Cuckolding Can Be Intense


I Saw the Bite Marks - When my wife was out playing I used to suffer from the most intense feelings I have ever experienced. It was like a combination of jealousy, humiliation and incredible excitement all rolled into one. My stomach would churn and I literally tembled all over. I would sit at home wondering what they where doing at that precise moment and imagine him thrusting his cock into her.

There was no chance of me being able to watch because she told the guy she was single so my involvement was in the build up to her date when she would take the opportunity to gently tease and torment me. Every time she did this I would suffer the same feelings of jealousy and excitement. She would phone the guy and arrange the next date making sure that I could hear the converation. She would ask me what she should wear and then text her lover asking what he would like her to wear for him ( she asked him if he liked short skirts and stockings).

On the evening of her date the last thing she would do is hand me her wedding and engagement ring for safe keeping and tell me that in about one hours time she would be dressing like a whore for another guy. When she returned she wouldn't tell me what had happened but do things like showing me any love bites or asking me to inspect her butt to see if he had left any red marks when he slapped her. She told me she hoped she hadn't upset his neighbours because she had been screaming "fuck me fuck me" at the top of her voice.

Finally she would lie in bed and tell me all the details and would conjure up mental images of them together. My wife stood up wearing lingerie and heels. Her guy stood behind her naked, fondling her tits, kissing the back of her neck whilst his erection pressed against her butt cheek. Or her making him sit naked, not letting him touch her, whilst she walked around flashing her tits and ass at him telling him what she was going to do to him. He suddenly grabbed her, slapped her butt and then dragged her into the bedroom, pinned her down and fucked her.

She saw this guy every about once a week for four months and every time I went through the same rollercoaster of emotions.

They are the best feelings I've ever had but I was a little unprepared for them. We shared the fantasy of her playing away for some years and when it happened I imagined that I would have some control over it i.e discussing with her who she should see (not my mates), how often she could see them, what she should do with them etc. A sort of joint operation if you see what I mean. When it happened she just said she was going to fuck another guy, she had someone in mind and to her, at the time I think it was just convenient that she could tell me what was happening. So in the end I had no control which I think lead to the intense emotions. We never argued over it or stopped loving each other, she just went and got laid when she felt like it.

My wife has only seen the one guy and that ended about six months ago. She saw him for about four months and during that period although I still rode an emotional rollercoaster I became much more comfortable with the fact that I had little control over the situation. The reason the relationship ended is that he smoked pot (with which my wife was quite comfortable) but then lost his job, started taking amphetamines and was sending her some bizarre text messages which worried her, so she ended the relationship.

Unfortunately she is not actively seeking a replacement but is quite happy to continue the lifestyle if someone else happens along. I'm less patient and am keen to repeat the experience. Her lover was better endowed than me. On returning home after their first night together she got a carrot from the vegetable rack to demonstrate his size!! However, he wasn't always that great at using it. She likes it hard and slow and he was hell bent on going at it like a train. I've always been good at giving my wife great orgasms. Perhaps I should feign impotence so she's tempted to look elsewhere.

What she did enjoy was the sheer excitement of the situation. She didn't tell the guy she was married and she said it was like having two lives, one wife and mother, the other exploring a wild side where she could just let loose and almost be some one else for a few hours. Here she is in all her glory on a date with him taking pictures going inside her.

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