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Hello! My name is Aden. For our second submission here at the blog, I'll tell you about my first cuckold experience in 2012 with my ex-girlfriend slut.

It all started on a August day when I was contacted by telephone by an old sailor friend on a commercial boat, announcing that he would arrive soon the next day in the city, and invited me on his boat to a remeeting the next day. I said OK, and the next day we went to meet our old friendship. After that, he told me he was going to give a party the third day, being the last one to stay in the harbor in the city. So he invited me, and asked if she could come, my girlfriend to the party.

I replied a big "yes". It was settled, that's how it stayed. The next day, evening 19:30 I arrived in Port, along with my friend Sofia (18yrs), so I got on the boat with my friends. My girlfriend was dressed in cut jeans, slim, and a pink silk blouse with a neckline, bra and slim bikini, that's all to be sexy. Sofia was afraid of the boat and the water. So I stepped on the ship with confidence, and I went into the vapor living room where the party started, with lots of beutura, pizza, spaghetti, champagne.

I introduced her to my friends there, the five: Alex, Den, Nick, Jhon. She was thrilled. The boys kept staring at my girlfriend, she was sexy and hot. So we decided to dance, and we started feeling good, with music and champagne. The time was 21:00.

My girlfriend finally felt good dancing with the boys. Then we got dizzy from the booze, we were all feeling good. Eventually Sofia went out into the hallway, in which Alex, the youngest had gone with her. Then they went to the next sleeping room. I knew that, Oh I wanted that a lot. There they stripped off everything, and Alex started licking the hot and tight cunt of my beloved Sofia.

After he introduced his 9-inch dick in her super wet pussy and frolicking that boiled. That was Wow. I asked Den if he wanted to go after Alex, or perhaps look for him and help him. So Den went into the room while Alex ended up with a lot of sperm in Sofia's pussy, she was full, Den seeing that she stripped off her jeans, and she went with his dick in Sofia's Sloppy cunt, making a lot of cream around the hole.

Den having an average dick of 6 inches. Alex went back to the living room at the party, he was satisfied, and I gave him a high-five by hand. Den had finished the job, Sofia no longer appeared, I was drunk and in the middle of the party. Then Alex tells Nick to go between the Den in the bedroom, Nick goes after the Den had ejaculated in Sofia's arse, surprises the two excited, then Nick goes with Dick to my girlfriend's mouth, to which she sucks her with lust and super excited.

Then the two come out of the bedroom gently leaving Sofia naked and with a lot of sperm in her vagina, lying in bed, waiting for Jhon who had a long dick. Finally Jhon kept the two of them, and then he put his dick in my little, tight girlfriend's pussy. With much lust, he ejaculated sperm and filled her pussy and the butt of Sofia, then she sucked his super sloppy dick.

Sperm was all over it. I'm going out to look for Sofia, and I find her naked all in her bedroom she tries to dress gently, not to hear herself. I finally wanted Sloppy Seconds. Then I jumped with my dick in her pussy, creamy and super-full of sperm of the 4 friends.

I did that with a lot of lust it was great. I congratulated and thanked my friends. After the party continued until morning, the next day the ship would leave. We got home the next morning.

Wow what a super sensation.

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