I'm Posting this to Humiliate My Boyfriend



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My BF asked me to post in here as an anonymous way of deepening his humiliation.

Now we aren't really hardcore Into this lifestyle like some of you but I have just taken the plunge into being with another guy on the side. Until now we've been monogamous but a lot of teasing, denial and bullying has worked it's way into our physical relationship and we both wanted to take it to the next level.

My BF tries his best but I rarely orgasm during sex. He does his duty with mouth and hands and once or twice a week he is rewarded with sex. Other days he just gets a little playtime or nothing at all.

So after quite a bit of urging from him I decided that I would like to experience something different. Old BFs have all been similarly unimpressive. All were handsome and nice but just not physically powerful.

I'll spare the boring bits but I arranged to meet a casual acquaintance named Mick and after a few drinks told him that I had an arrangement with my BF and did he want to come back to mine for some no strings fun.

It didn't take much convincing and before long I was naked on my back in the bed I share with my BF. The first thing that really struck me was how he didn't shyly peel away my clothes like my BF, he just took them from me. My BF is like a teenager trying to get a girls bra off for the first time but this was a man and I couldn't help but submit.

When he took off his clothes he was fully hard already, no help needed from me unlike BF. And he was big. Not freakishly giant but several inches more than I'd had before.

He grabbed my legs and quickly went down on me. No little sissy licks here, his tongue was a strong probing muscle. It was already better than sex with the BF.

Then we got to the main event and I was honestly surprised it didn't hurt when he went inside. I held my legs out as wide as I could and he went to work. I had planned to use protection but he didn't put anything on and I didn't feel like I could ask. Sorry BF, just this once won't hurt.

It was like a whole new experience. I've had plenty of sex but I think this is the first time I've fucked. I had my first orgasm quickly and for a moment I thought it was over but he just shifted to a new position and went back to work. As I approached my 2nd orgasm I laughed to myself. Poor BF. This is what it is actually meant to be like. What surprised me most wasn't that it felt better or that he was so confident but how long it lasted and how in control he was. He thrusted passionately for at least 30 minutes. BF can't manage 5.

We finished in missionary. I was really exhausted but seeing that he was close to finishing I wrapped my legs around and pulled in tight. When he came in me I felt the spray deep inside. He pulled out and there was hardly any leakage as he pumped it all so far in.

So there you are BF. Consider yourself humiliated. I've fucked now and I'm not going back to just having tingly feelings with you. You are on oral duty only from now on.




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