I Thanked him for Fucking My Girlfriend



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So basically a massive dream came true yesterday for me!

So we had been toying with the idea a lot more lately of her with another guy or us sucking a dick together (me 28m and her 26f). Even made an adult dating account to practice her flirting and to get us into the "mood". We met many guys and if this next thing didn't happen we would have met one of them in person.

Should preface the rest by saying before we started dating she was fucking a guy a town over. They stayed friends after we started dating.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. I wake up and go over to the bathroom when I see a note left out for me. I read it and she had explained that they were innocently texting when things started getting more sexual. And she mentioned they both had the day off yesterday. She said she would be comfortable with him because she knows him and it's not a stranger.

I woke her up (I work earlier than she does) and asked to see the texts. It did start off innocent enough but escalated. They were both saying how horny they were and saying how they missed fucking each other. She even sent him pictures of her tits and pussy (see attached) and he sent a picture of his cock (much thicker than mine but not longer).

We talked about it and I told her today would be the best day for us to try it. She said she would invite him over then. She drove me to work and my heart was pounding all day.

Fast forward to my lunch break. She tells me he's there and my mind is racing! Next text I get is her telling me that he kissed her and then that he was licking her pussy. A picture came in of him licking her and it was amazing!!! She said she was really enjoying it.

A few minutes pass and I get another picture of her with his cock in her mouth! He took it with her phone and my heart is pounding! The love of my life with her friend's cock in her mouth was an amazing sight!

I don't see anything else until my last break at work. 4 pictures come in. Two of them he took while his cock was in her from behind, one was one she took of them while she was being fucked doggy style, and the last one was his hand print on her ass. Clear as day hand print!

Oh and by the way, he didn't use a condom! His bare cock was in my girlfriend! He came on her ass.

She picked me up from work after and when we got home I ate her out immediately. I have fantasized about this for so long and it finally happened! And the moment I went down on her all I could smell was cock.

I licked her until she came and she texted him letting him know we were both wanting to do it again! I also messaged him telling him thank you for fucking my girlfriend.

I don't know if he would be comfortable with me posting pictures right now, but we can shre her, but ... I had to share this!! I have been wanting to be cucked for so long and my biggest sexual fantasy finally came true!!!

I can't wait for it to happen again!!

Finally Cucked




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