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Let's start with the build up to it. I had met this guy called Blake on an online dating site and I was giving out my girlfriend Mendy's profile name to anybody who I got along with, and Blake seemed like a cool, genuine guy so I gave him the chance to chat with Mendy and see how they got on. I had told him the story of our one previous meet, how the guy cuckolded me but then decided he wanted more of Mendy and asked her to dump me etc. Blake was pretty shocked and was confident that the same wouldn't happen here if we did go through with it.

Fast forward a few hours and he was now playing a lot more of the dominant role that Mendy loves. We had discussed just having a threesome, but then he very confidently told me that she was just for him now, not for me. All as part of the vibe of it, he said that until Friday she was his and that Mendy was not my girlfriend until that time.

Then he told me I needed to buy a hotel room for them, and that if it wasn't up to Mendy's liking, that I would be punished, so I made sure I splashed out a little bit. Then he messaged me with links to three pieces of lingerie and told me to buy them and write a note after wrapping them and giving them to Mendy, detailing how this was a gift from him and how he could not wait to unwrap her while wearing these. I remember writing the note on Friday morning and shaking while doing it. He also got me to buy him a shirt to wear, some condoms, lube and wine.

Wednesday came around and I had a tough day at work, so when Blake had messaged me with his usual cocky bravado, I was in no mood. He told me I had to give Mendy a foot rub and gave me a bunch of comments about how I should feel uncomfortable sharing a bed with his girlfriend. Once I got home, Mendy was in the same mood as him and I immediately broke down and stormed out. Blake was still unrelenting though and told me that if I didn't go back now, she would be his for good and that he could do that at any moment, so I caved.

Thursday came around and I was told I could not share a bed with Mendy and after the previous day I felt obliged to be compliant, so whatever they said, I told him that I was not a factor and whatever he and Mendy wanted to do, they should.

On the Friday, I was a bag of nerves. I was working an evening shift, so I didn't finish until 11pm, and they were meeting at the hotel bar at 9. I was messaging both of them all day but then when it hit 9pm, both went silent. Of course, by this point I was going insane at work and I could barely keep myself together knowing right at this moment, Blake could have been inside my girlfriend.

Once work finished, I hurried out of there and got to the hotel as quickly as I could, and I let them know I was on my way. I was surprised to meet them in the hotel bar, but from Mendy's hair, I had guessed that they had already been up to the room and once we got up there my suspicions were confirmed. It was a mess and smelled like sex. I wasn't sure how to feel about this as they had stated they would wait for me, but I always suspected over two hours would be quite a while to wait if they had as much chemistry as I thought they did.

In the room, they told me to sit in a chair in the corner, before he got really close to her and kissed her. My stomach turned in knots at that point. I thought that everything else would be tougher to watch than just kissing, but the second he laid his lips on her, I felt sick, but didn't say anything. He then pulled away and said he felt a bit sweaty and was going for a shower, and asked if she was joining him. She said yes, and they disappeared, before closing and locking the door. After a long spell of silence, I heard her laughing and then moaning. To this day, I only know what I heard in there, and have no details about what made her moan.

Then they came out, naked as the day they were born, and ordered me to kneel on the ground and face the wall, again, so I could only hear what they were doing. I heard both of them exchanging oral sex and the moans that both of them were making from it, then I heard the condom packet rip. I was so tempted to have a peek over my shoulder, but I knew I'd be punished if I did. They started fucking and were obviously really enjoying it, when I felt something hit me. I looked around this time and it was the condom!! I looked over fully and saw he was definitely unprotected inside her, before Mendy caught me looking. His punishment wasn't for me though, it was for Mendy. He immediately got rougher with her, choking her a lot and even slapping her in the face a couple of times. She clearly loved it, but that was pretty hard to watch. I was now fully watching them fuck, on my knees on the floor just astounded. I had no real idea of what to do with myself apart from watch, so that's what I did until Mendy told me to stop. She pulled Blake close to her and whispered something in his ear, and I wondered what it was, but a few minutes later, it was clear, as he was pumping her full of his cum! I was pretty shocked Mendy was okay with this, even though she's on the pill, as I was the only other person to do that with her as far as I was aware.

They were insatiable for the entire night though, and Blake made it very clear that I should be honoured to be there, watching a beautiful couple fuck over and over (without a condom for the rest of the night). The biggest stomach twister for me apart from their first kiss I saw, was when he got the lube and started rubbing it over her arsehole and his cock, before pushing inside her arse. This is something me and Mel have never done as she's not a huge fan of it, but after speaking to her on the following day, she said he wanted to make a point and claim it before I did.

Overall, I'd say they had sex seven times while I was in their presence, and I have no idea how many times before that. They're still in touch and are considering meeting again, but yeah, it was intense to say the least and I would try to stall things from happening again too soon.

Hope you all enjoyed my recollection of what happened on Friday night.




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