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Recently had my first experience with my girlfriend fucking another man in front of me. Pretty light stuff in comparison to some of the stories on here, but I found it exciting.

I started dating this girl a few months ago and she and I had discussed group sex scenarios early on; we're both pretty open about our sexuality, so that came up pretty naturally when we were talking about our interests. We played around with the idea for a while, she had done stuff like this with previous partners, but it's new to me. We would talk to people on dating sites - guys and girls - and we both found that exciting.

Eventually, we started talking to someone that we both thought would be a good match: respectful, easy-going, described himself as a bull, and the fact that he had a huge cock probably didn't hurt, either. Last Friday night we decided to dip our toes in a bit and go meet this guy. We met at a bar, had a drink, and then smoked some weed with him. They were flirty, and Hazel kept teasing him and then looking back at me, smiling excitedly. He caught us winking to each other at one point, and we all shared a nervous, excited laugh about it. Nothing really happened that night. He and Hazel held hands, flirted, and hugged at the end of the night, but that was basically it.

The next night he texted and asked to come over. We discussed it briefly and decided to go for it. Hazel said we'd have him over to her place and "see where things went," but I think we both knew what would be happening, even if we didn't know exactly what that would look like.

When he arrived at her apartment, Hazel greeted him at the front door of the building in a little pair of shorts and a pretty revealing top. They came back to her room together and we sat there for a while, getting high and making small talk. Hazel's nipples kept slipping out of her top, and I could see him checking her out, and her giggling and flaunting, teasing him. It was a little awkward at moments, but the sexual tension in that room was thick. We all knew what was coming and were just waiting in anticipation for it to begin.

We got a little comfortable with one another, and before long their hands were beginning to feel each other's bodies. They kissed, and he exposed her pierced nipple before taking it in his mouth. I was watching this all unfold, somewhat in shock that it was actually happening. It's hard to explain, but there's such a rush of different emotions going on, and that makes for a very exciting experience.

He soon moved her hand to his crotch, and she rubbed his huge cock through his jeans, feeling it through the fabric, getting her excited to see if she could take it. By this point her top was off, and his hand was moving down the front of her shorts. She let out a soft gasp as his fingers touched her pussy.

He stood up and told her to get on her knees.

She obeyed and was quickly on the floor in front of him, and he was taking his pants off. She gasped audibly, and quietly whispered "Jesus" to herself. His cock was as huge as it looked in the pictures. Her fingers couldn't touch as she held it in her hands. She took him in her mouth and tried her best to give him a blowjob, but couldn't get much more than his head in. She struggles to take my whole cock down her throat, but she can definitely do it.

He told her to get on the bed on her hands and knees and suck my cock while he fucked her. She had my cock in her mouth when he first entered her. She stopped sucking and gasped as he stretched her pussy out, slowly edging his way inside her. I watched her face contort as he worked his cock all the way into her pussy.

"Is that the biggest cock you've ever had in you?" He asked.

"Yes," she managed to reply between short, shallow breaths.

"You like being stretched out like that?"

"Oh, fuck yes," she moaned and raised her hips, letting him slide even deeper inside of her.

"Keep sucking his cock if you want me to keep fucking you."

That was all the encouragement she needed. She eagerly took my cock in her mouth, and he started thrusting faster. She kept sucking stopping occasionally to focus on the hard fucking she was getting. She moaned, and her stroking and sucking would slow to almost a stop until he told her that if she wanted his dick she would have to keep sucking mine, at which point she would start quickly wrap her lips around my shaft again. He flipped her onto her back and fucked her until she squirted on the bed.

We tried a few other things: I ate her pussy while she sucked him off, but mostly they fucked while I watched and jerked myself off. It was pretty incredible seeing her so clearly aroused by his cock, she played with it during a bit of a break, just exploring it with her hands, commenting on his size, and how surprised she was that she could take it all.

Overall, it was an exciting experience, and one that I think we would both do again. We have some soft plans to meet with him again and go a little further with the cuckolding aspects of this. I did feel a little weird after, but she assures me that it was all okay, and didn't affect our relationship.

I'm not sure when it will happen again, but I'm excited.

Kenshi & Hazel



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