My Wife Fucking MY Friend


Erotic Memories - Great blog! I just found this site and have been reading it non stop with my wife. We are also somewhat into the cuckold lifestyle you could say. Going into our first real MFM, I thought it would be really great to have my wife on her hands and knees with me in her mouth while the other guy mounted her from behind, but when we tried it, what REALLY turned me on was when the other guy and I switched ends. Watching the other guy fuck her in the mouth while I fucked her from behind got me too turned on. I came so hard I thought I'd break! It's also really erotic, but second to that marvelous MFM event, to watch while another guy fucks my wife really well and to watch and listen as she comes and comes, especially when she gets on top and pulls her knees up so I can really watch (and take pix and vids of) her really riding the guy's cock hard.


My most erotic memory was feigning sleep while my buddy made moves on my wife. We were hosting a bachelor party for another friend, and my buddy Carl was drunk and high. I was wasted. We asked him to sleep on the floor in our room, while the other 10 or so guys slept in the living room. He had been in watching a movie with the wife, while most other guys were passed out or playing poker.

I came in to crash, tv still on. I think I put in a porn. Wife likes porn, and we'd fantasized about 3-somes with my buddy.

I watched him move on my wife, as I pretended to sleep. I heard him ask my wife if she thought I'd mind, she said no. Off the side of the bed, I see that he's removing her jeans. I wait and watch for whatever I can see.

The hottest moments were when he moved her to the end of the bed, where I could see them in the mirror, and she mounted his cock. I had to get up and get a better look. I always wanted to see her bouncing up and down on his cock. It was ultimately erotic.

The second thing that night was a few hours later, when I decided to join them. He was now on top of her, pumping away. I raised her heels to his mid-back, and began kissing her. I cupped her ass, then slid my middle finger deep in her ass. It was amazing to be in her ass at all, but especially to be able to feel my buddy's cock in her pussy. It was great.

He was wasted, but came quick for a second round so no luck for her. He passed out immediately (I think) and we went at it on the bed. My second cream-pie, eating her out was the first thing I did. Strange, but exciting.

I couldn't get her off, either, but came inside her and then passed out, too. She cleaned up, dressed and came to bed.

Fielded some suspicions the next day (it was a little wierd that Carl had slept on our floor). I replied that my wife passed out and we watched a porn (that's probably what they heard) and that Carl passed out on the floor (actually true...)

Good times, good times. My truly most erotic memmories.


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