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My girlfriend and I met at age 18 and dated until we both were 25. I had been with a few partners while she had only been with me.

Around when we were 23 I remember the fantasy of her being with another guy kind of sprang up in our relationship, I honestly couldn't tell you where it came from but it became very intense. She was the most beautiful girl I have been with thus far and we had a very loving and trusting relationship. At first it started with me browsing online and watching hotwife material, and eventually it worked it's way into the bedroom.

We were having sex one day and I asked her if she ever thinks about sleeping with anybody else. She kind of hesitated but I told her I wouldn't get mad at her for answering truthfully and she said yes she does sometimes. We were still having sex and I could tell the idea had sparked some interest with her so I told her to close her eyes and imagine having sex with a guy she finds attractive. Her pussy got so wet after I was whispering in her ear asking if she enjoys riding some other guy's dick and she answers back, "Yes baby".

Things escalated from there. During sex it would be a frequent topic of discussion. She started to bring it up by asking me what I'm thinking about and I'd say "I'm thinking about your wet pussy getting fucked by a big dick," and she'd cum so hard at the thought of it. She started bringing it up on her own teasing me about it a little bit by telling me she was going to invite one of her guy friends to sleep over after I leave her house. Whenever we would bring it up during sex she would grab my fingers and start sucking on them slowly pretending it was another guys dick.

She came to me one day and asked me how serious I was about giving her a hall pass and I said as long as we can lay down some ground rules I am totally fine with it. To be honest I wasn't that interested in participating, I wanted her to do this on her own and enjoy it to the fullest without worrying about me in that moment. All I requested was pics, video and a story. I told her that nothing was off limits except for cumming inside of her. The thought of her sleeping with someone else after only being with me turned me on like you wouldn't believe, she was incredibly attractive and we both trusted each other enough to not let it effect our relationship.

So fast forward a bit, she is playing soccer with a few of her guy friends and some of her girl friends. I guess the soccer turned shirtless for the guys, it was a hot sunny day outside, everyone was all sweaty and one guy in particular was turning her on. I was supposed to hang out with her after so I went to her house and she came back in these sexy soccer shorts and a sports bra on. She had this devious look on her face and I asked her what's up. She was taking pictures of her guy friends abs and had a bunch saved on her phone, which she showed me. She said her pussy got so wet while she was playing soccer with him and she said she also touched his abs a few times on purpose because he was pinching her nipples. She told him about our arrangement and obviously he wanted to be the one to fulfill that need for her. She asked me if I was okay with letting her do this and I told her yes and she gave me a huge deep kiss and told me she loved me. I dropped her off at his house shortly after that.

She told me she would call me once she's done, so I didn't hear from her for a few hours after that. I was hard as a rock thinking of what was going on over there. After she told me that when she got there they started kissing almost instantly, and he started kissing her neck and nudging her downwards so she pulled down his pants and started sucking his dick (which she is extremely good at). She said it was about 8inches long and fairly thick around.

Once she was done sucking his dick he sat down on the couch and without hesitation she sat down on top of him and started riding him. She said she was so wet from sucking his dick and all the teasing with his abs that he slid right inside of her. Honestly the fact she liked his abs so much made me a bit jealous (since I don't have them) but it also turned me the fuck on knowing how much she was enjoying this. She said she loved the sensation of his dick filling her up so well while her hands ran up and down his stomach and chest.

She was there for 4 hours and they fucked 3 times, including once in the shower since they were a mess after the soccer game and all their fun. She told me the first time they fucked she could feel he was about to cum when his cock started bulging inside of her so she hopped off and sucked his dick until he blew in her mouth (She doesn't mind this and actually enjoys this quite a bit with me). After I picked her up we had the most intense sex I think I've ever had with her and she was very thankful that I gave her permission to do that.

It kinda became a regular thing with this guy for a bit, I went out of town for work a few times and she would send me a picture just in a thong asking if he can come keep her company (Obviously I told her yes).

One time we actually threw a party and he came by for it. After everyone left it was just the 3 of us and he was a bit too drunk to drive home. I told him he can stay the night in the guest room of the place we rented. Later that night we were in bed fooling around and while she was riding me I told her she should go lay with him for a bit and then come back after she was done. Her eyes lit up and she left for about 20 mins then came back and told me they fucked. We had sex after that and she was so incredibly wet I couldn't believe what I was feeling.

She was riding my 6.5 inch cock with her eyes closed and I could tell she was thinking about his 8in thick cock that she had just had inside her. That same morning once we all woke up he came into our bedroom and fucked her right infront of me. I was literally tongue kissing her while this guy railed her, She could barely keep her mouth steady on mine while she was moaning so hard.

All in all the guy ended up moving away and things kind of died down after that with her and other guys. We still fantasized about it often but for some reason it just didn't happen again with anybody else. We later broke up for unrelated reasons.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience though and I know that she did too.

Overall it brought us way closer together in ways I never even anticipated.

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