Her First Black Cock


At the Hotel - I wrote a first experience story on here a few months ago and we have now finally had a second experience but this time with a black bull we met online so my fiancee's fantasy of fucking a big black cock has come true.

We agreed to meet our bull in a hotel room one evening around 9 and I would be there to film. Time pushed on to 9:30 and we began to think he wasn't coming but finally he rang to ask wat room we were in.

When he arrived my fiancee Hannah was wearing only a long jacket with a bra thong n suspenders underneath. He walked in and we exchanged some quick hellos and he very quickly ignored me and took Hannah's jacket off. He grabbed her ass and pulled her towards him and began kissing her, then kissing her neck. He then instructed Hannah to get on her knees and undo his trousers which she did and then pulled out his 9inch cock.

It was huge and Hannah gave me a quick look of excitement and then started sucking his big black cock.

His hard cock was massive and as he took off his clothes he then started kissing Hannah all over and worked his way to her pussy. She writhed around in ecstacy getting wetter and wetter with each passing moment.

Our black bull then laid her flat on her back and parted her legs and eased his black cock into her very slowly. Inch by inch Hannah's face was one of pure pleasure. He increased his rhythm and started fucking her harder, faster and deeper. She even moaned, "I've never been fucked this deep before!"

He then instructed her to start riding his cock, which she did and started bouncing up and down moaning really loudly. She forgot I was even there. Our bull then bent her over fucking her so hard you could hear how wet she was.

I then past the bull some lube as he lubed up her ass and without asking anyone, started easing his tool into her ass. There was a pain/pleasure face coming from Hannah but she took his massive cock and he began fucking her hard and she was moaning louder than before.

He laid her on her back and started fucking her pussy then pulled out of her and came all over her tits. This guy had given my fiancee a two hour fucking and taking complete charge of the situation. It was incredible! Hannah just lay there with a huge smile on her face. Needless to say we are meeting again soon.

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