Fatima at a Swinger Party Being Fucked by Many Men


Cuckold Wife - It’s been a while since we submitted a story and some pics so here is another sexy adventure we had. Previous stories talked about how I met my now wife Fatima met in Africa and how she was and still is a very sexy girl. I described how she would join the girls at pole dancing bars and strip off for all to see and how she moved on to sucking a total stranger at a club, to going to our first swing party with another couple.

Well, this story is of the time we got back to my home town is Australia and we joined one of the swinger’s web sites and got invited to a huge swinger’s pool party. This was going to be the first time we played with more than just one couple and I was nervous as hell, but my wife was as keen as anything. She prepared for the party by picking the sexiest outfit she could muster. She has a fantastic figure as you will see in the pics and she has huge, firm 38 DD breasts that are so incredibly wonderful when you see them swinging below her as she is being fucked in the doggie position. She wore a tiny leather mini skirt, g string, lacy black top and a sexy bra. Her tits were all but exposed and if she leant forward just a bit her arse checks flashed from under her mini skirt.

When we got to the address we were checked in by a security guy and shown to the back yard which had a wonderful pool and bar setting. We were really surprised to see about 100 people there – evening split between good looking guys and gorgeous girls all aged between 18 and mid 40’s. The girls were all sexy and exotic in their outfits and there was already lots of flirting going on. We headed for the bar and gulped down a few drinks and it wasn’t long before Fatima was chilling out and enjoying all the young guys flirting with her. She was being encouraged by a lot of girls to give everyone a show of her beautiful ebony skin so she grabbed one of the other sexy girls and went out in the middle of the patio area and started dancing with her to the music. The two girls were soon all over each other and they were feeling each other’s tits and kissing each other deeply. They started stripping each other and before long they were naked in front of everyone. The other girl then led Fatima to the spa and they slipped in and continued to kiss and play with each other.

That was the queue for lots of others to strip off and jump in the warm pool or the spa. I took up the girls discarded clothes and took them to the pool side lounge room and got undressed myself, but when I got back to the spa to join Fatima she was gone. A quick scan of the scene and I found her in the midst of several guys in the pool. I slipped in and got up close to them and Fatima looked at me and smiled. She was sitting on one guys lap and two guys were on each side of her sucking on her breasts. I could see from Fatima’s motions that she was being fucked by the guy under her. I thought, Christ! Is he wearing a condom? I wasn’t so worried about diseases, because like us, I was sure everyone would have had to show evidence of being clear before getting on the guest list. I was worried because she was not on any contraceptive and could easily fall pregnant. Oh well, I thought, it is too late to worry now. I sidled up to her and kissed her and asked if she was enjoying it and she moaned, ‘oh yes baby. I love you, but I and going to fuck as many guys as I can tonight’.

I watched as the guys sucked her two dark nipples deep in to their mouths– which I know she just loves – and the guy with his cock buried deep inside her build up a faster and stronger rhythm. I reached under water to touch her clit but found a hand already there. As the guy fucked my wife one of his hands was in between Fatima’s legs, giving her clit a major jigging. I watched Fatima’s face tense up, her mouth dropped wide open and she let out a scream of ecstasy as she had her first orgasm for the night. Just then, the guy inside her bucked upwards and roared as he shot his huge load of cum deep inside her body.

Fatima fell forward in my arms, feeling the sensation of her orgasm still rippling through her body and the warm water lapping over. But this position was simply an invitation to the next guy who grabbed her legs, opened her wide and slid his cock into her very mushy cunt. He stated nice and slow and as he did this beautiful girl glided through the water over to Fatima and asked her if she was enjoying her husband’s nice big cock inside her. Fatima just answered with a long mmmmmmmmm, and we then watched as her husband built up his tempo until he too spurted all his thick gooey seed inside my wife.

Fatima went on for hours fucking many guys that night while I was satisfied fucking about three girls in front of their husbands. After I shot my load inside a beautiful MILF I was getting late and I looked for Fatima. She was in a pool side room being fucked doggie style while another guy was feeding her mouth with his cock. I watched as both guys shot their loads into her and then I suggested to Fatima it was time to go home. She agreed and slipped her high heel shoes on, then started out towards the car parked in the street – totally naked. I quickly donned my pants and shirt, grabbed the rest of our gear and rushed out to join her. When I got to the car, she was bent over being fucked by one of the other guests who were also about to jump in their car. While he was fucking Fatima, his wife was squeezing her tits and kissing her. He tensed up, arched his back and blew his load of cum into her well used pussy. They all kissed and then went their own way.

We drove home, with Fatima sitting next to me naked. When we got home we jumped into bed and I said I wanted to fuck her, she said ‘no’ she was too boozed and too tired and she fell in to a deep, deep sleep on her tummy. I started to stroke her and she didn’t flinch, so I slowly went further and further, stroking her arse and between her cheeks. I knew she was totally out of it for the night so I got some massage oil and gently lubed up her arse and pussy lips. I had a raging hard on so carefully positioned myself over her and slid my cock into her cunt. It was absolutely drenched inside her. All those guys semen with their baby making sperm mixed together made it an incredible experience for me. Feeling other men’s thick messy juices around my cock just about sent me over the edge, but I stopped myself, pulled out then slowly lowered myself into her one more time – but this time, my cock slowly slid into my wife’s nice tight arse which had not been entered before all that night. Within a few gentle but deep strokes, the cum in my balls was spewed deep into her anal passage. Man. What a night. these are various pics of my sexy wife and the ones of me fingering and fucking her arse are from the night i described.

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