Finding a Long-Term Bull for My Wife


Trouble Finding a Fuck Buddy for Wife - What about a chance for the “Cuckold” to be the “Bull”?

I’ve been a contributor and fan of this site for some years now. I’ve enjoyed having my wife be with other men (barring some exceptions) but the family life has discouraged her continued interest. Recently I had a 40th birthday and was surprised to hear my wife consider the possibility to cuck me again.

Discussing her description of an ideal “date night” had me oozing pre-cum and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. The previous month leading up to my birthday was frantic as I posted an ad in every (online) personal I could find but although there was willing responses, the “right” one couldn’t be found. This meant I missed a chance to be cucked on my 40th (poor me).

I still had some “naughtier than usual” sex with my woman as she described how the date would go and where I would be during. This caused me to climax easily and inject hot streams of “man juice” inside my woman.

I’ve since thought about the problem we had locating the “bull” and what caused us to reject those interested. Our ideal “friend” for the wife would be local and willing to be a long-term FB. Besides from the usual compatibility issues (looks, sexuality, age etc.) the biggest fault with respondents was the unwillingness to be involved long term and build friendship. Yes it’s super-hot to drive your woman to a hotel to meet a guy for the first time while you wait in the car (and easily done) but what’s wrong with taking the time to “build-up” the moment AND be a regular “boy toy” to the wife?

This is not the first time we’ve had problems finding the right “applicant” but the selection in our area is better suited for “one night stands”.

Maybe it’s just me but having an opportunity to “drill” another man’s wife on a regular basis would be a dream for the guy between relationships. I wished I had been offered such a chance between marriages but became “Mr. Dryspell” instead (another story).

“So who is deserving the pleasure of my wife” I thought and at that moment a bright light shined down on me (not really but read on) and I realized that a Cuck should be given the chance at being the bull. I’ve always had compassion for the “underdog” and cuckolds are likely to be genuine, considerate and appreciative (nice match traits for us) but cucks are (usually) more interested in being cucks. We’ve always been concerned about inviting married/ attached men to wife-share and establishing whether they truly have permission from a “Hotwife” would be difficult (but we can formulate a method later).

So the search is on for a local cuckold wanting to put on the “bull shoes”. There are tons of sites out there for posting ads so it would be rude to attempt to do so here. We do hope to get some feedback from others on our search and contacting us is not a problem.

It should be noted that the moderators of this site deserve a thanks for making a place where cuckolding can be appreciated.


N. Kentucky

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