Cuckold Husband Forced to Eat Creampie


Humiliation and Cuckolding - She called me today and told me she had a date tonight with her boyfriend, and I was to get home from work and get some things ready. I got home and laid out her lingerie, burnt her a cd with her favorite fuck songs, ironed her shirt, and ran her a bath. When she got home from work, she jumped in the bath and told me to continue doing some laundry. When she got out she asked me to sit on the bed while she got ready. I watched her put on her make-up, do her hair. She asked me to take my pants off and watch her at one point. When I did, she said, "That is why I am going out tonight. I can't wait to have his big cock in my hands." She walked over to the bed and told me to put her panties and bra on. I slid her panties up, and hooked her bra for her. She, then told me to spray some perfume on her which I did. She continued getting dressed and then gave me a kiss and told me she was going to stay until she was worn out. Then she went out the door.

She told me I could masterbate while she was gone, but wasn't allowed to cum. I am only allowed to cum on her tits, which I have to always lick off.

Her boyfriend is very well endowed, and can cum over and over again. She lucked out with him. I can't wait to see what her pussy looks like when she get's home tonight or in the morning!! Will update with new email tomorrow.

New Email: After she left, I got started on my chores. Did all the laundry, and cleaned the whole house. She left the house at around 7pm, and came walking in the door and midnight. When she came in, she looked around the house and told me I had been a good Cuckboy. She led me to the bedroom, and told me to get undressed and sit on the edge of the bed. Her hair was a mess, and she looked ragged. When I was sitting on the bed, she told me to undress her. I pulled her clothes off, and her bra. I, immedietly notice a small hicky on her left breast. She asked me if that was ok. When I said it was, she said "Thats good, because it doesn't matter what you think."

Then she told me to slowly remove her panties. As I was removing them, I could see her pussy was extremely red, swollen, and dripping with cum. There was a large glob of cum in her panties stringing up to her lips. She told me to remove them and hand them to her. I did, and she told me to lay back on the bed and she would tell me about her night. I layed back, and she layed her panties under my nose, and told me to smell. I did. She said "that's what a real man's cum smells like. Open your mouth!". I did, and she stuffed her thong panties in my mouth and told me to suck them clean. I started sucking and immedietly had to swallow his and her cum. She layed back on the bed and told me to look at her pussy. She used her fingers to spread her lips wide to show me how gaping it was. She told me to smell it and I did. It smelled like lots of sex. Her pussy was gaping so wide, I could have fit 3 fingers inside. Down deep, I could see a large pool of cum. She told me to gently lick her sore pussy on the outside. I did and she started talking.....

"When I got to his house, he met me on the front deck and gave me a deep, hard kiss. We made out in front of his house, for everyone to see for at least 2 minutes. When we went in, he made me a drink, and we went to the back deck and smoked a joint. The whole time making out. I undid his pants and let his cock out so I could play with it. His tongue was so deep in my mouth! His cock was partially hard, and it was already twice as big as your little thing. I started stroking his cock, and he got harder. He then told me to get undressed and I did. Then I realised that anyone in his neighborhood could see me here if they wanted, but I didn't care. He led me inside and I jumped to my knees. I took his huge dick in my mouth and sucked him good"

(My dick was hard as a rock now, from the story, the taste of cum on her cunt. She saw this, and asked "Is this turning you on? I guess it is, your little dick is harder then ever. Pathetic."

"After this, he proceeded to fuck me in every position imaginable in many different rooms of the house. When he first slid his cock in, he mentioned how tight I was. I told him that it would be every time since his cock is so much larger then my husband's. He laughed. Wow that made you even harder!! He fucked me for at least 3 and a half hours, only taking short breaks to drink water. He came in me 4 times, and never went soft. You can't do that can you? No, I didn't think so. That is why I must have a real man for a boyfriend. You can't make me cum like he does. At one point he was making me cum so hard and so frequently that I blacked out. When I regained my composure, he was still fucking me really deep. He stretched me out so bad, that I am not sure I am going to be able to feel your tiny cock. But I will let you fuck me if you get every bit of cum out of my pussy. But I have to warn you, the last time he came, he was buried deep and I didn't think he was going to stop cumming. It was a huge load. Alot more than your little bit. And it was hot. So eat up and don't miss any."

I sucked her pussy clean, and had to use my fingers to get out the really deep cum. I had to swallow 3-4 times. Then I mounted her and slid my dick in without using my hands.

"Wow, look at that. Your little cock with just slide in no problem. Do your best."

I continued to fuck her gaping cunt while she kept telling me that she couldn't feel me and it would stay this way, because she was going to fuck him everyday.

She told me when I cum, I have to cum in my hand. I did, and she made me lick my hand clean.

I originally showed her all of the cuck lifestyle, and never thought she would try it. Now, I think I have created a monster and have no choice in it. I love it!!




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