The Moment she let's Go of her Inhibitions



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My wife Judy (not her real name) and I married very young and neither of us have had anyone else sexually but each other. This has lead to lots of flirting and fantasy in bed and she has been talking for a long time about doing a couple of other guys at the same time. We are both 24 now and the pics of her are recent. After a year of talking and making sure and planning, I had it all set up for last night. We found 2 different guys online that she liked and we set the date.

Judy was so excited she was wet and after me all day to screw her. We rented a nice hotel and waited. Three of guys showed up. One guy brought along a friend who was in town for the weekend and they wondered if we wouldn't mind. I didn't and neither did Judy.

Things started slow with chat and drinks. Then Judy said she needed a massage, got out some oil and striped to her bra and panties.

The guys wasted no time oiling her up and giving her one heck of a massage. Soon her bra and panties were off. Judy had rolled over on her back and had six hands all over her tits, legs and pussy. I don't know who started fingering her first. But she came from it.

From here on it was kind of a blur as things were happening so fast. I know she sucked at least a load of cum from each of them and maybe more. She fucked each one of them several times. She had more cum running out of her pussy than I ever thought possible.

Judy let her anal cherry be broken and came real hard when the guy left a load in her ass. She also let one guy in her ass and one in her pussy while sucking the other one off.

This went well past midnight before they left. Then it was my turn I gave her a slow gentle fuck telling her how much I loved her and enjoyed watching her. I then carried her to the tub and helped her clean up. We then fell asleep in each other's arms.

In the morning she was a bit upset that I would let other guys have her like that. That I would not stop it when they started going too far. I told her when we talked about it we set no boundries. She says she worries about what I'll think of her now. I told her I still respect her and love her all the more for living out our fantasy.

Then she asked about the anal. We had tried anal in the past. My cock is very big around and it was causing her too much pain. The guy who fucked her in the ass had a little cock so he was able to fuck her and make her cum that way and I told her how okay I was with everything. We talked before about how she was going to feel afterwards. She laughed and said probably well fucked.

Judys' friend called her last night and asked her how she felt. They talked for well over an hour. Things were better after the call, we talked and she seems to be accepting it more as an enjoyable experience. Now, we are reliving it nightly and milking it for all it's worth. And it is worth it.

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