm. Afterward he fingered her a little and they laid in bed together for a while. Now my wife told me they've gone further than that, but since I was there, he was holding back. After they were done I didn't know what to do. Eventually I got up and climbed in bed with them. The 3 of us laid there (her in the middle) for over 3 hours. Then he left and she and I uneventfully fell asleep.

Today she texted him and found out we were all uncomfortable. It felt more like a peep show which was not what I was aiming for. I had her arrange to come over again tonight. This time it was with the understanding that they would be alone, free to do whatever they want. She however wound know I hid a camera in the room and leave a light on so I could watch. She agreed. We watch a little TV and I spoke with Matt and explain my feelings thoughout the affair, apologized for treating his so coarse, and told him that my wife is quite a woman, and he should respect her and not feel awkward in front of me.

Now they are in our bedroom doing who knows what. All that matters is that she is enjoying herself. I hope someday I can join them and Matt and I can pleasure her together since it seems we both put her first. He is a good friend and I'm glad she picked him.

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