He Pulled out his Magnum Condom



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10 years ago my wife and I went to Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend for our first cuckold adventure. She had been online with a few Bull candidates and had narrowed it down to Luke who she shared pics with me. He was nicely built, six pack, strong arms and chest with sort blonde hair. He told her about his 9 inch thick cock but only sent teasers no actual photos.

We arrived in Vegas and went straight to the hotel. My wife's only sexual experience up to this point is with my 5.5" cock and she wanted to try more. He arrived just as she was done getting ready and I still recall his big hand shaking mine and nearly putting me on my knees.

He was winding down his mma fighting but had a good career going as a cut man. He showed me some moves and let my wife watch as he easily submitted me and made me kiss body parts my wife selected. She selected his bicep, his 6 pack, balls and cock, but the balls and cock were still covered by underwear.

Huge turn on for her to see his strength and superiority. She started sucking his cock shortly after. He made me strip and compared our cocks for her. Mine looked tiny.

He put on his magnum rubber and after she got used to his size gave her the first vaginal orgasms of her life. Typically I give her 1 or 2 clitoral orgasms but these she said were 100 times more intense. He fucked her doggy style then missionary where he came rather quickly.

He was embarrassed not lasting very long and promised her more. I have almost always been once and done. He showered and came back. He was already partly erect and glistening from the shower. I had been making out with my wife and he pushed my head between her legs and had me lick her pussy while she pleased him by sucking his balls and tip of his cock.

He entered her bareback and fucked her for the next 20 minutes in various positions. With her ass leaving the bed to meet his strokes she started having multiple orgasms and couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. She was enjoying but also limp as he pulled out and shot his load on her flat stomach. There was a big circle of wet from her cumming on the bed.

Her pussy gaped open.

He pressed me into service getting a towel to clean her up, then eating her pussy as they talked and kissed. We were there 4 nights and 5 days and he fucked her multiple times.

She told me after he left, the orgasms weren't only better but she had more orgasms before he came the first time, than she had in our entire marriage.

Luke visited us once at home. We had many Bulls after him but the first one is special.

She wants to celebrate with her current Bull we are on a break from.





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