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Three years ago, when I was 27 and my girlfriend of seven months was 26, I decided that I wanted to find a bull to fuck her (Sarah). We were/still are both open minded and very sexual. We met online and talked for a couple weeks, and then she came over at around 1:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve to hang out for the first time.

She had driven straight to my house from college, to come home for winter break. Her parents lived near me. We drank some really good beers (including Port Brewing's Santa's Little Helper'). I had texted her a picture of that beer from the store for approval and she said nothing but teased me about it later that night. I had actually meant nothing by it but it was funny. So we got drunk and a couple hours later I fucked her, ate her pussy, tongued her asshole, and fucked her at least one more time that night. After the last time I came, she said, "You don't have to wake me up to fuck me in the morning." When I woke to her sweet round ass in front of me, I happily obliged. Of course she woke up. But I digress...

I had gotten really into cuckold porn and I just decided it was the time to do something about it. Sometimes when she was drunk she would talk about how she craved big dicks and I always played along and smiled but didn't say or do anything to encourage her. She would even dirty talk about being gang-banged sometimes, like that was her ultimate fantasy. Sarah had been in one MMF threesome in college and I had been in one just after finishing.

So I did some looking online and found a 27 year old bull who had some experience and lived 45 minutes away. He was some kind of contractor, like he worked on highways and government buildings. He played football in high school and college and he was jacked and just an all around alpha male with a big, beautiful, uncut dick. Just checked the email, he described himself as:

I am 27, italian, athletic, 6'2, 210 lbs (former college athlete and work out regularly), respectful of boundaries, thick 8.5''

I don't know if anyone else feels like this but the alpha male thing is a huge turn on for me, probably because of my first experience.

So I tell Sarah one night when she's staying at my place that I found a guy for us and I was texting with him and she says not tonight, she's too tired. Then the next day I go to work and she's texting me non-stop, very curious about this guy and what I was scheming on. She wasn't sure if I knew what I was getting into and if I actually wanted to follow through with it. I told her I did. She had to go back to school that night but we kept talking about it the next couple days and then maybe four days later she comes home and she's all set to do it that night.

I come home from work and we're just hanging out. She's a little nervous so I make us some drinks and we're trying to relax. Right before he leaves he texted me to ask where he should cum so I asked her and she said anywhere but her face. When he's getting close she gets really nervous so I start eating her pussy on the couch, under her little blue cotton dress she wore for him. A minute or so later as I'm warming her up, I get a call from him and I go meet him at the door of my apartment building. That's a funny interaction for anyone who's never done it before. I shook his hand and walked him back to my apartment.

So I walk in with Matt (not his real name) behind me and he and Sarah say hi, and we make some small talk. He seems cool enough. He sits down next to her on my couch. We talk about what we do for work. I make him a drink. I'm just standing in my kitchenette making drinks and talking with them. His arm is around her on the couch and she's warming up to him a little bit, smiling and happy.

Then I don't remember exactly what she asked him but he said something about his construction job and not having his tool belt on him (he was wearing mesh shorts and a t-shirt) and my girlfriend responded, "You've just got your other hammer?" I was blown away by that.

When she said that she put her hand on his leg and he started touching her pussy under her dress. At this point I walk out of my kitchenette and I'm just watching them from about 10 feet away in my living room. Then she pulled out his dick and went to work. She gives amazing head. She doesn't deep throat much but she just has that magical rhythm with and without her hand.

After a couple minutes of that, they moved into my bedroom and I followed them. Up until then, Matt hadn't done or said anything to establish his dominance over me but when I came into the room right behind them he acted a little annoyed and asked me to go get him a glass of water (even though he had a drink I'd made him). It was really hot. I went and got him a glass of water and came back in and he obviously didn't really want it so I put it down and took my seat at my chair at the foot of the bed.

She was sitting on the edge of the side of the bed sucking his dick with him standing next to the bed. When he was ready, he laid down on his back and she climbed on top of him. I put a condom on his dick and guided him into her (we had discussed doing that via text earlier in the day).

She rode him until she came. Then he turned her over and gave it to her doggie and when he was about to come he had her get on her knees at the foot of the bed and he came in her mouth right in front of me. We were all on cloud nine. It was so incredibly hot.

After 5 minutes of chit chatting in the bedroom, I went into the living room to get my drink and hers too and when I came back in, they were back at it with him standing next to the bed again and her sitting on the edge sucking his dick. When they were ready, she got on top of him again and I put another condom on his dick and guided him in. After a few minutes, I forget whether I said something or she did but she spun around to reverse cowgirl and I stood on the bed between his legs so she could suck my dick while she road him. She came again. Then he had her get on her hands and knees for doggie with her head by the foot of the bed so he could fuck her while she sucked my dick with me standing by the foot of the bed.

I started dirty talking to her and he said something about it being so hot and we did the Eiffel tower high five and chuckled a little. After a couple minutes, I came in her mouth with her in that position and when he was ready, he had her get on her knees on the floor at the edge of the bed again and he came in her mouth.

I shook his hand again when he left. It was such a hot night, exactly what I had wanted. We all had a great time. He texted me a few days later about round 2 but we never got around to it.

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