She's Still Sleeping with her Ex Boyfriend


Our First Experience - I love the blog, and my other half and I get off on reading it so much that I thought I would share the story of our first time.

- My girlfriend, Lynn, and I got together soon after we started Uni and she was still seeing a guy from home. After we had been seeing each other for a couple of weeks she announced that he was coming down to visit her for the weekend. She didn't want to tell him that she was seeing someone else at that time as she didn't think it fair after he had spent several hours driving to see her. Her plan was to pretend that everything was normal and tell him next time she went home. I was a little put out by this but the truth be told something about this really turned me on. She obviously noticed that I was getting hard at thought even though I tried to cover it up.

A couple of days before he was due to arrive we were getting it on and I went to put my dick in her and she stopped me. She then explained that I would have to wear a condom because she couldn't have him tasting my cum in her and finding out she had been fucking around. I was pissed off that I would have to glove up and he would get to fuck her bareback. I told her she should just tell him she missed her pill and that they would have to use protection but she didn't want to raise suspicion. I thought that I should be more pissed off but the truth be told I was just so excited that she would be having sex with another guy that I didn't care.

Again she noticed my excitement. When I started fucking her I only lasted a couple of minutes before having a really intense orgasm. At this point she had seen me get excited about her having sex with her, soon to be, ex on a couple of occasions that she started pressing me on it. Are you getting turned on by this she said, like any guy I immediately said "no way" but she continued to press and get dirtier saying things like do you like the idea of another dick in me?

Eventually my rock hard dick gave me away. She told me that as it turned me on so much I should put another condom on a fuck her again.

As we had sex she was talking about how she was going to shag the living daylights out of him, as a nice parting gift. The morning he was due to arrive she came round to my place and said that we could have a quick fuck before he got here, I jumped on her and pounded that pussy for all i was worth. While i was fucking her she started to tell me that in another hour she would be full of his dick followed by a huge load of his cum, with that I just blew my load big time. She left me lying on the bed and went back to her room to wait for him.

Saturday night came around and as normal I went to the pub and onto the club with my mates. All I could think of was those two shagging, what positions would they do, how many times would they do it etc . When we got to the club who should I see but Lynn and her boyfriend. I couldn't believe it they we carrying on just like any other couple. Towards the end of the night when things slowed down I saw them slow dancing and they were kissing deeply while he had his hand up my girlfriend's shirt, every now and then we would get a flash of tit. One of my mates, who we ended up shagging as well but that's another story, got a great view of her tits.

As they left the club I made an excuse to my mates that I had lost my keys and was going to check back with the club. As soon as I could I followed Them on their way home and to my delight she headed home through the park and stopped at a spot where we had shagged only a week earlier. As they approached the spot he already had her tits completely out and in what seemed like seconds he had her naked. At this point she looked over her shoulder and made eye contact with me, then got down on her knees got his cock out and started sucking it hard. It didn't take long before he spun her around and did her doggie style up against a tree. I was close enough that I could hear everything. She was moaning and then started telling him to fuck her hard and fill her up. He was thrusting into her deeply and then said he was cuming, grunted and I saw his butt cheeks tighten as he unloaded in her. Needless to say I came pretty soon after watching that. They dressed and went back to her place leaving me buzzing with mixture of raw emotions excitement/adrenaline/jealously.

He was due to leave the next evening, as soon as I saw him go I called her and she came round. Funny thing was that she was a little flushed when she turned up apparently he had just given her one final load only minutes before. She walked over to my bed and sat down looking like the cat who got the cream. I immediately asked how many times they did it she didn't say a word but just pulled up her shirt to expose her nickerless pussy. It was so puffy and red I could tell she had had a long weekend of fucking and a fresh creampie. Upon seeing this I stripped off as quick as I could and slammed my dick into her until I exploded which wasn't long.

Suffice to say this was a whole new chapter for both of us, which involved quite a few more guys over the years. Interestingly enough she didn't end it with her boyfriend for quite a while so we got to relive that first weekend on a few occasions.

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