How I Became a Hot Wife - Part 2


CUCKOLD INDIAN HOTWIFE TINA PART 2 - Part 1 Here. - My name is Tina. I am 37 year old housewife. My hubby is almost 6 years older than me. He is an old & unattractive guy, to put it in a single phrase. He is quite average looking, bald & a bit chubby as well. Fortunately, in a sharp contrast, I still look like in my early 30's… very fair complexion, glowing skin, dense black hair... height 5'4", weight 133 lbs… and, have a figure to die for... really curvaceous & voluptuous body... vital stats 36-30-38… Moreover, to top it all, I have a beautiful face... all in all, a real hot, fuckable MILF. People say that I look like one of the hot, sexy, gorgeous actresses of Bengali movies, Ms. Sreelekha Mitra.

We stay in one of the major cities in the eastern part of India, Kolkata. We are married for over 16 years (since November 1995), have two grown up kids. My elder son is 15, and the younger one is 12.

Till 5 years ago (that was March 2007) I had no idea how on earth any red-blooded human being can enjoy watching his wife having physical intimacy with another man. However, things changed… let me tell you from the beginning.

About 7 or 8 years ago (almost 4 years after our second son was born) my husband started talking about how he wished I had the chance when I was younger to be with more men. Let me mention here that I was a virgin till I was married. I had only 2 boyfriends before my marriage, but I NEVER had sex with any of those guys (with my ex-lovers, I enjoyed just basic foreplays... no real intercourse). At that time, I didn’t think sex was a big thing... and then I met my husband and he totally rocked my world at the age of 21. Within next 4 years, by the time I gave birth to 2 children, we had tried most things between two of us, and got very uninhibited together.

So as my sexuality developed and I became more and more relaxed with the whole scene, I became very responsive and learned to orgasm frequently and easily. I started loving sex and everything about it. And this from a girl who at 21 still thought sex wasn’t a big thing. By the time I was 25 I was sometimes worried that I was starting to believe it was the only thing!

BUT, things changed drastically after our second child was born. Next 4-5 years were dull & insipid. We lost interest in each other. We were hardly having sex. At times, frequency was less than once a quarter!!! Even if we had sex, it was not as enjoyable as it used to be. Suddenly, I realized that I am 30 year old, mother of 2, and I forgot what good sex used to be like!

Then one night my husband, while watching an erotic thriller movie on TV, brought up the topic of cuckolding. Though initially I didn’t quite buy into it, but the very idea of having steamy sex with other guys used to turn me on. Gradually we started to have sex more frequently. It became a routine that he will try to convince me to sleep with other men while fucking me, and I used to accept it. But, as soon as the sex is over, I used to ignore it just as a joke or impractical fantasy.

However, my hubby was quite persistent. Often when we made love, or watched porn, he would bring it up that I needed some variety that I had missed out, that variety is the spice of life. After he brought it up a lot and we both realized the idea turned us both on, we really started to get into it. When he was eating me out (something I think I am addicted to) he would slide his middle finger just in and out of my pussy. And, I pretend as if it was another guy I have seen somewhere recently that looked hot. I would fantasize about that hot guy and tell him all about what I was thinking about and how it felt. Then he would jam his finger deep inside me, just as I was Cumming and it would be intense. Or as I was blowing him he would reach down and rub my head and play with me nipples and talk to me like he was a lover who was fucking around with me in absence of my husband, as if I am bored with my old, impotent husband and urging this young guy to fulfill my burning desires and lust for a well-endowed, long-lasting, fresh-sperm-filled cock. I very much got into that and used to orgasm when he did, just from the hot talk and his spurting cock.

It went on for next 2 years or more, until March 2007, when I ultimately gave in to my hubby’s earnest pleas and decided to go for it... yes, finally:-)

Before I started dating again, I went through a thorough make over to improve my physical appearance. And, at the age of 32, I started looking as sexy and as gorgeous as ever. I was confident that I am ready to seduce any man I wish and capable of luring any cock into my tight, dripping pussy once again. I have a pair of large round-shaped 36D breasts, succulent nipples with dark areolas, thunder thighs, 30" waist and 38" heavy buttocks. I am not at all thin & lean by any standard, but 99.99% of the guys somehow find my figure attractive and longs to see me naked on bed. I may not even look 1% stunning or ravishing like a pop star, but I do have a voluptuous, super-hot body for any guy to die for. I am any guy’s perfect dream sex goddess. Any young hunk will start salivating to get inside my panties. I was so ready to taste the water and explore all the illicit avenues outside my wedding. My thirsty pussy just needed a strong young cock to make all my erotic dreams come true.

Thank god, I took the right decision before it was too late. We are very happy and very satisfied now. During the last 5 years, after having sex with exactly 9 different male partners, I have zeroed down to just 2 suitable men who I am having "fun" with on regular basis. Both of them are below 30, strong, healthy, disease-free, have high libido and sexually very capable. Since I am sterilized and they are trust-worthy, there is no risk of getting pregnant or catching an STD any more. With these two selected boyfriends, I do confidently spread my legs; accept their naked, throbbing, meaty cocks directly in my pussy and ass and mouth without any second thoughts. Absolutely no protections, no rubbers, no hindrances… So, that ensures no loss of pleasurable feelings at my end. That makes the sex sessions even more ecstatic for me. I am quite faithful to both of them. They are also in love with me. We are not just fuck-buddies, we are "lovers".

By the way, they do know about each other and even know that my husband is the primary promoter of my extra-marital affairs. My husband is very happy with his slutty, sultry, seductress hotwife. Yes, I still fuck him… infact, almost twice as many times I used to sleep with him earlier. So, it isn’t like sharing my pussy with those 2 fuck-buddies is wearing me out. We are both very much in tune with our sexuality and see no problem in enjoying ourselves. We love each other. We are happy, healthy, and well off. With our increased sexual appetite and activeness, my husband probably has at least 1 or 2 good orgasms last month and, I know that from my lovers alone I have at least 12-15 times intense orgasms every month (as compared to 1 or 2 times a year from my hubby earlier). This may wear off some day…but I hope it isn’t going to happen for a while.

Any broad minded young gentleman, who believes in open relationships and interested to know more about me, please feel free to drop a line or two I'm always available for friendship.

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